50 Hot Rods Not Afraid To Be Different


This hot rod is just plain awesome. Made to look like a hodge podge of creativity and found objects, it certainly catches the eye. Look closer, though, and you will see there is a lot more going on here than at first glance. For instance, check out the steering wheel. That’s one large gear cog welded to an all steel steering column. Impressive! The rear seats, though they look like toilet lids, actually house speakers underneath.

Hot Rod 3

The Blur 2

They are nothing more than a clever disguise. The speakers look to be a 6 x 9 specialty brand with mid and treble mounted on the sub woofer. Throw in a washtub fan guard up front, connected to an old 30s radiator from a produce truck, and you have yourself one amazing piece of machinery. Built to turn heads, I’m sure it turns corners equally as well. Plus, if you ever need a few spare parts for something, I bet this hot rod has you covered!

Hot Rod 1

The Outhouse Hot Rod

This car is cool. Aside from the engine build with the blower and stylish side exhaust, it’s constructed to look like an outhouse. And while that might seem strange at first, this outhouse is one for the record books. For starters, it’s stylish with its cedar shake shingles and lantern mounted on the front. The back is where the beauty is though. It says “got to go” in huge letters, just above the license plate and shiny silver gas tank. Large racing slicks and wheelie bar complete this vehicle to make it one go-getter. I don’t care who you are; you’ve probably never seen an outhouse this fast in your life. You’ve also never seen one this awesome either. Even though it’s themed out as #2, we give it a solid #1. Great job, I wonder what this guy will come up with next! Keep clicking for more awesomeness. Number 6 is incredible!

Hot Rod 2

Hot Rod No. 13

If you ever get caught in a five alarm fire situation, this firecracker will come to the rescue for sure. It’s built like a brick house with an engine stacked as tall as the driver cab itself, and check out those lower headers. They look like guys. That’s pretty cool. The other interesting thing you might notice is the steering wheel. It’s not tilted like a traditional one, but mounted flat like an old 1930s model T. I bet that makes driving it rather interesting. I imagine it would handle like a go kart of sorts. Only this firetruck rat rod is way more awesome than some rinky dink go kart. It’s name, by the way, is “Ratified,” and by the looks of it, we could not agree more. This is the fastest firetruck on the planet, with a hemi engine that could destroy would be competition on the road. With its red light mounted on top, this thing puts the “first” in “first responder.”

Quite possibly the lowest hot rod in human history, this custom VW Bug titled “The Woodruff Special” is a head-turner! It’s owned by Jocke Gustavssons. The car sits so low the front suspension sits above the hood. This car has been chopped, channeled, drivetrain raised & body dropped about as far as you can go. Any lower & this thing would be underground.

Hot Rod 4

Skull and Bones Hot Rod

If you’ve ever wanted to get inside someone’s head, this hot rod is for you. You can literally climb inside this head for one wild ride. Outfitted with enough chrome to make a biker jealous, and an interior stylized and themed out in morbid perfection, this death machine ride is a thing of pure beauty. Notice the special attention given to the engine firewall. That’s the kind of detail you don’t find on an everyday vehicle. Plus, all of the beautifully polished wood contrasts amazingly with this polished dome giving this rat rod one unique look. I’m sure it offers one unique ride as well. Ghostrider eat your heart out, this baby has four wheels and a badder attitude. Every time the engine roars I’m sure it conjures up plenty of spirits! Hang on though, there’s more. Remember, number six is coming up soon and it will blow your mind!

Hot Rod 5

The Bunk Bed

Check out this sick machine. I’m sure in this instance you would not want to call the top bunk. The bottom bunk is definitely where all the action occurs, and by action, I’m talking about driving! True, there is a steering wheel mounted up top, but it’s just for show. The bottom steering wheel mount looks like an old Brakemen’s stop from a train car, and the wood has been beautifully polished to perfection to match the radiator cover up front. This four wheeled wonder is nothing short of king of the road, even if it is a couple of beds! You certainly won’t fall asleep driving either, judging from the looks of the powerful V-8 with its stylized, cartoonish exhaust. You can rest, though. After a hard day’s drive it’s nice to know that you won’t have to exit the vehicle to catch some shut eye. Just lean back and relax. What could be finer than that?

Hot Rod 6

The Hoarder Hot Rod

Okay so we’ve all been to one of those country things restaurants with license plates on the wall and funky signs. However, what happens when that restaurant falls in love with a vehicle? Well, you get this hot rod, that’s what. Check out the rat gnawing on the air filter up top, and the snake slithering his way across the front grill. Those two over-the-top features lend to the overall awesome factor of this vehicle. The suicide doors further the statement, and a Dr Pepper wrapped grill pulls it together for a classic general store look. This hot rod means business, and you better stay out of the way. It will eat your Prius or Volkswagen beetle for breakfast, I guarantee you that much. I told you number six was a thing of beauty. However, I haven’t told you about number 17 yet. You’ll have to keep going for that one!

Hot Rod 7

The Refinery Rod

Well isn’t this car just a barrel of fun. It looks like someone may have been impressed with their last trip to the fun house judging by the looks of it. Either that, or wine country judging by the surroundings. What they have created impresses us even more so. This thing has more barrels than the monkey sideshow at a circus. There are two mounted up top, one massive barrel used for the cab, and one cut and modified to use as a captain’s chair for the driver. That one elevates this hot rod to a whole new level. The coolest feature perhaps is the huge front window that gives the driver a better view than you could ever get with a standard vehicle. The sides have a lot of glass on them, too, so I’m sure you might need a bit of sunscreen before you take this puppy out for a spin on a sunny day. However, at night, the awesome lamp mounted on the side provides a bit of ambient light, but the one feature we notice lacking are headlights. With something this cool, though, it probably doesn’t matter!

Over-Compensation Hot Rod?

Okay so this car defies a few things about logic and reason. It genuinely looks like one of those cars you would find in an old Hanna Barbara cartoon (think Laugholympics and you are in the right neighborhood). The rear wheels add to the drama and somehow serve to balance out the vehicle just enough. Yet, the fire on the sides and over stated body styling are the real stars here… after the engine of course. I’m not sure how often you would drive a car like this, but I am sure you would get noticed plenty when you do. We give kudos to this guy for all of his hard work. This is one amazing piece of eye candy. If only we could hear that engine rev to complete the picture, life would be perfect! Maybe we will just stare and make noises when no one is around. Yeah, that’s it. I’m drawing my shades as we speak.

John Deere Hot Rod

This John Deere hot rod is not something you’d normally see around the farm.

Hot Rod 10

Now That’s A Hot Rod

I don’t know how to classify this car, other than fast. That’s right… it’s juts plain fast. There are more exhausts sticking up from the engine that it is hard to tell how many valves it has. The fact that it is named the Mach gives us a clue, though. And while it may not be able to reach jet speeds, it looks to me like it is no shrinking violet either (hey that happens to be the color of the car, how ironic!). It’s cars like these who race the same competitor time and time again. Second place. Yep, if you line up on the drag strip against this beast, I guarantee you will come in second place. You don’t have impressive exhausts and more valves than a triple bypass heart surgery patient. You just have your car, against this one, which means you will get beat rather soundly! Hey, somebody has to be the realist here. You are the one who pulled up to the line and started revving the engine.

Hot Rod 11

That’s One Way To Show Up To Your Own Funeral

I doubt this guy will be resting in peace anytime soon. If he races you, he might put your car in the great junkyard of the sky, but his casket cruiser will be fine. That’s right. This guy converted a casket into a rat rod and we like it. It doesn’t look morbid, morose or macabre, it just looks amazing! And while I have declared many times that the only instance you will find me in a casket is when I’m dead… I will absolutely make an exception in this case. You could definitely find me in this thing smiling while I blow past your slow rear end. I might even wave, if I feel lively enough (ouch, bad pun). I might even tell you to look alive (oops, another one). I could even tell you… well, I won’t say that. Let’s juts leave it at this car is awesome, and we can’t get enough of it.

Hot Rod 12

Down N’ Dirty

Having a hard time getting your teen to cut grass? Get one of these and watch them fight you for it! This converted lawn tractor to hot rod is just bad. We love it. It may have been a Cub Cadet at one time, but there is nothing small about it now. It has an engine the size of Texas, and one killer exhaust modification. It looks like it has been lifted a bit. This makes us wonder if it will still cut grass? If so, I imagine what used to take a couple of hours is now a 15 minute job! I could only think what it must feel like to be cruising around the yard on this thing at 45 or 50 mph. That would be a kick in the head. What’s even more impressive is the fact that the original steering is used to control this beast. Just make sure you don’t yank the emergency brake while driving or you could be in for a totally different experience!

Hot Rod 13

Hot Rod de Phone Booth

Hello operator, will you please connect my call? Ha! If not, no problem,. I will just drive there in my modified phone booth hot rod and meet in person. Why? Because I have a phone booth hot rod that’s why! You don’t need an operator with this thing. It makes you the operator. And while I’m not sure how the seating situation works (might be a bit cramped or standing room only if you are tall), it doesn’t matter. This is the perfect vehicle. It puts the mobile in mobile phone when you think about it. Clark Kent would have loved to own this thing back in his early days. Take a phone booth with you any where and Superman is always accessible! It seems that changing was always an issue for him. Someone should have thought of this a lot sooner, but we are just glad they thought it up to begin with. This vehicle is just plain awesome!

Compact Hot Rod

This bad boy has as tighter wheel base then a jeep. It’s about as compact as hot rod gets. Unique? I would say so.

Hot Rod 15

Crime Boss Hot Rod

So imagine with me for a moment that you are Al Capone. You have jockeyed your way into the mafia crime syndicate and are set to take over permanently. Then someone pulls up in this gangster of a hot rod and your days are over. This is the way history could be rewritten if rat rods existed at earlier points in American development. And while it’s nice to think of clever what-if scenarios, you can’t deny what is. This car is one of them. Themed out with over sized tires that would make Bugsy Malone proud, it is enough to make any gangster, or gear head, salivate. The engine is cleverly covered to maintain the period look of the car, while the exhausts are allowed to poke through the side and flow back, elongating the beautiful lines of this vehicle. A thing of beauty, a best for speed, this rat rod gets high marks from us!

Army Rat Rod

Show your military support with this excellent rat rod. Made by French shop Danton Arts Kustoms headed by Alexandre Danton, this vehicle contains an open engine compartment with an LA-series 318ci V8. Its exhaust setup includes an air intake on top of a 5.2-liter motor. The design incorporates Jeep parts obviously, with a sports car-like ground clearance and a chopped top. The whole-look and green paint makes us believe that this rat-rod is battle-ready.

Hot Rod 17

Big Yellow…Hot Rod?

If my school bus looked like this when I was little, I would have gone to school on the weekends! Okay, so that is a bit of a stretch. Maybe I would have just taken it out for a spin on the weekends, with the bus driver’s permission of course. There are so many good things we can say about this bus. The lowered look, the blower popping through the top of the hood, and words “Shortcut High” all work to give this rat rod a completely over the top feel. It is truly impressive and I’m sure the owner has a great time running around town in this thing. Plus, don’t forget, it is extremely fast so that can mean only one thing, you will never be late for class! You may even have time to stop and get the teacher an apple on the way. Those are the perks that come with owning a hot rod school bus.

Mail Rod(autowise.com)
Auto Wise

USPS Hot Rod

Someone took a Mail Truck and transformed it into a Mail Rod. This would sure make it easier when they’re stopped on the side of the road and you’re stuck behind them trying to crane your neck and see around them. The mailbox above the engine is definitely the cherry on top of what is definitely a unique treat in this list of cool hot rods.

Hot Rod 18

Graveyard Rod

This hot rod is just plain awesome. There is no way around it. Eat your heart out grim reaper! Themed out in gray with green accents, it will carry you to the other side in style! Don’t worry, I’m not wishing you to go too quick, I’m just saying when you do, this is the way to do it. The low rider effect of the old Rolls Royce throwback from the 40s, is offset nicely with the mean exhaust and all gray exterior. It’s like an updated version of the Ghostbusters cruiser, only there are no ghost on board, just bodies. Shuttling coffins never looked so good. When you are called up to the other side, make sure to hail this cab. Congrats to the owner on such a creative and awesome build!

spaceship rod(Pinterest)

Bubble Canopy?

This mini hot rod wannabe is going places. Either under the car directly in front of it, or to outer space. There is no in between on this one – this little guy was designed for those two purposes only. But jokes aside, this one looks like a lot of fun. Can you picture the looks on peoples faces staring at you go by looking back them from inside your bubble canopy! I mean, too cool. This cool hot rod was originally a Volkswagen Beetle.

Bat Rd(autowise.com)
Auto Wise

Bat Rod

Yes! This is awesome. This needs to be a movie. A coordination of Batman as a hot rod driver, fighting crime after sold-out races. That would sell, for sure. But whoever is in charge of creating this awesome piece of work, well done our friend. This Bat Rod This Hot Rod is designed in the style of the Batmobile.

Extremely Hot Temperature-wise Rod

I’m not sure what to call this exactly. It kind of reminds me of #14, but only because it is hard to figure out. This engine is MASSIVE! It produces plenty of power for sure. It also carries a lot of weight (check out the front wheels straining under the load). But I would not be too quick to rush to judgment, my friends. While this engine is large and in charge, and the car is dated, it is pure awesome! Plus. Look at the owner standing beside it. He does not strike me as the type of individual who makes gross miscalculations. Nope, he is all boss, and his vehicle proves it. I’m sure he would not mind showing you how it runs. We would not mind getting inside and letting him either. We might have to wear ear plugs to combat the noise, but the ride would definitely be worth it!

Winged Rod(roadkillcustoms.com)

Wing Tips

You could call this Hot Rod incomplete seeing as the back half is an actual car. But the front half is all hot rod baby! The wing tips make this lipstick-red hot rod stand out. The creator of this personalized hot rod really know how to keep up with a machine, cause this baby is in pristine condition! We love this standout in our list of coolest hot rods.

Bathtub Hot Rod

This is nice! It looks great and is extremely functional. Enough said.

Hot Rod 19

Wagon Rod!

This is not how they used to do it on the prairie, but I bet they could if they had access at the time. This has to be the most awesome covered wagon hot rod we have ever seen. It also happens to be the only one, but that does not take anything away from this beauty. The red and yellow pop against all the wood siding and trim. It is obvious great care and attention to detail were given when creating this gorgeous hot rod. The wagon is covered, but can be removed. That would mean this is the world’s first and and only convertible covered wagon hot rod coupe. No horses required, they all reside in the engine. That means no poop to clean, and many more miles to be gained. A ride in this car is the next best thing to hitting the trail. Hop along little Doggy, you’re up!

Hot Rod 16

Lego Hot Rod

Did you ever play with Legos as a kid? I bet you thought you did, until you looked at this picture. It is what we call a reality check. These guys PLAYED with Legos. Check out this creation by Josh Rowe. Yes, that’s his picture on the wheels. The whole thing just looks over the top. And while we have heard of people who spend thousands of man hours building with Legos, I shudder to think what it must have taken to build this. I don’t have that kind of patience, but this is the kind of awesome vehicle that happens by people who do! I would get frustrated after Lego number 4,000. I certainly would not have enough time to create that incredible engine. That had to be one satisfying accomplishment. Kudos to Josh and the guys who helped him. The look on his face says it all. This Lego rat rod is a home run.

Hot Rod 23

Grooviest Hot Rod Out There

This hot rod puts the shag in shagadellic. Driving this tricked out car would turn you into an instant chick magnet. Look closely, that is leopard themed upholstery. It does not get much wilder than that right there. The awning is a nice touch, too. It offsets the look and almost gives the whole vehicle a magic carpet vibe. The tassels and gold headlamps add to the finished product to give it just enough genie in a bottle flair. Rub one of the headlamps and there is no telling what may pop out to grant wishes. It could be Aladdin himself! The balloon tires are a nice touch. Over sized, but not over stated, they complete the look to turn this vehicle from classic to chique style fit for a king, or sultan for that matter. The way this car looks, you could be cruising the Sahara for some time with no problem.

Hot Rod 24

Double-Hemi Hot Rod

This 1932 Ford sedan has not one, but two, count them, two Hemi engines! They are designed to look and operate like one, which took a bit of mechanical genius I might say. The end result though is amazing. Take a look at the picture. Wouldn’t you be proud to ride around in this hot rod for days at a time? Yep, you would. Ronnie’s Hot Rods really outdid themselves with this one. The two engines are designed to operate with the same rpms all the time. The power is transferred over to the massive rear wheels to provide a driving experience like none other on the road. Anyone who races you would be a fool. You could even tell them so just before you peeled out and screamed toward first prize. Wining would never feel so good. And to think, you could say you did it all in a 1932 Ford sedan!

Hot Rod 25

Tricked-Out Popcorn Wagon Hot Rod

There are popcorn poppers, and there are POPCORN POPPERS! This hot rod could certainly churn out enough to fill a movie theater or seven. However, you probably would not be able to hear the movie due to all of the engine noise, but hey, we consider that to be a fair trade. This popcorn hot rod, named Fossil Fueled, is simply amazing. The construction is solid, but the theme is pure eye candy. It’s a combination of childhood memories and fast cars. The perfect marriage for manhood some would say. Check out all the gold and the stacked up engine components. It all works well with the theme, and makes this hot rod one amazing vehicle. Whether you like no butter, or extra butter, “Fossil Fueled” has you covered. Look at it long enough and the only words that come to mind are pure genius. Just make sure you don’t leave any popcorn on the plush interior.

The Crucifier(Joe Cruces)
Joe Cruces

The Crucifier

This Hot Rod is called The Crucifier. It was made for a show by Joe Cruces at the Joe Cruces Rod & Custom shop in Vacaville, California. We can’t even begin to figure out what kind of frame this was molded out of – but whatever it is, the rear lift makes it about 10x more intimidating. Imagine driving down the street with your family in a Buick and seeing this thing roll around the corner! “Dad…can you get one of those!?”

BMW Rod(autowise.com)
Auto Wise

The Lowest Rider

Competition’s over folks – y’all can go on home now. The lowest low rider, hot rod or not, has been found – there’s literally no where else to go but up from there. This Rat Rod features BMW parts, which makes it look like a German Hot Rod. The two things we notice that make us know this isn’t just a show pony? The big ol’ engine and the big ol’ back tires. This thing can move, we have no doubt.

Spider Web Rod

Charlotte’s Web

We’ll hand it to him, the steering wheel looks pretty sweet! But after that, it’s just downright dysfunctional! I mean, can you picture driving around the block in one of those seats? Much less, firing off the starting line! The owner of this rod must have a thing for spider webs. Notice the webs in the door frame as well. If this is what the interior looks like – I think we all know what the paint job features…

Hot Rod 26

Just Your Everyday Family Antique Sedan Tractor Hot Rod Hybrid

When a Caterpillar tractor and an antique 1940s sedan love each other very much, you get this awesome piece of machinery. I don’t think I have ever seen two things come together more beautifully (except for that one time in Rio when I met a Flamenco dancer, but that’s another story). The stacks on the Caterpillar are prominent and let you know who is in charge. The Clampets would have loved to use this thing to move to Beverly Hills. It is much better than their old jalopy. This beast of a hot rod would have no trouble navigating the ups and downs of California and even has side boards that double as storage for tools or anything else you need to take with you. Pretty clever! It obviously works well for the owners; just look at the smiles on their faces. Nothing says satisfaction like riding around in your own gorgeous one of a kind hot rod creation. We love it.

Jeep Rod(Zach Williams)
Zach Williams

Jeepers Creepers

If you look at this from the traditional Jeep perspective, the one of a down and dirty, monster of a machine – then this Jeep Rod may miff you. But looking through the eyes of people who just love cool car concepts – this thing is awesome! I bet he zips around what looks like Los Angeles with ease. I mean it’s the compactness of a jeep, the open air-ness of a golf cart and the versatility of a sports car. The owner of this Rod took his Jeep and modified it into a Hot Rod.

Lawn Mower Rod

Riding Hot Rod

Why have just a riding lawn mower when you can have a riding lawn mower/hot rod. That seems like a dumb question – especially if you’re this guy who had a monster of a vision when he started this bad boy. Possibly part tractor, the doctors aren’t sure yet. Definitely made of more than 2 types of vehicle, that much is confirmed. This Hot Rod was at some point a riding lawn mower. The owner decided he wanted a hot rod instead.

Datsun Rod(autowise.com)
Auto Wise

Mad Max Meets New Mexico

Mad Max meets Los Cruces, New Mexico. I mean, wow this is something else. This cool Rat Rod is a super low Datsun, but with the apocalyptic paint job of someone ready to duel vampires until he ultimately succumbs to some disease or hunger. We digress. This is a pretty sweet looking hot rod though, and the thought to put a Datsun in that position with the upgraded bumpers is one to be commended. Pretty cool hot rod!

Hot Rod 27

Handi-Hot Rod

Who knew wheelchairs could be even cooler than they already are? We have come a long way since the first models were developed for infirmary use in hospitals and such. Yet, I bet no one ever thought we would get this far! Take a moment to look at this wheel chair rat rod and take in all of its awesome glory. Speed and prowess are the two words that come to mind. Speed, from the electric engine controlled by two foot pedals, and prowess from the design that is just incredible. The red and yellow flare out on the rear wheels give the perfect finishing touch to this already beast of a wheel chair. This brings new meaning to the words “total mobility.” Owning one of these gives you so much more freedom than a traditional powered wheel chair. Plus it would be fun to drive, too. We give this one an A plus!

Van Rod(autowise.com)
Auto Wise

Van Rod

We would speculate that someone lives in this van, but theres a massive hot rod engine in the back. Sleeping inside this van is a no-no. This was a Chevy Van, but with the engine in the back and other modifications, this has become a Chevy Van Rat Rod. The exterior looks beat up and rustic, but if you look closely you will see it’s an intentional color and the rims are shiny and new – so there’s definitely some major love being into this van rod. I mean, look at that engine!

WheelBarrow Rod

Redneck Hot Rod

Wow. We aren’t really sure whqt to say! I mean this is special. It might not be pretty but it’s definitely special, right? This hot rod started off as a wheelbarrow, and was transformed into something more amazing. And..wait a minute..is that a fireplace grill on the front of this bad boy? Wow. A wheelbarrow, a fire grate, and a hot rod. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you this year’s winner of the Backyard Roundup Award!

Rat Rod(roadkillcustoms.com)

Rat Rod Reversal

The budget for this hot rod was just enough for half of a car and half of a truck. I mean, this is obviously made of old part…but the idea to use an old hood as your trunk storage/bed is revolutionary! We can’t see all of this awesome piece of machinery, but we’re picturing a shiny, chrome-plated, brand new engine – aren’t you? Well, even if you’re not – it’s fun to imagine that’s the case. Wouldn’t that be some contrast.

Hot Rod 28

Hot Tub Rod

The next time one of your buddies mentions how much they wish they could bring a bathroom along with them so they would not have to stop… show them this hot rod! Two tubs and a toilet make quite a statement on this modified rat rod. The tubs are outfitted with plush velvet seats, and the toilet is plushed out in velvet as well. It is the perfect throne for the king of the road. And don’t worry; I didn’t forget about the engine either. How can you miss it? Two blowers mounted diagonally tame this beast with a bit of whimsy. But don’t mistake the whimsy as weakness. I’m sure this would blow out any vehicle on the road with ease. All you have to do is make sure to keep yourself firmly mounted on the throne for the whole driving experience. Do that, and you win. Then go relax in the tub with a bottle of champagne to celebrate your victory!

Hot Rod Flames

Roller Derby Rod

This hot rod has a cool flames paint job and is sitting low. For some reason, we can’t get over the feeling that whoever created this piece of art loves rolling up to the local roller derby in a fur coat and parachute pants. He then proceeds to bring his own disco ball into the roller derby, hang it up by himself, go over to the DJ, hand him a personalized mixtape and then proceed to jam out amongst the teenagers on the roller floor. Like he should.

cross hot rod


This Hot Rod was found at a car show. The spikes are a cool extra touch. But we need to apologize to you. Earlier in this list we referred to another hot rod as bring up memories of Mad Max. And that is just unfair now that we all know this hot rod exists. I mean, wow! Look at this agent of metal. A through and through hardcore hot road, these is at it’s peak when surrounded by like-minded individuals and your local Pantera concert.

Hot Rod 29

Hot Mower

One look at this and I’m pretty sure this lawn tractor did not come standard from the shop this way. There are several hundred more horses under the hood and a snow plow to boot. A snow plow! How awesome is that? Plus, the undercarriage with the blades look like they are in good working order, too. The lines are absolutely gorgeous. It is sleek and stylish, but not over done. The perfect blend of futuristic flair with a timeless look. That is very hard to pull off, but this hot rod does it. I bet it cuts a pretty mean yard too. It would be nice to see a race between this fine specimen and #14. I’m not sure who would win, and I would not care. I just want to see it in much the same way we all wanted to see Rocky go back to take down Apollo Creed. Yeah, this race would be just as epic, I think. Kudos to the owner for such a great build!

Truck Rod

Semi-Hot? Trailer-Rod? Hot-Trailer?

This is it, folks. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. The coolest, baddest, and most noticeable semi-truck turned hot rod we’ve ever seen.This Truck Rat Rod was found in Marblehead, Ohio. It seems like it gets regular use, and we’re 100 percent positive it’s owner can beat you butt. That neon green/gray and engine soot black combination is an intimidating presence – especially on the tranquil streets of Marblehead, Ohio.

Modern Hot Rod(autowise.com)
Auto Wise

Ooh La La

This is what I would imagine a modern-day Hot Rod to look like. Blended perfectly with its ultra-modern counterpart, the sports car. Although the sports car looks like a custom-job of it’s own, this overall-masterpiece flows seamlessly. If only we could see it at top speed, I bet this hot rod is a monster on the streets!

Soviet Minsk Auto Zavod Truck

Minsk Rod

This cool Mazzy Hot rod was originally converted from a Russian Soviet Minsk Auto Zavod Truck.

Licensne Plate Rod

State Identification

We’re going deep on the inside for this assignment. Well, the inside of this hot rod, at least. The owner of this one seems like he is definitely from the great state of Kansas. And has lived there constantly. The interior of this hot rod has license plates from the state of Kansas over the years. This looks more like the inside of a country store than a hot rod, but hey, we still love it!

Tank Rod(Major Payne Monster Tank)
Major Payne Monster Tank

Hot Tank!

This Hot Rod is different from most seeing as it’s a tank, but this Tank rides like a Hot Rod. It’s called the Major Payne Monster Tank. Major Payne, indeed. This off-road monster combines three of the baddest machines ever made, a hot rod engine, a jeep body, and a tank’s power. I wonder how the connections are actually made, we’d love to see ‘under the hood’ on this one.

Hot Rod 30

Parking Lot Dreams

Now if your wife asked you to go grocery shopping with her, your probably wouldn’t mind much if you had one of these, right? This is a state of the art racing cart here. You could get your groceries done in record time with this nifty hot rod! The only curious thing about it is this… where is the steering wheel? I don’t see it, but that does not mean it’s not there. It could be the angle that prevents us from spying it, or something even better… remote control! How insanely over the top would that be?? You could send your cart cruising around the store and up to the check out, beating whoever tried to get in your way. Watch out couponers, there is a new grocery store boss in town! Just be sure you keep your feet away from the bottom. You don’t want to burn yourself on those exhaust pipes grabbing things off the bottom.