10 Custom Hot Rods That Are Beyond Weird

10/10 The Woodruff Special Her is the first of our “10 Custom Hot Rods That Are Beyond Weird” list. Quite possibly the lowest hot rod in human history, this custom…

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15 Fast Facts About Supermarine Spitfires

15/15 The Air Ministry Almost Cancelled The Supermarine Spitfire Here is the first of our “15 Fast Facts About Supermarine Spitfires.” Production was nearly canceled on the Spitfire after 310…

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10 Classic Trucks So Rare, Top Collectors Can’t Find Them

10/10 1956 Powell Sport Wagon If you happen to be a fan of classic mid-century trucks, you may have heard of Powell Manufacturing Company out of California. If not, let…

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10 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About the P-51 Mustang

10/10 The Dominican Republic Air Force Used P-51 Mustangs Until 1984 The last P-51 Mustang retired from US Air Force service in 1978. The last foreign P-51 Mustang retired from…

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15 Obscure C-130 Hercules Facts You Need To Know

1/15 There Are 40 Different C-130 Variants Here is the first on our list of  ” Obscure C-130 Hercules Facts.”  Over 2,400 C-130s have been delivered across more than 60…

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The Top ‘Top Gun’ Movie Facts

In this ‘Top Gun’ movie facts post you will learn about only the best ‘Top Gun’ facts there are, like how much it cost the production company to get the…

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Jarring Nature Photos That Are Hard to Believe

Baby Alligator Snapping Turtle Here’s a baby alligator which looks just like a dinosaur. They are known to live up to 200 years and grow over 200 lbs. The largest…

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Maybach Exelero, Most Expensive Car Feature Image

The Most Expensive Cars

We all know these exist – it’s nothing new. But there’s something about seeing the actual price tag next to a vehicle that is simultaneaously sickening yet exciting. It starts…

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Funny Photos Captured at the Gym

Here’s your first funny photo from the gym. If you have a gym membership and have spent any time working out at all, you’ve probably seen or been the subject…

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Truck Feature Image

20 Beautiful and Rare Classic Trucks

If you’re like us – and we think you probably are on account of the fact that you’re here – you love trucks. We love trucks. You love trucks. Everyone…

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