50 Homemade Limousines


This is what happens when you have two minivans of the same type lying around. Rather than scrap them both, why not make your own limousine? That’s exactly what this individual did. Imagine prom night with him for a moment. You’re all ready to go with your date in this nice cool ride. She might slap you or at least spit in your face if this pulled up to take you both to the dance but hey, you would have it all to yourself.

The Extendo-Van

I mean what’s not to love? You get those snazzy plastic cupholders, maybe a cigarette lighter to plug your old phone charger into, and a nice LCD clock display that’s perpetually three or four minutes behind. Transmission might give out about halfway there, but that’s just fine with you. You don’t really want to be caught dead in that thing anyway. One ‘plus’ here is that you can now carry a 20-foot dingy boat up top thanks to the doubled-up roof racks on this bad boy. Gotta look on the bright side of these homemade limo’s, folks…


Okay when looking at this picture, make sure you squint or your brain might begin to hurt. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure the front half is a fairly modern minivan of sorts. The middle is questionable however. I’m not sure what’s going on here with that nice dip towards the rear of the vehicle… which is a used Subaru by the way. If anything could be used for its highest and best purpose in this mashup, it would definitely be the Subaru. In fact, I would say that using it to construct this limousine increased the value of the vehicle more than when it was originally purchased. At any rate, they need to address the paint issue so they don’t drive around with a neapolitan limousine. I’m no expert, but you probably won’t get many customers that way. It’s already bad enough because of the Subura, at least paint it for crying out loud! 

Seamless Transition

Remember the Rabbit? Those were snazzy vehicles, right? They were a little bit classier than the Ford Pinto, yet not as lofty as the Golf. The Rabbit fit right in the middle, and it was perfect for all of those early 80’s college kids that needed a hatchback to pile all their stuff in. Well, if only they had this when they were in college. I guess you could call this Jack Rabbit because it is stretched out quite a bit further than a regular one. In fact, it looks like they used at least two Rabbits to make this, with some sort of other vehicle stuck in the middle to create even more room. Fabricating that long wheelbase for a Rabbit would be tricky, but hooking up the transmission would be fairly easy. At any rate, it would be funny to drive around in that thing for a while just to watch people’s heads turn. 

A National Monument, and a Clock Tower

Who wants to play a game? Good, I’m glad you’re game. This one is called how many Honda Civics and other vehicles do you see in this picture? I count at least six Honda Civics. Correction, I count at least six pieces of Honda civics in this picture. As for that middle part? I guess the builder got lazy and decided to use something larger to join the two three-piece ends together. At any rate, the question that comes to mind is, does it run? We could probably answer that with a solid yes. However, does it perform well? That my friends would be a horse of another color. It’s easy enough to make just about any transmission operate if you have enough extensions, but those weld spots can be tricky, and there is the issue of engine size. I don’t think a four-cylinder would get you very far in that thing. I wonder just what he has under the hood?

Backyard Bonanza

This old Marquis looks like it is straight out of the movie Shaft. Except, the movie car would undoubtedly be new and all one color. It would probably also not be a mashup of several separate cars to create the world’s most awkward limousine. Other than that, this car is a dead ringer. Look at it though. Isn’t it a sight to behold? With enough alcohol, anybody would agree to be a passenger. Even further, with enough alcohol, you could probably be convinced to buy it. I’m not exactly sure what you would do with it, other than buff out those bad bondo spots on the side, and give it an even coat of paint. Even that may not help. You might just light the whole thing on fire. Sometimes it’s better to just watch something burn than to try to resurrect it. Just don’t try to collect insurance money after the bonfire. That’s fraud folks! 

Monster Lincoln Limo

This is the Lincoln to beat all Lincolns. It will certainly beat up any car on the street. If somebody’s in your way, just roll them over in your nice, snazzy Lincoln limousine, complete with flames on the side and a lift kit that would make the big foot monster truck jealous. Oh, and don’t forget the blackout window tint. This will keep you safe and inconspicuous should the police roll up beside you. You wouldn’t want to tip them off that you are up to something now would you? That’s why it’s best to stay low-key if you can. The owner of this homemade limousine understands that very well. That’s why they chose Lincoln to begin with, because it looks like an old detective car. You know what they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. That’s disguise enough.

Travel 3x Faster Through Time

Holy DeLorean lovers, check this out! This car has enough wings to make Marty and Doc bust their buttons with pride. In fact, you could fit three of each in this DeLorean limo. You could put Marty from the past, Marty from the present, and Marty from the future safely inside. Although, getting them back would be a trick. You would have to get up to speed and then offload each Marty at different points in time. That’s why you have doc though. He’s good at figuring out the mechanics of time travel, quantum physics and is generally a good problem solver. Just hope the storm doesn’t blow the wrong way, or all three Martys could be stuck where they are for a long time. Then we would have to get the original Marty and his original DeLorean to go Back to the Future and rescue all three. Hey, it seems like this limo just inspired my fourth sequel. Maybe this will be our big break! 

That’s A Lotta Chrome

So we’ve all seen our fair share of lifted 1980s cars with tricked out nice rims. That’s nothing new. You can find scores of those pictures on the Internet. However, I bet you can’t find one that is a modified stretch limo with chrome siding on the lower half of the entire vehicle AND their business name plastered on the side (Rad’s). No my friends, you would have a better chance of finding Waldo than finding this. This is a thing of pure genius. For starters, look at the lift kit. The transmission has to make about a 45° turn from the center of the car and flow down to the back axle for a good 3 feet or so. That’s pretty impressive. Look at the front, it’s not nearly as long. Somebody knew what they were doing with this build in order to make the car both incredibly customized and yet still fun to drive. The rims are nice touch, and we give this individual kudos for a job well done. 

Volkswagon Tarantula

It’s funny when you see a Volkswagen Beetle that’s been modified. Usually, they are modified into over sized dune buggies. We see that going on here with the shocks, suspension kit and tires. Also, check the top of the vehicle for those high-powered fog lights. Yep, this is a dune buggy for sure. Like I said, not surprising. However, what is surprising is the fact that this one has been turned into a stretch limo of sorts. In other words, they have taken this Volkswagen dune buggy and turned it into a full-size sedan. Kind of ironic when you think about it. What most of us think as a normal limousine simply doesn’t apply in this case. This guy simply turned his bug into a nice family car capable of racing up sand dunes for fun and enjoyment. Come to think about it, that’s not a bad way to spend a weekend. Maybe we will try to build our own. 

Ford Mustangs

Okay, I know what you’re thinking and yes, this one is hard to look at. It’s not that they did a bad job at all. The classic Ford Mustang limousine looks to be solid and well built. It’s just the fact that they took a classic Ford Mustang and decided to make a limousine out of it that I’m struggling with. This is a classic after all. It should be against every car code in the book, yet they did it. I don’t know if they just drive this thing around looking for trouble, or to provoke violence. If I were them, I would keep it in the garage for sure, although it would take a specially built garage just to hold the thing. Pull up to a car show in this, and you might not leave in one piece. However, pull up to a car show in this thing with Chip Foose inside, and you might make it out okay. I guess it all depends on who’s inside when you think about it. Still though, I couldn’t imagine doing this to a classic Mustang. I would cry for days.


Hummerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr With A Patio!

Sometimes you want the look of the Hummer, with the feel of the land yacht/pontoon boat. When you do, you come up with something like this. This custom limousine is simply amazing. Outfitted with eight wheels, a party porch in the back, and with stretch limousine capacities throughout, it is a thing of beauty. Known as the Hammer for Summer, there are several of these tooling around Southern California. True, the freeway noise might get to be a bit much, but the porch environment gives people a way to take their party outside while riding in style. They always go over great special events, and for several hundred dollars, you can rent your very own for the night. This is a great way to celebrate a special milestone event, or an expensive way to have a glass of iced tea on a back porch. It’s up to you, choose wisely. 

Bike For One, Limo For 35

Here’s another homemade limo that rivals the last one we saw. For starters, check out the fan on the back. I’m sure that really helps with aerodynamics during transportation. Second, check out the monstrosity of a steel carrier/platform they have mounted to this thing. That’s enough right there to make you want to ride in it, no matter how horrible it looks. You could sit up there and watch the NASCAR races, watch other people at the campground, or watch your neighbors across the street do yard work while you have a beer. There are so many uses for that platform that I can’t list them all. Evidently, they like carrying motorcycles so I guess that’s another thing you can do. The other part of this is it’s a six wheeled wonder. That’s right, they have an extra wheel there and it’s not just for show. It’s required to carry the extra load from the steel that wraps the vehicle. Bottom line, if you want to travel around in semi style with your dirt bike, get a modified Lincoln limo and a friend that’s a welder. Then you can have yourself a bona-fide party bus. 

That’s Sure Something

This one has me scratching my head. We’ve seen another van mashup earlier. In fact, it was the first we saw in the series. However, check this one out. They have essentially taken two cargo vans and married them together to create a monstrosity of a limousine. Obviously, they had no real purpose for this other than fun, and in my opinion, this is the best sort of fun you can have with a van limo. Take it out to a mud riding event and let the mud fly. It’s safe too. If you get stuck, there are plenty of people on hand to help you get free. Take a look in the background, there are enough pickup trucks there to set up a used car dealership. All of that to say, I kind of wish I had one of these now. It looks like a lot of fun! 

Subtle, Yet Still Weird

At first glance, it doesn’t look like much is going on here. That is, until you see the second row of seats in the back. Then, your brain kicks into gear. Is this a standard automobile, wait those wheels look like they are a little too far apart. How does the convertible top work? Well, the answer is this is a custom stretch limo convertible job. You can get a clue if you look towards the back of the car at the convertible liner. You can see the small incline or dip up where the extra middle piece was inserted to make the little car longer. Again, I have no clue why anyone would want to do this sort of thing, but it is interesting. I bet you have to think about each and every turn though. It’s not like you’re cornering a matchbox now. You’re driving something that is a bit longer then a normal car. In fact, it’s almost as long as a standard size SUV. That’s pretty clever for a convertible limo mashup. 


Take a good long look at this one. Would you believe that you are looking at a one million-dollar junk limousine? Well indeed you are. It weighs about 7,500 pounds, is a whopping 29 feet long and made entirely of junk scraps. The other interesting part? It belongs to a chauffeur from Finland who is 72 years old. His name is Antti Rahko. At the base of it all are two Mercedes station wagons that have been joined together. There are also multiple parts from a ’62 Chrysler, Imperial and of course several other components from many other vehicles. This is a visual smorgasbord though. It’s won many awards year after year and it’s worth has skyrocketed as a result. It just goes to show what you can do with a little bit of junk if you put your mind to it. 


This Boeing limousine is pretty spectacular. You can buy it outright for $1 million or rent it for about $100,000 per month. It seats 50 people for that price, so you can charge them all accordingly if need be. The interior is decked out complete with leopard print mirrors on the top and curvy leather seating. Beyond the pure oddity of it all, I’m not really sure why anyone would want to pay that kind of money for this experience. However, they exist or else this limo would not be marketable. It’s a testament to what you can do with old Boeing jets, and belongs to Limo Bob the legend, with offices in Chicago, Tampa, and Los Angeles… As well as international service to. Why not give him a ring the next time you want to ride in an airplane limousine? He’s probably your only option. 

Is That Paper Mache?

If you ever want to try your hand at fiberglass fabrication, and think you can do it with no experience, just remember this picture. This is a homemade limo created for absolutely no reason, or so it seemed. It does have one massive fan on the back, which does zero for it’s aerodynamic capabilities. It has been stretched beyond the limits of human reason and I’m really not sure what those two individuals in the back are doing. It looks like one might be taking a picture and the other one is just trying to see how long they can stand there while he goes down the road. Speaking of, it doesn’t look very roadworthy so I’m surprised it moves at all. There was a lot of steel used to construct this thing, so hopefully it will last a few years. If not, at least they will have the pictures. 

Bring Whatever Ya Got

Here’s another homemade limousine made from two vans. I use the term “made from two vans” loosely because, well just look at the picture. It’s self-explanatory. This is a hot mess of there’s enough bondo slathered on those two vans to make an entire vehicle out of, much less join together two minivans. Did I say two, because it actually looks more like three. Look close. You can see a white mini-van was used, a blue mini-van was used, and a grey mini-van ties it all together. Tying the two rear sections together seems to be the easiest part, and the airfoil at the top gives it a nice touch. I guess a coat of paint would make the whole thing look a lot less horrible. They just need to get after it. I doubt they will, but we can always hope! 


There are some things in life that should not be done. This picture is one of them. This Yugo has obviously seen better days, like when it was a Yugo and not a stretch limousine. Maybe they were building this thing to be used by the circus, who knows? You could stuff a lot clowns in there for sure. Maybe they just had some extra steel lying around and decided to make a larger family car instead of upgrade like everybody else. Whatever the case, they created this. This was their A game. This right here. There’s not much more to say about it other then it is decidedly red. However, if you think this one is ridiculous, wait until you see the next one. It takes the cake hands down. You might want to prepare yourself before looking at it. 

Best Of Both Worlds

So what if you only have one wheel on your Dooley. That’s okay if you use the rear end to join up with a conversion van and make the world’s most ridiculous homemade limousine. A few things come to mind when looking at this. Number one, it looks bad already, so why bother trying to cover up the fender well at the rear side of the van. It’s not like they are going to paint this anytime soon. Second, how in the world does this thing have a tag. Is it really street legal? The answer has to be yes because it is at a gas station. Somebody is filling it up to drive it down the street. I guess the two rear wheels were removed to lighten the load so the van doesn’t lift off the ground upon acceleration. No matter how you slice it, this has got to be the strangest limo we have ever seen. 

VW Beetle Limo(Ultra Limousines)
Ultra Limousine

Volkswagen Stretch

This is a 1999 New Beetle Limousine. It was created by Ultra Limousiners out in Corona, California. We’re thinking the body of four Beetles was necessary in order to piece together this pretty seamless Volkswagen. There are some real chop jobs in here, but this one is pretty smooth. Well done.

Belair Limo(Ace American Convertibles)
Ace American Convertibles

Yeah, Baby

This 1959 Cadillac limo is sweeeeeet! Have you ever seen anything like it in your life!? Good news, it’s available for rent. Bad news, you have to travel to Sydney, Australia in order to catch a glimpse of it in person. The workmanship is impressive and we are salivating over the thought of the interior! Too cool.

Audi Limo(Car Scoops)
Car Scoops

Red 25-Person Rider

This interesting limo was a promotion for Johnnie Walker Whiskey. It originally an Audi Q7. It’s as long as the smooth finish of Johnnie Walker. It can fit all your friends, who are the perfect amount of people for one bottle of Johhnie Walker. Red, fun, and perfect for all events – just like Johnnie Walker Red. Bigger than the robust taste of Johnnie Walker. Okay, we’re done now.

Escalade Limo(sanfrancisco-limo.com)

Player’s Ball

This Escalade Limo belongs to a local limo rental company in San Francisco. And while the style and aesthetic presence is saying, “Player’s Ball” – the background is saying, “Winery?” Regardless of where this cool homemade limo is one of the coolest on this list – and probably can fit the most people, too.

Nash Metro Limo(Motor Trend)
Motor Trend

In or Out

This is the combination of a 1957 and 1959 Nash Metropolitan. It was designed by Tom and Terry Blevins. What is really special about this garage masterpiece is that it has a feature that is often underseen in cars – the half-top! The passengers have privacy and warmth, the driver and his co-pilot are catching rays and looking cool with their hair flapping in the wind! How great a concept.

King Bed In A Semi

Forget team driving, this can be family driving. This truck is large and in charge for sure. Outfitted with a sleeper cab, it even has entertaining space in the middle. Again, you could fit your entire family in this semi and cruise comfortably down the road while making your long hauls. If you home school your kids, I guess this could be an option. I’d sign up for home schooling if I could ride around in this all day. Or, if you simply don’t like the RV lifestyle, and would rather be a constant over the road trucker, this works great. No matter, we have to hand it to this guy. The green flames from the hood that scroll down the side or a nice touch. I just wonder how much gas he uses in a day? That number alone could be enough to frighten anyone away from the trucking business. 

Camaro IROC Limo(Richard Sassman)
Richard Sassman

Camaro Iroc-Z

This 1987 Camaro Iroc-Z was transformed into a limo. The Iroc just screams 1980s, and come to think of it – imo’s do too to a degree. Well, it looks like these two have found the perfect match in each other. Only questions left to be answered is…what kind of media player is it rocking in there!?

Charger Limo(Auto Blog)
Auto Blog

The World’s Largest Mustard Bottle

This is a 30-foot long Yellow Dodge Charger Limo. At one point this was on an eBay auction asking $59,000. We’d gladly pay a million for it. Well, not actually, but you get the idea. This thing is sweet! Perfectly combined, the Charger Limo is ready for action.

Camaro Limo


This is the more sensible, successful version of that last limo. This new-age Camaro has been reborn (probably a backyard birth). Someone was a fan of Camaro’s and decided they wanted a Camaro Limousine. And as long as we live in the USA, they are perfectly allowed to do something as unnecessary, unwanted, and downright awesome as build this Camaro Limo.

Corvette Limo(A List Limousine)
A List Limousine

Limo Vette

Three new, well done car models in a row. This time, it’s the classic Corvette! The original creator of this Corvette Limousine wanted to go into the limo rental business with a new special twist. And here we are. This looks like the most professional of all the limo’s on the list. Really seamless connections all the way through. Excellent work!

Batmobile Limo(Damn Cool Pictures)

Gotham Limo

This Batmobile limousine was spotted cruising around New York City. Can you imagine walking down 2nd Ave and off the sudden there’s Bruce Wayne’s driver cruising him and the entire ballerina team in this Batmobile limousine? Some of that may be infeasible, but not this limo. This bad boy exists. And we love it.

Pick It All The Way Up Truck

This is a Ford with four doors on each side. Say that five times really fast and let me know how that works out for you. This is one of the more tame home limousine builds we have seen, and it actually looks pretty solid. Notice that sidesteps are attached to the passenger door frame for easy entry and loading. The extra doors in the middle seem to indicate that there is seating inside for about eight people. This makes it just comfortable enough to haul your family around in, but just uncomfortable enough to include your mother-in-law. Hey, somebody has to be the odd person out in this instance and it usually boils down to mother-in-law’s. Just don’t tell yours I said that and we’re all good. If you try to attempt this build, make sure you have a solid frame. Obviously, a long wheelbase was used and a few spot welds in the middle to make it all solid. Once it is complete, you have a freewheeling limousine duly large enough for just the people you want to drive around town with. 

porsch914 73(Karl Ellzey)
Karl Ellzey

Racer Limo

This interesting limo is the 1973 Porsche 914. And it looks as if it is involved in some sort of road race? We’re not sure the type of race where homemade limousines are allowed to enter, but if anyone knows about it – tell them we’ve got 50 others we’d like to submit!

VW Wagon Limo

Sleeps 100

Woah! This huge VW Camper is more than just the perfect camping companion vehicle. It’s now a huge limo. A HUUUGGEEEE limo. We’re curious how many VW’s it took to piece this together – but also – maybe it’s best not to know. Also best not to know is what goes down inside this camper!

Toyota MR2(The Drive)
The Drive

That Sure Is Something

The Toyota MR2 was said by some to be the poor man’s Ferrari. The original creator wanted a limousine version of this car. The owner decided to let this project go with a starting auction price of $100. The only catch is you have to go to New Zealand to get it.

Rover Limo

Long Range

The owner of this limo must be a Range Rover fan. Lots of Range on this one. This limo has got to be out of our price Range. We’d hate to be down Range from this awesome limo. Range Rover, Range Rover, please send this limo on over! Are these Range Rover puns out of range for you? So sorry. Moving on.

Dodge Viper Limo_(Motor1)

Stretch Viper

This Dodge Viper limo was featured at a NASCAR race a while back in Las Vegas. It chauffeured the grand marshal of the race Oscar Goodman. Unique Movie Cars created this limo.

Rat Rod Limousine!

Rat rods are nice. They are the quintessential representation of American greasers and gearheads all across the nation. They love taking old vintage 1930s and 1940s vehicles and turning them into something spectacular. Well, check this one out! This is one of the homemade limousines that is actually a head turner. What a superb job! This old hot rod has five seats that could comfortably seat eight, 9 including the driver. The side exhaust echos along the lines of the limousine while showcasing the power of the engine, which is a nice eight cylinder, necessary to move this rat rod limousine fully loaded. Doing this took countless man-hours for sure, but the result is pretty amazing. It’s also equally impressive that the builder kept everything true to form, from window tints that stretch towards the front of the car, down to the rear fenders. Overall, this is a nice job. We give it two thumbs-up. 

vw thing(Hughes Lundy)
Hughes Lundy


This was a Volkswagen Acapulco Thing found in Palm Springs, Florida. The Thing itself was a questionable car, but this homemade limo takes it to a whole new level of ‘Thingness’. Now, if this needs to go into the causeways of Florida swampland – we’re in!

Pickup Limo

Got Your Hiking Boots?

If you’re limo has a ramp…to the stairs…into your limo…then wow, congratulations you’ve officially made it to the redneck riviera. This limo is high up in the air with this pickup that even includes a pull-out staircase. If for some reason you find yourself in south Georgia with a party of 12 and want to go mudding – then this one’s for you!

Ukrainain Limo(Auto Blog)
Auto Blog

Aztec Limo

This limo was found in Ukraine. The limo at some point was a Pontiac Aztek. But along the way from the production line for this little ole’Aztec and this picture being taken – some crazy work was done. Would you get inside of this stretch Aztec limo? We would!

RR Limo

Rollllllll(limo)lls Royce

The creator of this limo got his hands on some Rolls Royce parts. This just feels like a party limo, doesn’t it? We’re not sure where this sweet ride comes from or what it’s used for – but we do know that we love to spare Rolls Royce parts! Well done to the people who worked on this sweet limo!

Pace Car Vette(bangshift.com)

Mystery Limo

This limo came from the 1999 movie, Mystery Men. It belonged to the villain Casanova Frankenstein. It was a 1979 Corvette Pace Car turned into a limo.

Ferrari Limo

This one kind of makes me queasy in the same way that the mustang limousine did. I love Ferraris, they are amazing pieces of machinery. They are timeless and will out run just about anything on the road. so I don’t know why on earth you would want to turn a Ferrari into a limousine. Don’t get me wrong, they did a great job. This limousine probably has more speed than most race cars, even though it’s a stretch limo. The bench seating is impressive and will comfortably seat 8 to 10 people. Yet, it’s supposed to be a Ferrari, not a limousine. So while it looks impressive, I’m still on the fence. The overall look still screams classic Ferrari, it’s the stretch part that has my mind twisted right now. Oh well, there are bigger things in life to think about my friends. We should just let this guy have his glory day in the hot sun. 

Audi A8 Limo(World Wide News EU)
World Wide News EU

Reinforced Limo

This Audi A8 was transformed into this limo. It was named the “Bil-2005” with a length of 9 meters and weighs 3.5 tons. It looks like some sort of reinforced government agency vehicle to transport high ranking government officials. But also, maybe just it’s Jim’s ride?

Ferrari Limo(Car Scoops)
Car Scoops

Ferrari Limo No. 2

This Ferrari 360 Limousine has controversy behind it. It was the subject of a threatened lawsuit if the British Company didn’t remove the Ferrari badges and logo from it.

Ferrari 360 limo

Another Ferrari 360 limo. Come on and admit it. You would have picked up your prom date in this if you could.

Stretch USA Limo(Jay Ohrberg
Jay Ohrberg

Record Holder!

This limo actually has the Guinness World Record for longest car in the world. The limo is called “The American Dream” made by Jay Ohrberg. The limo has 26 wheels with a length of nearly 31 meters. There is a swimming pool, bed, and Helipad all on this limo.

Hummer Buttrerfly Doors

Hummer Limo No. 2

This Hummer became a luxury limo with 2 VIP lounges, a disco, and a sound system that makes this a nightclub on the go. Also Butterfly doors. Picture pulling up to the club with this thing, loaded down, music blaring, lights dancing, and the car itself is shaking – and then you and your wife get out! It’s a funny though – at least to us.

Cadillac Limo2

The Houston Astros Team Bus

This Cadillac limo is definitely a home experiment. 2 different Cadillacs combined to make a limo, but it’s the paint scheme that’s making us love it even more! This thing looks like it needs to be in the parking lot of a club outside Detroit in the 1970s.


Okay, so to round out the list take a look at what has to be the baddest Harley stretch limousine you have ever seen before. It’s probably the only one you’ve seen too, so there’s that. It comfortably seats eight in the rear carriage, while the driver has seating made for a king. If it is too sunny, simply recline back and rest in the shade of the awning as you pull people down the street. The limo features a wet bar inside as well as a flat screen TV. There are also two seats mounted to the rear which allow riders to perch on the back parade style if need be. You have to have a place for those beauty queens to perch after all! Painted a pearl white, it is beautiful, but it’s a Harley so you know it will clip along at a nice pace too.