Neighbors Keep Using Man’s Pool So He Does The Unthinkable

A Dream Pool

When Greg fulfilled his lifelong dream of building a pool for his family, he never expected it to become such a popular attraction. Saving up for this project was a labor of love, and he was determined to make it a memorable summer for his loved ones. Little did he anticipate that the whole neighborhood would want to take a dip as well.

A Welcoming Home

Greg and Jeanne Miller’s new home in Old Sacramento needed some sprucing up, but they had one dream in mind: a beautiful pool. They diligently saved up and finally had enough to make their dream a reality. However, they soon discovered that the cost of their pool would extend beyond finances.

Friendly Neighbors

Though the couple didn’t have children of their own, they had a fondness for kids and enjoyed spending time with their nieces and nephews. One sunny day in their backyard, they noticed heads peeking over the fence. It was their neighbor Sandra and her children, with a burning question for Greg and Jeanne.

A Mother’s Request

Sandra pleaded with the couple to allow her kids and other neighborhood children to use their brand-new pool. With school holidays in full swing, she hoped that having a safe backyard retreat would keep the kids out of mischief. Greg, initially skeptical, needed some convincing from Jeanne.

Greg’s Change of Heart

After a heartfelt conversation and Jeanne’s persuasive arguments, Greg finally agreed. He loved children and wanted to see them have fun. However, before giving everyone the green light, Greg decided to set some ground rules. He called a meeting at the pool to emphasize the importance of respecting their property and abiding by the rules.

The One Rule

Greg addressed the children and their parents, expressing their joy in sharing the pool with everyone. But there was one non-negotiable rule: no dogs allowed. Greg explained that the pool lining was still delicate and could be easily damaged by a dog’s paws. Greg and Jeanne were proud to open their pool to the neighborhood, but would everyone adhere to the rule?

Laughter and Unexpected Challenges

As the sounds of laughter and joy filled the air, Greg and Jeanne delighted in the sight of children having a blast in their pool. However, amidst the laughter, there was another sound that caught their attention. Greg’s anger flared as he rushed to the window, confirming his worst fears. The rule had been broken.

Frustration Takes Hold

Greg witnessed one of the neighborhood kids sneaking into the backyard with a large, exuberant German Shepherd. He watched in dismay as the dog leaped into the pool, claws scratching the delicate pool liner and disrupting the playfulness of the other children. Frustration welled up within Greg, unable to comprehend why the kids would ignore his request and bring a dog into the pool. He knew he had to take action.

A Stern Conversation

Determined to address the situation, Greg stormed out of the house and approached the pool where the kids and the dog were playing. He confronted the group, demanding to know whose dog it was. One of the boys reluctantly admitted that it belonged to his family. Greg expressed his disappointment and reminded them of the rule they had broken. He made it clear that the dog had to leave immediately and that they were no longer welcome to use his pool if they couldn’t respect his property.

Consequences Unfold

Reluctantly, the kids called the dog out of the pool, the disappointed canine whimpering as it left. Greg watched as the children gathered their belongings and left his property, his frustration lingering. As he inspected the pool, he couldn’t ignore the ripped lining caused by the dog’s presence. This was precisely why he had prohibited dogs. Now he had to bear the cost of repairs. Determined

Greg’s Determination

Greg knew he couldn’t let his expensive pool go to ruin any longer. Despite his enjoyment of having the neighborhood children over, the boundaries had been crossed. With a firm resolve, he decided it was time to reclaim what was rightfully his, even if it meant causing a rift between him and his neighbors.

The Secret Plan Unfolds

Taking matters into his own hands, Greg made a series of discreet phone calls to set his plan in motion. Soon, a massive truck parked in front of Greg and Jeanne’s house, arousing the curiosity of the neighbors. Whispers filled the air as the secretive nature of the events unfolded at 23 Maple Lane. Greg was about to make a big reveal that would leave more than a few neighbors unhappy.

Implementing Drastic Measures

After careful consideration, Greg made the bold decision to erect a tall fence around his backyard, effectively restricting access to the pool for the neighborhood kids. To emphasize his intention, he prominently displayed a sign stating that the pool was for private use only and that trespassers would face legal consequences. Greg understood that his actions might not make him popular with his neighbors, but protecting his property and investment took precedence.

Facing the Backlash

As expected, Greg’s decision to erect a fence and limit pool access stirred up discontent among some of his neighbors. Disappointment and anger arose from the children and their parents, leading to tension in the once harmonious neighborhood. Greg found himself engaged in unpleasant confrontations, accused of being unwelcoming and selfish. However, he stood firm in his resolve, knowing that preserving his property rights and ensuring his family’s enjoyment of the pool were paramount.

Respect for Boundaries Restored

Over time, Greg’s neighbors began to grasp the rationale behind his actions and developed a newfound respect for his boundaries. They recognized that Greg wasn’t acting out of spite but rather seeking to enjoy his pool without disturbances. Some of the children and their parents even approached Greg, expressing their remorse for disregarding the rules in the past and thanking him for their previous pool privileges. They pledged to honor his property and respect his boundaries moving forward.

Deep Reflection

As the night fell, Greg contemplated the series of events that had unfolded. While he had warned his neighbor and her children to stay away from the pool, he couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that this wasn’t the end of the story. Little did he know, the scratch on the pool’s surface was merely the beginning of the challenges he would soon face. It was a lesson Greg was about to learn firsthand.

An Unexpected Turn

Several weeks later, Greg found himself needing to leave town for a brief period. Unaware of the brewing turmoil, he didn’t think much of his absence since the pool had remained trouble-free after his conversation with the neighbor. Little did he suspect that behind his back, the neighbors weren’t as innocent as they seemed.

Taking Advantage

Seizing the opportunity presented by Greg’s absence, the neighbors began to exploit the situation. They meticulously monitored his comings and goings, waiting for him to leave the premises. Once he was out of sight, they stealthily entered the backyard. Initially cautious, they aimed to avoid detection. However, this time, their carelessness got the better of them.

A Troubling Homecoming

Upon returning home on that Sunday night, Greg immediately sensed that something was amiss. The edge of the pool was wet, and the pool toys were scattered haphazardly, indicating recent use. His irritation grew, but it paled in comparison to the shock that awaited him the following morning.

Unsettling Discovery

As the first light of day broke, Greg ventured out to inspect the pool, only to be confronted with an infuriating sight. Another scratch marred the surface, in the exact same location as before. It was evident that the same dog was responsible for the damage. Greg’s blood boiled with anger, fueling his determination to resolve the ongoing issues once and for all.

Greg’s Determination

Enough was enough. Greg couldn’t believe that his neighbors hadn’t learned their lesson yet. The repeated damage to his pool pushed him to his breaking point. He knew he had to take matters into his own hands to set things right or, at the very least, prevent it from happening again. It was time to devise a strategic plan and put it into action, even if it meant taking risks.

Final Straw

The sight of the deep scratch on the pool, coupled with the hefty bill he had to pay last time, ignited a blazing anger within Greg. He had thought the issue had been resolved, but it became clear that the children were not going to respect his pool and property. Drastic measures had to be taken. However, Greg was fully aware that his actions would not be well-received by the neighborhood.

Putting an End to It

Determined to bring an end to the ongoing pool problems, Greg knew there was no amicable resolution to be found. He realized he had been foolish to believe that sharing the pool with the neighborhood could work without consequences. Unwavering in his resolve, he was prepared to accept the role of the “bad guy” if it meant safeguarding his property.

Confronting the Neighbor

Taking the first step, Greg confronted his neighbor about the pool incidents. As expected, she denied any involvement, but Greg had anticipated her reaction. It was all part of his plan. He knew the kind of neighbor she was, and he understood that there was no room for niceties in this situation. To achieve his desired outcome, he had to be strategic and unyielding.

The First Piece of the Puzzle

Her denial served as the first piece of the puzzle for Greg’s plan. With this crucial information in hand, he was ready to proceed. He had devised an intricate plan, hoping that his neighbor would unwittingly play right into his hands. If she took the bait, it would set the stage for a revenge scheme like no other. All he needed to do next was reach out to a few key people.

Secret Plans Unfold

Returning home, Greg wasted no time in making the necessary phone calls to set his plan in motion. Within hours, a large truck appeared in front of Greg and Jeanne’s house, creating a conspicuous sight that was sure to capture his neighbor’s attention. However, it wasn’t the only vehicle present.

Other Vehicles and Workers

Accompanying the truck were several smaller vehicles, and soon the Miller’s property was buzzing with activity. Workers filled the premises, their purpose veiled in secrecy. Greg knew that his nosy neighbor would have a hard time resisting the urge to find out what was happening, but that didn’t mean he had to divulge anything beyond his own intentions.

Whispers and Speculation

Whispers began to circulate among the neighbors as they observed the mysterious happenings at 23 Maple Lane. The atmosphere grew hushed, curiosity piqued. Greg relished in the growing anticipation, knowing that his big reveal was just around the corner. The repercussions of his actions would leave more than a few neighbors dissatisfied, but he no longer prioritized their happiness over protecting his own belongings.

More Than Just a Rift

Greg reveled in the fact that his plan was falling into place seamlessly. As the rumors spread and construction continued on his property, a spectacle unfolded before the neighborhood’s eyes. He harbored no concern for the discontent brewing among his neighbors. What he had up his sleeve would catch them completely off guard, causing more than just a rift in their relationship.

Drastic Times Call for Drastic Measures

In moments of doubt or guilt, Greg reminded himself of the root cause of these events. He never wanted to go to such extreme lengths, but he felt compelled to do so. His neighbors had flagrantly disrespected him, and he refused to tolerate it any longer. They had brought this upon themselves by taking advantage of his kindness and generosity.

Time For A Lesson

Greg was determined to teach his neighbors a lesson they wouldn’t forget. He had already devised several contingency plans and was ready to take drastic measures if necessary. His neighbors had pushed him to this point, and he believed he couldn’t be beaten. The time for action had come, and nobody in the neighborhood could anticipate what he had in store.

One of The Vehicles

One of the smaller vehicles that arrived was from an IT company tasked with installing a surveillance system. This was a crucial element of Greg’s plan. With the system now active, Greg called his neighbor into his backyard, strategically positioning themselves under the camera. He wanted to confront her about her children sneaking into his yard.


As Greg expected, his neighbor was infuriated by his actions. To him, her strong reaction was an admission of guilt. Why else would she be so angry? However, her anger didn’t concern Greg anymore. The installation of the cameras meant he would have the evidence he needed to prove her children’s actions. Now he just had to wait for the right time to reveal it.

Another Denial

True to form, his neighbor vehemently denied that her children were sneaking into Greg’s backyard. Unbeknownst to her, Greg had installed the cameras precisely for this reason. He was patient and prepared to play his cards right, waiting for the opportune moment to present the evidence that would expose her denial. It was only a matter of time.

A Bit Of Calm

Greg understood that the kids wouldn’t immediately attempt to access the pool after his confrontation with their mother. However, he knew that children were prone to curiosity and mischief. He decided it was necessary to set a trap that would entice his neighbors to make a mistake. He devised a brilliant plan that was sure to catch them off guard.

The First Test

Several days after the surveillance cameras were operational, Greg concocted a plan to test his theory. He informed his neighbor that he and his wife were going out of town for a while, but in reality, they would only be driving around for a short period. The ruse was set, and Greg awaited the outcome.

Hours Later

When Greg returned home a few hours later, he witnessed the kids in the act firsthand. It was happening right before his eyes, without even needing to rely on the surveillance cameras. The neighborhood children and their dog were enjoying themselves in his pool, disregarding the clear instructions he had given them.

A Confrontation Calls

Greg wasted no time confronting his neighbor about the violation. He was taken aback by her audacity when she defiantly claimed that he couldn’t prevent the children from using the pool. The mere thought enraged Greg, as it was his pool and his alone. No one had the right to use it without his explicit permission. Despite his boiling rage, he decided to play along.

A Measured Response

Greg acknowledged that his neighbor’s statement was false, but he chose not to engage in an argument over it. What truly mattered to him were the constant repairs and the financial burden he had to bear due to the damages caused. He handed his neighbor all the bills associated with the repairs and informed her that another bill would follow due to the dog’s presence in the pool once again.

A Loss For Words

Greg’s neighbor stared at him with wide eyes, seemingly at a loss for words. It was evident that she didn’t know how to respond. However, her stubbornness prevented her from conceding. She pushed the invoices back into Greg’s hand, defiantly asserting that he couldn’t force her to pay. She called her children and walked away, leaving Greg exactly where he wanted to be – in control and ready to proceed with his plans.

A Perfect Trap

Greg couldn’t help but smile as his neighbor walked into her house with her children. It was a clear sign that she had fallen right into his trap. He had wanted her to refuse to pay for the repairs, as it played perfectly into his hands. What she didn’t realize was that he had something up his sleeve that she hadn’t even considered – concrete evidence captured on his surveillance cameras.

Time To Take The Next Step

With the incriminating evidence in his possession, Greg wasted no time in consulting his lawyer. He had tried to resolve the issue peacefully, but the lack of cooperation from his neighbors had pushed him to his breaking point. It was time to take the next step and hold them accountable for their actions.

A Court Battle

Weeks later, Greg found himself in small claims court, facing off against his neighbor. He was grateful that she stuck to her story of denying everything, as it only strengthened his case. She continued to deny that her children had ever trespassed into his yard or that the dog had been present.

Incriminating Evidence

Greg’s smile grew wider as she vehemently denied the accusations. It was the perfect moment to present the USB stick containing the incriminating video evidence. Her disbelief was palpable as she watched the footage that clearly showed her children and the dog using his pool.

The Judge’s Ruling

The judge ruled in Greg’s favor, holding his neighbor responsible for all the pool repair costs. It was a satisfying victory, but Greg knew that he couldn’t simply rely on this legal win to protect his property in the future. He needed to take further measures to ensure his peace of mind.

It Was A Drastic Measure

After careful consideration, Greg decided to install a tall fence around his backyard, effectively keeping the neighborhood kids out. To reinforce his boundaries, he also erected a sign that explicitly stated the pool was for private use only, with trespassers facing prosecution. It was a drastic measure, but one he felt was necessary to protect his investment.

Other Opinions

Greg understood that his decision would likely strain his relationship with his neighbors and make him unpopular. He was well aware that some might dislike him for his actions. However, he couldn’t let their opinions sway him. He had to prioritize his own well-being and prevent others from taking advantage of his kindness.

A Strong Determination

Despite the potential backlash, Greg felt a strong determination to stand up for himself and his wife. He couldn’t allow himself to be trampled upon by his neighbor or anyone else in the community. The fire in his belly fueled his resolve to protect his property and maintain his peace of mind, even if it meant being the “bad guy” in their eyes.

Neighbors Pushback

As expected, Greg’s decision to erect the fence and restrict access to his pool didn’t sit well with some of his neighbors, particularly the one next door. Entitlement and discontentment seemed to permeate the neighborhood, as many disapproved of Greg’s actions to safeguard his property.

A Feeling Of Dissapointment

Greg couldn’t help but feel disappointed by the reactions of some kids and their parents. There was tension in the neighborhood, and it was disheartening to witness the fallout caused by one family’s actions. Nevertheless, Greg remained steadfast in his belief that he had made the right choice to protect himself and his investment.

Standing Firm

Greg had a few unpleasant confrontations with his neighbors, who accused him of being unwelcoming and selfish. Some even said he was being “unamerican,” whatever that meant. However, he stood firm in his decision, knowing that he had to protect his property and his family’s enjoyment of the pool. The comments and confrontations wouldn’t make him suddenly change his ideals.

Mending Bridges

The comments were harsh, but Greg didn’t want to keep fighting with everyone around him. He wanted the neighborhood he loved back, and it was in his hands to fix things. After thinking things through and talking it out with his wife, Greg came up with a solution. It was the only way to make amends and restore peace to the community.

A Compromise

Greg decided to give the neighbor a second chance, despite his initial reservations. He wanted to find a compromise that everyone would hopefully be happy with. It was mostly his wife wanting there to be no conflict, but he also wanted to repair his relationship with his neighbors. The solution he came up with was simple yet perfect.


Greg realized that when the kids were supervised and the dog wasn’t around, everything was fine. He saw an opportunity to use that to his advantage. After speaking to one of his neighbors, he made up his mind. He decided to open his home to all his neighbors on a monthly basis, creating an opportunity for the community to come together.

A Welcome Routine

Greg’s plan involved hosting a massive barbecue in his backyard once a month. The kids could have fun in the pool while the adults engaged in community discussions. It would be a chance for the neighbors to bond and ensure that nobody’s property got damaged. It was a way to create a sense of togetherness and mutual respect.

A New Found Community

Greg’s decision to open his backyard on a monthly basis evolved into a community event. It became a massive barbecue that involved everyone in the neighborhood. The purpose was to foster a sense of unity and togetherness among the residents. It was an opportunity for the kids to have fun in the pool while the adults engaged in meaningful conversations about what was going on in the area.


Over time, Greg’s neighbors began to understand and respect his boundaries. They realized that Greg wasn’t being unreasonable but simply wanted to keep his pool in good shape for everyone to enjoy without disruptions. Apologies were made for not following the rules earlier, and people thanked Greg for allowing them to use the pool again. Promises were made to respect his property going forward.

Building Fences

While most neighbors were willing to understand Greg’s point of view and mend their relationships, there were some who still struggled to see eye to eye. It seemed that some relationships could no longer be mended, and fences had to be built to maintain peace and boundaries. Despite this, Greg continued to focus on the positive outcomes and the overall well-being of the community.

It Finally Happened

While Greg tried his best to keep everyone there happy, he still couldn’t find a way for his next-door neighbor to look past their court case. It had cost her thousands of dollars, and he understood that. However, she couldn’t understand that her dog caused that burden. Suprisingly though, one day the community got together, everything changed. She approached Greg herself, and the two of them had a very serious conversation.

Meeting In The Middle

Greg was able to better explain his side of the story, and she finally apologized. She said she had no idea that her son brought the dog over and she would’ve disciplined him if she had. That, however, wasn’t what bothered Greg. It was her lack of responsibility that forced him to take action. He just wanted her to understand that. Time will tell..

To ensure the confidentiality of the individuals portrayed, certain names, locations, and identifying details have been altered and are purely fictional creations. Any similarities to real events, places, or persons, whether alive or deceased, are purely coincidental.