50 Most Extravagant Boats From Around the World


This strange boat resembles the one named Proteus from the decades-old Fantastic Voyage movie. However, it is real and can be seen from time to time scooting around the San Francisco Bay like a giant water bug. This 100 foot catamaran was constructed and designed by a few Silicon Valley executive big wigs.

It has inflatable dual hulls which draft about a foot of water. It’s powered by a couple of 355 hp massive diesel engines and has a distance range of about 5000 miles. It can top out at 70 mph and the ride is smooth as glass. You can thank the titanium spring loaded struts for the smooth ride. The prototype cost somewhere around $5 million for the build, as much of the raw materials for the project were donated. However, the really exciting thing? The Coast Guard. They have been taking a hard look at the watercraft as an addition to their fleet. Who knows where it will go from there.

At first glance, this might look like some sort of futuristic submarine. However, it is anything but the case. What you are looking at is the Himiko. And while it is certainly not from around these parts, the folks in Tokyo know it very well. Why? Well, it’s a tourist water bus. That’s right, it’s the equivalent of a shuttle ferry, yet completely enclosed and filled with windows to give you spectacular views. It holds quite a bit of people and offers seating throughout, particularly along the sides so you can get a spectacular view of the area as you drift to your next destination. It would be pretty awesome if we had one of these in the states, but you have to get your passport and head to Japan for the experience as it stands. Oh yeah, and don’t let your buddies argue with you. If they try to tell you that it is a submarine, politely identify the windshield wipers. You can see one resting towards the front of the vessel in the pic. I’m no engineering expert, but last time I checked submarines do not require windshield wipers. This is a tourist boat/bus, and it’s pretty freaking awesome!

No, this is not some futuristic boat prop made for a movie. It’s actually manufactured by Magma Structures, based out of Trafalgar Wharf, Portsmouth. At least the sails are anyway. It is what is known as a sail-assisted motor powered yacht. That’s a mouthful, we know. It the brainchild of billionaire Andretti Melnichenko. The vessel features a variable speed hybrid power plant, containing two line shaft propellers with controllable pitch. Furthermore, since it is a sail-assisted vessel, you will find a three mast fore and aft sailing rig. The kicker? This yacht is actually due for production and delivery in 2017, making it one of the largest water vessels of its kind ever built. This is the toy/plaything for billionaires, not millionaires. If you happen to see someone sailing past you with one of these, be sure to flag them down. You need those types of friends in your life!

This strange boat creation looks like it is part sailboat and part submarine. There’s a good reason for that. That’s exactly what it is. It was created by a company named Ego. The company’s founder, Jisup Lee, patented the design in 1997. It is essentially a one person compact semi-submarine. The idea was simple. He wanted to make underwater exploration enjoyable and easy for everyone. He also wanted it to be easy on the environment so he set his sights forward and started the process. The first prototype was developed in 2009 with full production beginning in 2012. The original was essentially altered and given a few upgrades to make it safer and more stable then before. The Ego is the first of it kind to bring underwater exploration to people everywhere.

Doesn’t this thing look awesome? Well there is good reason. This is a super yacht designed by John Shuttleworth and it is top notch all the way. She is named the Adastra, and made her debut in China in the year 2012. Ever seaworthy, the Adastra can handle 50 knot winds and has traveled a little more than 40,000 miles. The fore deck has a large sun bed, while the aft deck features a sofa and wet bar, perfect for having a night cap on the open ocean. Perhaps the best part though is the fuel efficiency. The Adastra is designed with a longer length to beam ratio. This allows for a lighter, thinner hull, which creates less drag and yields greater fuel efficiency. Owning this will cost you a pretty penny, so come prepared with deep pockets if you want to buy it!

This Schooner was steel-hulled and was originally planned to travel the Pacific Ocean, but plans changed where instead it hauled coal oil along the East Coast of the US. The ship was called the “Thomas W. Lawson”. How’s that for a demotion? This is the beautiful type of ship you just don’t see anymore, the layered sails confirm its era. Sails on commercial ships would be borderline useless these days, with the advent of powerful engines, but nonetheless we can’t be the only ones who would love to see a large ship out in the ocean operating by sails….right?

Perhaps we just got our wish. Although it’s not as large, nor as commercial, as the last boat – this cool ship is called the Hetairos. This boat was built by Baltic Yachts and planned by Dykstra Naval Architects in 2011 in Finland. It’s sweet deep green exterior with high-quality cherry-wood finish give this boat a classy, expensive look that is almost unparalleled. One a windy, sunny day like this one it seems like a thrill to be on. But that looks like a ton of work once the weather turns!

Wait, take a closer look at this dolphin again. It is actually a submarine made by Innespace. It is a two seater personal watercraft and is the first of its kind to mimic the movements of a dolphin. It is powered by an Atkins Rotary Marine Engine and a Hurth V-drive transmission. That is guy speak for power and performance in case you don’t know. The dolphin makes quite a show when it is moving through the water, diving under and leaping through the air like a bird taking flight. The large glass windows allow the captain and passenger to see the world pass by at break neck speed while cruising through the water. If you have a few million, you can own one yourself. You might have to wait a while for the design build out though. The original prototype creators spend quite a lot of time on the water.

This unique ship is called the Bourbon Mistral. What’s special about this ship is that it uses anchor handling tug/supply. This means the bridge-forward design gives a large rear cargo deck suitable for working near offshore platforms. It’s got a very semi-truck flatbed vibe to it. This bad boy was built in 2006, holds a gross quantity of 3922 tons, measures 88.8 meters by 19 meters (291 feet by 62 feet), and it boasts a wopping maximum speed of 8 knots.

Most of us love driving old classic sports cars. Take the old Porsche models from the 60s. They are fun to drive and will tear up the road. However, what if you could turn one into a boat? Well, if you could it would look like this creation here. The fabrication job must’ve taken quite some time, but the end result is a stunning, yet strange boat. This is a perfect blue, early model Porsche speedboat. It will comfortably seat two I’m sure, and will create quite a wake in its path. If you decide to go skiing or wake boarding behind this one, you better hold onto your rear end. She will corner on a dime and leave you exhausted. It’s all in the name of fun though, and part of the reason we love strange boats like this one. They are works of art more than anything. We give this guy five stars for such an epic build.

The Yacht was used for expedition. It’s still usable if anyone has world travel and wants to own what looks like a massively expensive ship – albeit a handsome one. This looks likes seen some whales in its day, and maybe even broken up an iceberg or three. Navy blue and ivory are such an attractive combination of colors, and once you add in the slight gold trim and wooden piping – this expeditionary yacht ramps up its attractiveness by a large margin. What a gnarly big ship!

This cool boat is called the Damen Sea Axe. It is a fast wave-piercing monohull made for supporting offshore support in the oil industry. This high speed craft is from Mexico and was built in 2009. It measures 52 meters by 9 meters (170 feet by 29 feet) and caries a maximum of 427 tons. It reaches a max speed of 11.6 knots.

Here is a unique boat. With this one, taking on water is no problem. For most, that would be the one thing that sinks the ship (see what I did there?). This 15 foot long wonder hails form Seattle, Washington. They make boats out of hot tubs. This means you can get wet without getting off of your boat. You get a full 10 hours of tub time from the on board battery, and there is an optional bimini top. The deck is solid African teak. It has ice chests built into the deck, four of them to be exact, and a pretty incredible mp3 system to crank out your favorite tunes. So what does something like this cost? A cool $42,000. Not bad for cruising the water in a hot tub.

How about this $1.7 Million Corvette ZR1 themed boat? They call it the “ZR48”.  This 48 ft, all-black boat has ZR1 design cues throughout the vessel. It’s packing two Mercury 1,350hp twin turbo racing motors that provide a total of 2,700hp or 4.2 real ZR1’s.

Here’s a two-person watercraft that breaches and submerges just like a killer whale. It can run at 50 mph over the water’s surface and up to 25 mph while submerged.

This massive boat was found in a Miami boat show. It’s called the Palmer Johnson 48 SuperSport. With a top speed of 32 knots and a crew of 9 fitting 12 guest, this boat is amazing. It’s also giving off a sort of Transformers vibe, which we love. The moving lines of the exterior with the sloping front windows also almost make it feel like a massive, aquatic sports car.

This cool ship is a full-scale sailing replica of the Swedish East Indiaman, “Götheborg”. This ship was made back in 2005. Photos like this make us appreciate so much more how difficult shipbuilding and sailing must have been back when these ships were state of the art. It seems like with that many ropes, something has to go wrong constantly. Anyways, this is a cool ship. And it’s definitely on the list of the 50 strangest boats on the planet!

Check out this nautical oddity. It is the world’s largest solar powered yacht called Turanor. Turanor can achieve speeds of 14 knots, and has a pretty clever hull design to help boost speed and efficiency. Here is the kicker though. After all of the testing, it was put out to pasture as a yacht. They figured once the record was set, someone would want to scoop up the solar paneled wonder and parade it around the ocean. That was not the case though. So what is it up to right now? Well, the fine folks at Geneva university in Switzerland are using it as a marine research station. It’s a good fit. Solar power technology and marine research by a reputable university go hand in hand. Plus, it is some college intern’s dream. That could explain why enrollment numbers are up. Most kids would not mind performing their internship on a multi-million dollar yacht!

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service have this pretty cool boat in their collection. It’s called the Cape Class Patrol Boat. The keel for the first Cape Class patrol boat was laid in June 2012 at Henderson shipyard in Western Australia. The vessel was launched in January 2013 and was named as Cape St George in March 2013. Keel-laying of the second vessel was hosted in January 2013. The vessel was launched in January 2014, officially named as Cape Byron in April 2014, and was delivered in May 2014.

These boats are a part of the J-Classe yachts. Specifically there is a J5 Ranger, JK6 Hanuman, JK7 Velsheda, and the JK4 Endeavor. The J Class has its roots in the oldest sporting race in the world, The America’s Cup. This International Event was born from an annual race around the Isle of Wight, hosted by the Royal Yacht Squadron and called the ‘100 Guinea Cup’.

The Wally Power 55, a pretty cool boat for boating on the river or lake. Wally makes many unique but cool boats for boating enthusiast. Wally is a international yacht producer that is famous for creating high-quality, innovative, interesting looking yachts. The Wally Power 58 is a great example of that.

This boat looks strange and for good reason. It is the Helicat. She was designed to navigate rough waters with ease. A few things help with this. For starters, the hull design is clever. There are no open spots to hold water, it sheds over and under with ease. With no water collecting, the potential for sinking is much much lower. This makes cruising rough water at 20-30mph no problem. The Helicat also features a redundant electrical system. This is good news in case something happens to one while you are cruising around the open sea. The second one will kick in to shoulder the load. You can make repairs when you return. Two vinyl doors help keep you dry while careening over the waves, and it can be customized with your logo to advertise your business. If you need more speed, there is a second model that can go about 40mph at full throttle. Imagine blazing over rough water in that!

This boat may look like it’s sinking, but it is not. It is the creation of French artist Julien Berthier, and is aptly named Love-Love. It was designed to look like it is perpetually sinking, but in fact, never does. For the piece, he simply adopted a yacht that had previously been abandoned. So how do you make one? Well, if you are Julien, it is quite easy. Simply split the vessel in two, and construct a brand-new keel. Then, sail off the coast of Normandy at 45° to your heart’s content. To him though it’s more than a vessel. He says it symbolizes the metaphor of love that involves death, lost hope and sinking dreams. Now, the vessel can be viewed at the art museum rather then the bay. If you find yourself in Normandy, be sure to look it up and watch the video that goes along with it. As for Julien, well he made out like a bandit so to speak. He sold it to a London banker for right around $100,000. Not bad for 1/2 sinking ship.


This strange boat is a nautical oddity for sure. It certainly looks strange, and there is a good reason for it. This is a plane boat. It was constructed using a Boeing that was previously owned by none other than Howard Hughes. The inside is outfitted with a full living space including a couch, bar, entertaining area, office and bunk space. And while at the time, the pressurized cabin of the Boeing B-307 allowed it to fly higher than any other aircraft of its day, currently it sits on the water, and is known as the Cosmic Muffin. Yes, I had to stifle a laugh too when I heard the name, but it’s easy to do when you take a peek at the inside. We do give the build bonus points for recycling and repurposing something to give it a second life that would normally be thought of as ludicrous. And while it may look silly coasting down the water, the inside gives it its character and class. It just goes to show what you can do if you are a Fort Lauderdale realtor named Kenneth London who happened to find an old Boeing 307 trashed in a landfill. Most would try to restore it or turn it into some sort of weird yard ornament. Not Kenny though. He had bigger dreams and turned this behemoth into one of the most exotic houseboats on the water. For that, we give him five stars.

This ship is called the MY Steve Irwin. It’s a 59 meter flagship apart of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Rest in peace Steve! What a cool exterior paint job. And let’s be real here, any ship, vessel, car, helicopter, etc. that is dedicated to conservation of the Earth should be named after Steve Irwin! The all-time legend did so much for the Earth that it’s only fitting he gets a few ships named after him. The paint makes it cool, but that skull/octopus combo puts this boat on the outrageous list for sure!

This strange boat is so cute it almost looks like a toy. It has been described as adorable and aptly so. It measures a total length is 23 feet and is only 13 feet wide. However, it can be configured four different ways to suit the preference of the owner. The first option allows you to have a completely hollow interior, so you can do whatever you wish. The second option gives you two couches and some tables affixed caddy corner style to allow for eating and dining. This is great for leisurely strolls across the water on the lake or daily outings. The third configuration allows for a classic water taxi configuration for shuttling passengers, and the fourth gives you a bit more of a houseboat feel offering a kitchen, private bath and two sofas which transform into double beds. It’s the ultimate tiny house on the water so to speak. All of this, powered by a 325 hp Yanmar Diesel attached to a Hamilton waterjet. It’s the perfect marriage of efficiency, power and form. It’s pod like shape speaks to a more modern design, while the powerful engine generates all of the speed you need to cruise around the water in style. Look for this boat to be the popular family houseboat of the future. It can be yours for a starting base price of just $250,000.

Sometimes you can take things a little bit too far. Check out this strange boat for instance. Sure, we have all seen our fair share of stretch Cadillac limousines. However, have you ever seen a stretch Cadillac limousine on the water? Well, if you happen to be in the Florida Keys then chances are you will at one point or another. This strange boat is known as the Nautilimo and is the creation of none other than Captain Joe Fox. Yes, try not to let your lady read that or she might swoon at the name. He is a dapper guy, even more so in his picture. Captain Joe is one fine specimen cruising around the Florida Keys with his stretch limousine on the water. All kidding aside though, you can take a sunset cruise, go sightseeing and even rent it out for weddings. Of course, you might have to talk to Captain Joe about changing his attire for the occasion, but if the price is right I’m sure he will.

This 106 year old barge is from Belgium. It carried cereals and brewed beers from France, Luxembourg, and Belgium. An outrageous boat that carries beer? Where do we sign up? Also why does it look like it’s navigating the Amazon right now? Either way, it’s a cool boat there’s no doubt.

This clever creation is pretty mind-boggling. Yes, you are looking at a strange boat. Yes, you are looking at a Ferrari. Yes, you are looking at a wooden boat. Yes, you are looking at a wooden Ferrari made into a boat, or is it a wooden boat made to look like a Ferrari? Who knows? What we do know is it is the creation of the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum and saw its maiden voyage September 2014. Ripley has long been known for bringing us the odd, strange and intriguing, charging us to view it and we gladly pay. Well, this sighting required no admission to the museum. All you had to do was attend the San Diego Bay Fair festival held annually, and in 2014 you would’ve seen this boat’s first voyage. It took countless hours by museum staffers to carve the life-size Ferrari replica and bring it to life. It took them a few months to make sure it was seaworthy, but the end result was spectacular, if I do say so myself. You can currently find it at the San Diego Air and Space Museum as part of a special exhibit. If you want to buy it, tough luck. This boat is not for sale.

This boat was called “The Red Opera Boat” and was a secret headquarter for a Chinese secret society called the “Triad”. This group’s mission was to overthrow the Manchurian emperor and restore the Ming Dynasty.

Okay so we have seen boats that look like they’re sinking, boats made from cars, boats that look like helicopters, but not anything quite like this. Josh Pyke, a singer-songwriter from Australia, decided to shoot a new music video a few years back. He had the genius idea of shooting it while piloting a guitar boat. That’s right, a boat made to look like a guitar. It’s realistic, stunning and looks absolutely fantastic cruising around the bay. In fact, he was sailing across Sydney Harbour when this picture was taken. It’s just another thing that the Aussies do to occupy their time. You know, they play the didgeridoo, keep kangaroos as pets and craft boats that look like acoustic guitars. To further the act, he dressed in authentic ancient mariner’s clothes and set himself to cruise among the yachts while singing his newest tune. The video went off without a hitch and we couldn’t be more thrilled. This is one cleverly strange boat.

This cool boat is called the Wally Esense. Its 143 ft. and worth $22 Million. Esense is a sail 43.70m (143’4″ft) built by Wally and launched in 2006. The yacht’s interior has been designed by Odile Decq and has exterior styling by Wally. This luxury yacht has an composite hull. , a beam of 8.57m (28’1″ft) and a 6.00m (19’8″ft) draft . What an outrageously cool and expensive boat!

You may have seen some pretty strange and large yachts in your day, but I bet you have never seen one like this. Take a close look. That is four decks total. That’s right, four decks! This dark colored yacht is known as the Ocean Emerald and is considered to be one of the finest super yachts ever constructed. It was built and designed in 2009 by the Italian shipyard company Rodriguez Yachts. In 2015 she was totally refitted to feature a striking cabin interior designed by famous yacht decorator Norman Foster. You can sleep 12 in this 5 cabin ocean jewel, making her perfect for family charters. There are plenty of beds on the sun deck, a gym, bar, home cinema and saloon, as well as an outside deck for alfresco dining complete with a cappuccino bar. She has a dedicated seven person crew and is one of the finest charter yachts around. So the price for taking her out for a spin? We don’t know. It varies according to the amount of people, length of time, and destinations sought. Give them a call and see for yourself. Then report back to us so we can all choke on the price. This is one amazing vessel.


This boater is out cruising in her J’Craft 42 somewhere out in Monaco. The only thing classier than a boat with nicely finished wood paneling, is two boats with nicely finished wood paneling. This baby is the stuff of dreams!

This amazing boat is 171 ft. called the Palmer Johnson DB9. The ravishing 52.20m (170′) Motor Yacht ‘DB9’ is the first Palmer Johnson 170 launched in 2010 to an experienced Owner who used it for charter. Custom-built as a performance yacht capable of speeds of up to 22 knots, her striking golden hull ensures she cruises in ultimate style.

Okay so in Sweden they do things a bit different. This is a floating duck boat. It does not get much more different than that. But if you look closely the boat gives you a few clues as to its purpose. For instance, take a look at those hearts on the side of the duck. Why do you think they are there? It’s not like ducks are known for their heart. We eat ducks and have ducks as pets, but their hearts are never anything particularly special. This is actually a sauna that you can rent. It’s perfect for those cold Swedish nights, and offers a rare closure that zips down for privacy. That way, should you decide to get frisky in the sauna, no one will be the wiser. You know what they say, if this duck is a rockin’… well, it’s something like that anyway. Let’s just leave it at this is one cool duck boat and be done with it.

This unique ship is called the Safehaven Barracuda. This boat looks like half fish half tank half boat. Barracuda’ is a high speed, low RCS Interceptor designed specifically for military and law enforcement roles. One of Barracuda’s unique features is that a range of both lethal & non-lethal weapons can be concealed below deck and raised up through hatches only when required during engagement.

This strange boat is called a Stiletto. No, I’m not talking high heels, I’m speaking instead of the 88 foot, stealth military ship with its cutting edge wave damping M-Hull design. It was actually developed in 2006 by the late Cebrowski. He was an admiral that came up with this clever design intending to take the U.S. Navy quite a step forward. As a result, the M80 Stiletto Project was born as part of already existing Project Wolfpac. The goal was to test new shallow water concept vessels designed for faster warfare, and linked together by communications. This particular boat cost somewhere around $6 million to construct, and with experimentation it essentially doubled. It was involved in at least one drug bust during testing, proving that the Stiletto is seaworthy and can be used to manage criminal activities at sea. Currently, it is operated by the Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Combatant Craft Division. That’s a mouthful for “don’t mess with this boat unless you want to end up sleeping with the fishes”. Impressive and unique, this just goes to prove how mighty and majestic our United States military actually is. We don’t talk, we show up!

This boat is called the 1926 Mathis Yacht. This would be a cool boat to catch a tan, enjoy a drink, or even read a book. The 103.67ft Trumpy motor yacht ‘Freedom’ was built by Mathis Yacht Building in United States at their Camden, NJ shipyard , she was delivered to her owner in 1926 and last refitted in 2009. Previously named 425.

Looking at this, you might think what in the world is it anyway? Well, it’s a strange boat for sure. It’s strange too. Just look at the picture, it looks like something out of a James Bond movie or some sci-fi thriller. However, it is actually a work of art and a thing of beauty when you get right down to it. This is a glass bottom boat called the Looker 350. It’s impressive qualities involve stability, low fuel consumption, and incredibly high speed. Plus, you can navigate the watercraft with ease in rough waters. That’s good to know in case a storm comes up. You won’t be trapped with the Looker 350. Instead, you can get safely to shore. Other great features? Well, how about the ability to transport 30 passengers and since it’s all glass bottom you get the most amazing view while cruising around the water. It doesn’t get much better then this, and we have the Russians to thank for it. They were the first people to come up with the current design you see here. Pretty clever, and strange, this one is a standout!

This Superyacht is moored in Dubai. The boat is called a Quattroelle. Yacht Length: 86 m (283 ft) – Guests: 12 in 6 cabins – Crew: 28 in 14 cabins – Displacement: 2,925t – Lurssen Yachts – 2013 – Yacht Value: US$ 250 million – Crown Prince Hamdan of Dubai Net Worth: US$ 5 billion – Owners Country: Dubai – Quattroelle was built for Michael Lee Chin, he is rumored to be building a larger 139 meter yacht.

If you find yourself floating out on the open waters of the Pacific Northwest and come across a strange boat with a large footprint on it, take pause and pay attention. It is actually a 27 foot tent – trailer/catamaran designed and developed by Ian Collombin. He and his team out of Victoria, British Columbia set out to construct a boat that provided family affordable accommodations on the water. What they came up with does just that. The boat can actually be adjusted in length from 8 1/2 feet to almost 12 feet. It features a retractable roof, a removable dinette, hydraulic steering, its own galley and head. It’s durable too. Constructed of anondized aluminum panels, much like you see on certain camper trailers and RVs, this vessel lends itself to easy maintenance and upkeep. It’s powered by nice, twin 40 hp outboard motors and weighs right around 5,500 pounds. Inspiration for the look was taken from the canal boats found in Europe, various camper vans and air stream trailers. You can kind of see hints of all of those concepts in the final product. It’s the perfect brainchild of ragged camping meets houseboat style living. Not quite a tiny house, not quite a camper, this is one unique boat for sure.

Clear kayaks are starting to become a real thing now. At first, they were considered to be somewhat odd and reserved for people who were daring or a little bit avant-garde. However, with current kayak products making a move to offer clear vessels, they are becoming more and more common. There is good reason for it too. Pick any manufacturer and search their inventory for clear vessels and the popularity is pretty obvious. The reason is simple. People love to see what’s underneath them while they are paddling through the ocean, intercoastal, or some lake or river. It’s the perfect way to keep your eye on what is going on beneath you, whether you’re trying to spot fish or other wildlife. However, there is one other major important factor when it comes to purchasing a clear canoe like the one you see here. The clear vessels are not plastic, therefore they are a lot easier to move through the water. That means you get to save your arm strength for things like fishing, exploring, or folding them behind your head and taking a nice nap at sea. Whatever you choose to do, you can certainly do it in style with a clear canoe. They’re not much more expensive than traditional canoes, and are just as durable. If you’re in the market for a new piece of outdoor recreational equipment, why not consider one of these. I can think of no better way to spend a bit of extra money.

Okay so a closer look at this strange boat will offer a bit more to the story. This is actually a boat and a glider combined. The developer, Tomaz Zore, was a flight instructor for years. Yet, he always wanted to create something that would give people a unique experience. That’s what happened with this vessel. It’s the perfect marriage of flying and sailing. It is capable of reaching speeds equivalent to those of other general aviation type airplanes such as Cessna and Pipers. However, the beauty of design and intricate detail speak to the quality and craftsmanship of the product. The glider comes as a kit which you put together. All pieces are clearly marked and labeled. With a bit of time and instructions in hand, you can actually build your own flying boat. That’s pretty cool, what more can we say? It might look a bit odd, but hey, it is classy as well. We think the team at wFoilsail did a pretty incredible job with the design. Kudos to them!

This strange boat looks odd and for good reason. It is actually a work of art. That’s right, an individual named Jay Nelson creates these works of art form recycled materials. The boat you see here is constructed of re-purposed material. The style is decidedly post apocalyptic as evidenced by a glance. They have a sort of Jules Verne flair to them as well. It is all part of his upbringing. From his early days running around the house with his dad, who was a professor at USC in the physics department, Jay had a knack for tooling around with different things while his dad was working on various projects. His earliest memories involve getting cut with a circular saw while his dad was out. From there, his obsession with art and objects only deepened. He makes more than just boats, too. His pieces of art involve cars, trailers, and various pieces of home décor. As for us, we like the boat. Call it sold if he ever feels like putting it up.

Frank Stephenson, American automobile designer, is known for his work at Mini, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, and McLaren. He designed this riverboat with smooth and silent electric power. The boat shares similar characteristics to the McLaren with similar seats the flip up like McLaren doors. The riverboat also has a hood ornament from a 1932 Cadillac.

The Ermis2 is one of the fastest super-yachts ever made. The ship built in 2008 by New Zealand shipyard McMullen & Wing, was capable of getting up to 58 knots. Hold on to the fine crystal! Ermis1 was a special boat, but the Ermis2 looks cleaner than almost any other super-yacht we’ve seen.

This amazing boat resembles a loafer, but is a smooth ride. This boat is called a Hinckley, and was found in Rhode Island. With the American flag whipping in the wind in the back, this All-American boat is outrageous…ly cool. Something tells us there’s a chilled bottle of champagne with some crystalline glasses somewhere on board. Perhaps not, but we’d like to think so. You can barely see the red plush interior cushions, making this red white and blue boat even more American. What a ride!

This classic is a 1938 Chris Craft out on Lake Placid, NY. Despite there being 300 plus of these boats made, there are only 2 still active. Which makes is wildly expensive obviously. While the actual price tag is disputed and not confirmed, we’ll tell you now: it’s a whole lot. The high-quality wood finish combined with custom interior design makes this outrageous boat something to salivate over. If only we could take the reigns for a day!

This boat is called the BMW Oracle. The reason it’s at an angle is because it’s taking a sharp turn. We don’t know about you, but this image kind of makes our palms sweat! It looks okay enough from here but can you imagine going 30mph and turning left while your side of the vessel is lifted 30 feet in the air!? Intense. But however crazy it looks, it also looks like a lot of fun. Must be difficult to handle this outrageous boat.

This boat is called the Predator by Feadship. It has 3 bedrooms inside that can house up to 6 guest. They must be massive bedrooms because how in the world can this big ‘ole ship only house 6 people? Anyway, moving on – how much fun does landing a helicopter on the helipad at the front of the ship while it bobs and sways on the water sound? We wouldn’t want to be the pilot in charge of landing there.

This strange boat is called “Ghost”. It’s affectionately known as the Batman boat to the US Navy. It makes sense that they would own such a vessel as the Air Force already has a similar Batman style unmanned Batwing type of plane. However, Ghost is designed to be a high-speed attack craft that can be used to combat everything from piracy to major drug trafficking. The picture here looks rather plain because at the time of this rendition the weapons integration market was yet to be tapped for outfitting the boat. Ghost is capable of holding massive amounts of internal weaponry as well as several onboard additions like a Gatlin style machine gun and Mark 48 torpedoes. Bottom line, if you see this thing in the water, run, especially if you have ill intentions. It has enough power created by the jet engines to reduce friction on its catamaran like hull which sends it blazing through the water. This vessel is in direct competition with the M-80 stiletto we saw earlier, and outperforms it as well. The only thing left to see is how it will be outfitted and then run it through a few real-world tests. Once those are concluded, Ghost will be ready for integration into the U.S. Navy. I bet they could not be more excited about that, wouldn’t you?