Celebrity Insurance Policies That Blew Our Mind

Insurance policies have helped folks get out of financially crippling situations for years. Then a little company called Lloyd’s of London came around and made it possible to insure anything…

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40 Celebrities Who Married Their Fans

In a world where celebrity couples exist just to drive tabloid sales, or to help a hurting career – it’s nice to know that true love still exists. The following…

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40 Hilarious Face Masks We’ve Seen During The Pandemic

Wear this mask and watch people struggle not to laugh. I’ll wear this everywhere – my kid’s birthday party, nearby stores, and, of course, my work. Tell me where to…

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The Marquee Signs That Had The Whole Town Laughing

Businesses are usually very straightforward. They prefer professionalism at all times. Well, most of them do anyways. Not these companies! The following business and organizations are more committed to making…

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25 Hilarious Airport Signs That Will Make You Either Laugh or Cringe

We’ve all walked down the stairs, or come up the escalator, or emerged from the hallway in the airport where you are no longer in the terminal and officially now…

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50 Hot Rods Not Afraid To Be Different

This hot rod is just plain awesome. Made to look like a hodge podge of creativity and found objects, it certainly catches the eye. Look closer, though, and you will…

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50 Homemade Limousines

This is what happens when you have two minivans of the same type lying around. Rather than scrap them both, why not make your own limousine? That’s exactly what this…

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Unusual Jeeps You Don’t See Everyday

This Jeep made entirely from cans is strange indeed. It is for a good cause though. A little history. First, it was made by the Jeep corporation. Second, it was…

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6-Person Inflatable Bay Breeze Boat Island Party Island(SunPleasureInflatable

50 Cool Items You Can Buy on Amazon

If you are a fan of beaches then make sure to add his umbrella table tray to your arsenal. It is quite easy to install and has a universal fit.…

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Supermarine Spitfire- Spitfire Mk IX flying past

50 Fascinating Facts About the Supermarine Spitfire

Legend Alert! The Spitfire is easily one of the most beloved planes in the history of aircraft and combat. Some people will go as far as to say it essentially…

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