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50 Most Unusual Trucks We’ve Ever Seen

Have you ever been driving down the road, and seen a ridiculously modified truck that just defies all logic and explanation? You know, the kind of truck that causes every single witness to do a double take, because of the “personality” being showcased. What’s even better than these jacked up super rigs are the eccentric owners behind the wheel who will stop at nothing to make their truck the talk of the town. This article is dedicated to all those slightly crazy truck owners who have spilled blood, sweat, and tears trying to transform their boring 4X4’s into extraordinary machines. We know who you are, and you deserve recognition for all your hard work. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 50 most ridiculous and funny trucks in the world. These trucks are guaranteed to give you an escape from the stale, everyday cars you see on the highway. But fair warning, if you’re a die hard truck enthusiast you might just faint from all the cringe-worthy modifications.

Monster Truck

Just wait until you see number 5 if you want to know exactly what I mean. These trucks come from parts unknown, yet their impact can be seen from miles away, providing witnesses with a memory to brag about to all their friends for years to come. I only wonder how much joy the owners must get when they pull up to a stop light, watching every single person shamelessly stare at the magnificence unfolding before them. In the words of my grandpappy, “Bigger is better, boy” and I couldn’t agree more. It’s not enough for Joe Johnson to only buy a F350, he had to be the coolest guy in town by spending nearly 200,000 dollars on modifications. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself, it’s number 8. With that being said, click the next button to get started on this rollercoaster of ridiculousness!


50. The Open-Mouth Truck

Leading off the show is this beauty. Honestly, the first thing I thought of when I originally saw the Open-Mouth Truck was, “I wonder what this would look like underwater?” Personally, I like to use live bait to catch my fish, but this guy has the right idea. You see, in his head he must have been thinking “If I just back up into the river, I can just trick the fish, and have them jump into the bed. They’ll never know!” I have a second reason why he did this though which I think is funnier.

Bass Truck

Every time he pulls up to a red light, and there are a couple cute girls in a Toyota Camry next to him, he gets the opportunity to ask them, “Hey girls, want to touch my bass?” I imagine him saying this with a slight grin showing the fat lip he just packed, long-cut because he’s a man, and the joy he gets when the girls are slightly dazed and confused. I can guarantee one thing about this guy, if he rides around in this then he definitely has the guts to walk into Sea World with a fishing pole, just to see what happens.

49. The Smoke Breathing Monster Truck

What do you get when you combine 6 foot tires, an old lifted Chevy, and a couple beers? This epic burnout of course! This machine is just plain ridiculous, and I’m sure this truck terrifies Prius owners to the core. Going out to the mud pits with this truck would be exciting for sure since it probably never gets stuck, and I can only imagine the looks by the girls. I’m sure this guy gets a lot of small wiener jokes, but he just lets those slide off his back as he climbs into his baby. Then he proceeds to crush the offenders little Honda Civic. That’s what happens when you mess with a man who owns a monster truck.

I just wonder what this guy is doing that he needs to perform a burnout in the middle of nowhere. He’s probably going to race somebody; you just can’t see them from behind this monster. From the look of the actual truck, it seems he had to extend the bed and cab to fit the lifted frame. If I were a betting man, I’d say this guy probably sleeps in his truck, because he has no way of getting down.

48.Big Truck, Little Tires

This truck has small tires but is lifted high.

Chevy Small Tires(AutoWise)
Auto Wise

47. Mobile Cabin Truck

One day the owner of the Mobile Cabin Truck was sitting on the porch of his house and thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could see the whole country from the comfort of my own home.” So instead of getting a TV like every other American does, he decided to completely uproot his house and place it on the bed of his truck. This contraption is the forerunner as the backwoods wonder of the world. It comes fully stocked with a cooking stove and mini-fridge, at least I hope it does. He even decided to build a porch that seems to have a scare crow sitting on the end, waiting for the opportunity to scare those pesky Dawson kids.

Cabin Truck

Honestly, curiosity has gotten the best of me and I really want to know what the experience of sleeping in the Mobile Cabin Truck for a night would be like. I wonder if he even has enough room for a bed to sleep on. Either way this is ridiculous, but the dedication is commendable. I’m going to give this the Lieutenant Dan award because this is exactly what I would expect Lieutenant Dan, from Forrest Gump, to be living out of.

46. Shark Truck

Shark Week is my favorite time of year. Witnessing the greatest predator ever created by nature can be both inspiring, and incredibly terrifying at the same time. What better way is there to pay homage to these incredible animals than make your truck into one, too! That’s exactly what the owner of the Shark Truck was thinking when he turned his old 1940’s international truck into his favorite animal. The only thing that would make this a hundred times cooler is if the Shark Truck was an amphibious vehicle.

Shark Truck

I would honestly spend all my money doing that, just so I can watch terrified surfers paddle helplessly back to shore. The owner of the Shark Truck paid so much attention to detail he added gill slits to his doors. That’s dedication if I’ve ever seen it. It’s rumored that the owner is contemplating making a hammer head truck to accompany the original one. I’ll be the first to say that the original Shark Truck is ridiculous as is, no need to start adding brothers and sisters to the collection.

45. “Honey, I Shrunk The Tires” Truck

When the owner of this Ford F250 decided to put a lift on his truck he must have known he would need new tires, right? Apparently, that’s not the case because this guy is rolling on what looks to be 18 inch tires for a lift that’s nearly three feet. When I first saw this truck I started rolling on the floor laughing uncontrollably. To the owner I need to say thank-you because you gave me the best laugh I’ve had in weeks, but I bet you really believe people when they say they’re laughing with you, not at you.

Shrunk Tires Truck

It’s alright though, one day he’s going to graduate to tires that fit his lift, and he’ll prove to all the doubters why they should have never underestimated him. When that day finally comes I would honestly like to see what this truck would look like, but for now it looks like the owners truck is sitting atop training wheels. I wonder how well this thing drives also; it has to be a bumpy ride. To the owner of this truck, I commend your attempt, but next time get a professional to help you out. It will pay off tremendously in the end.

44. The Ford Pacifica

A hippie’s wet dream, the Pacifica is the ultimate beach cruising pick-up, perfect for holding long-boards and getting chicks attention. This 1962 Ford Econoline has been masterfully restyled by Gene Winfield. The Pacifica is unique because of its asymmetrical design, the driver side has two headlights and taillights, while the passenger side only has one. Everything about the Pacifica seems to be off-center, making it pretty ridiculous. Gene even decided to put in a 5.0 liter injected engine, a transmission, and back-end all from a 1992 thunderbird. Everything on the Pacifica is chrome plated, and the bottom of the floors are even polished for a vivid shine.

Ford Pacifica Truck

It was fully completed in 2012, and has been touring the country ever since. This little truck is like the red-headed step child, you’re not quite sure if you like the kid, but it just keeps growing on you day after day. This little guy might look soft with its light blue color, but it could easily run over your skateboard, so take that hipsters. To Gene, I give you the Maui Waui award for having the most west coast style truck. Great job with this funky restoration.

43. The Sleeper Truck

I finally found the truck I will never use to take on a road trip. Now, I’ll hand it to this guy, he did a good job of making sure the colors matched, but let’s be honest, the frame on this Ford Superduty is going to start sagging in the middle before he makes it out of Illinois. Not to mention the turning radius on this bad boy is probably measured in acres. I’m sure this guy spent a lot of money on making his truck a comfortable ride, but the only thing he needs to do is set it in his lawn, and let his daughter use it as a play house. Maybe I’m being a little too harsh on this poor soul, I’m sure he had great intentions when he designed, and built this contraption. However, I like having the ability to tow and carry, and having all that extra weight on that F-350 frame leaves no extra pulling capability. I guess a positive is the wonderful night sleep he gets without paying for a hotel, and for that I salute you.

Sleeper Truck

Maybe I’m being a little too harsh on this poor soul, I’m sure he had great intentions when he designed, and built this contraption. However, I like having the ability to tow and carry, and having all that extra weight on that F-350 frame leaves no extra pulling capability. I guess a positive is the wonderful night sleep he gets without paying for a hotel, and for that I salute you.

42. Snow Angel Truck

Imagine it’s a snowy day in the mountains of Colorado, you and your buddies are pretty bored as most of the roads are closed. What’s a man to do in a situation like this? Suddenly it hits you! Outfit that quad of yours for a couple thousand dollars, and take it through the snow like a hot knife through butter. Why buy an expensive snowmobile when a truck is meant for situations like this? Add the fact that this ridiculously cool truck has a roof rack that goes into a roll cage for the exterior seats.

Snow Truck

I’m not saying I would sit in the back, but I can see the merit of it, and I’m sure the owner has given his fair share of hay rides. If you’re ever looking for new ways to traverse snowy terrain, then use the Snow Angel as your guide.There is nothing cooler than hauling in 5th gear while simultaneously watching the snow fly past your windshield. It gets even better knowing that the tracks can be easily taken off for tires when you need your truck for street use. If you like this, then you’ll like the next truck!

41. The Quack Truck

When duck hunting season comes around, the Quack comes out to play. The Quack is fully stocked with enough ammunition to take out an entire flock, and enough storage to hold the catch. It even comes with a handy compartment for a retriever to lay on when you’re traveling to your favorite hunting ground. Made with high quality wood, the Quack can travel to any location with ease while still looking badass. It also provides the perfect blind for a hunter to use without frightening the water fowl.

Duck Truck

When I first saw the Quack I had to do a double take because I thought Duck Dynasty was at their shenanigans again, but unfortunately they have nothing to do with this truck. Although, I would put my money on the owners being huge fans of the Robinson’s, and they’re probably where the owner of the Quack got his inspiration. I award the owner of the Quack with the Elmer Fudd award for being the most ingenious duck hunter around. And if you think this truck is a little nutty, wait until you see the next one!

40. Monster Limo Truck

This is not your typical limousine, no, this is the Monster Limo Truck. Prom, the time of year every high school teenager dreams about, and what better way is there to arrive at your dance than to be escorted in the coolest limo in town. The only thing that would make this better is if a hot tub was in the bed of the truck. If that were the case I would be going to prom every year, it doesn’t even matter if I’m 26 and everyone hates my guts, I’m still rolling up in this bad boy just to show off to those high-school students how cool I am. The Monster Limo Truck comes with a custom airplane style door for the perfect descent from luxury.

Limo Truck

I just wonder how many girls have tripped, and fallen, on those stairs. The interior is made with premium leather, has a strobe light, and even a little sparkling juice, just don’t let those kids remain alone if you catch my drift. Jacked up and ready to haul your teenagers to their school dance, this retrofitted super duty can provide pimply faced high school kids with the time of their lives year after year.

39. Mammoth Burrito Food Truck

With the increase in technology and improved sanitation methods, food trucks are becoming increasingly popular in the United States, and mammoth mountain ski resort has taken the food truck business, and turned it on its head. It’s a completely reengineered Snowcat that can traverse the icy slopes while still making a mean burrito. Imagine you’re at the mammoth mountain ski resort, and it starts to get pretty nasty with surprise snow flurries, but your stomach is growling and if you don’t get food someone’s getting hurt.

Tonka Truck

Well, it’s just your luck because the mammoth burrito food truck can climb the mountain for you, providing that tasty burrito which had been eluding you all day. Then, after you finished off your tasty burrito, you can go back to the slopes. To the mammoth mountain ski resort I award you with the Tonka Truck award for most creative use of a Snowcat. If you think a giant food truck is cool, then the next truck is going to blow your mind. Get ready for the unbelievable…

38. School Bus Truck

Where was this thing when I was a kid? Imagine your eight year old self going to school in the School Bus Truck, instead of those regular old yellow school busses. You would be jumping out of bed every morning just to be the first one at the bus stop. To make things even better it says, “Kool Bus.” I mean how much cooler can this thing get? It’s jacked up on monster truck tires, and is fully capable of taking your children to school. Unfortunately, I don’t think the school board is going to approve of the concept, but hey, it never hurts to try, right?

School Bus Truck

The only other school bus that can compare to the awesomeness of the School Bus Truck is the Magic School Bus. Ms. Frizzle would have all these wacky adventures with her magical bus, but even that can’t compare to the pure, unadulterated power of the School Bus Truck. This thing can crush cars, and get little Johnny safely to school at the same time. As a parent, I couldn’t ask for anything better.

37. The Hustler Truck

Have you ever gone off-roading in a limousine before? I didn’t think so, but the owners of this Ford 4×4 can do something about that. The owners of the Hustler Truck wanted to have the ultimate luxury off-road experience unlike anything available in the world, and they have created the perfect machine for just that. The Hustler Truck was built to carry up to 10 passengers, and take them across the sandy deserts of Dubai, India while simultaneously providing unmatched comfort during the rocky terrain. This beast is jacked up with 42 inch dunes tires for traversing the soft sand, and comes with any kind of champaign you want.

Hustler Truck

This is the forbidden love child of a burly monster truck, and a sleek corporate limousine, and after finding out how cool the Hustler Truck is I was asking, “Where do I sign up?” It’s just too bad the experience is on the opposite side of the world; Dubai always has the most breathtaking toys. I’m not sure what a day with the Hustler Truck is going to cost you, but I can guarantee that I will pay any price to experience romping the sand in a stretch limo monster truck – you would be crazy not too!

36. Ford F650

What does a famous basketball player like Joe Johnson do with 200,000 dollars? He buys the most badass F650 ever made. This truck is tricked out to the max, and comes with a 6.7 liter Cummins inline 6 cylinder engine maxing out at 360 horsepower. This monster hauls, and looks good doing it. It’s reported that the interior is fully stocked with leather, three flat screen televisions, a new sound system, satellite radio, a fold-out bed, and a train horn. It’s decked out with a body full of chrome, representing the flashiness of Johnson himself. If the hulk had a child, this would be it.

F650 Truck

With a fuel tank holding 200 gallons it apparently costs 750 dollars to fully fill the tank. Johnson spends more money on filling the tank than most Americans make in a months’ worth of work. It pays to be a baller. Some say this monstrosity is hideous, but in the words of James Franco, “They’re PB and jealous man.” Keep draining shots Johnson, and keep driving your baby hulk to your heart’s desire. You deserve it.

35. Mega Ram Runner

Normally, when people see a broken down dodge ram they just scrap it for parts, hoping to get some return on investment. However, when Diesel Sellerz sees a broken down dodge they rebuild it into the Mega Ram Runner. The SEMA show is an annual showcase of tricked out trucks and other 4X4’s, and when the Mega Ram Runner showed up people couldn’t help but stare. The Mega Ram Runner is made with Axeltech 4000 axels, which are MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) military axels, weighing in at an astonishing 1700 pounds each. These axels are literally meant to withstand land mines.

Mega Ram Runner

Originally the Mega Ram Runner was built for a Baja race, but the owners decided to stretch it out to a 6 door beast. Even more exasperating is the fact that the entire truck weighs nearly 14200 pounds. That’s just over 7 tons of weight. To finish the truck off it comes with 4 octagonal stacks for optimal exhaust, I mean bigger is better, right? If you think this truck is badass, just wait until you see what’s in store for you next.

34. Silverado Lift

Trucks are an extension of people’s style. They are used to convey emotion. Especially this Silverado that’s not just lifted, but has emoji’s all over it. There’s the winky emoji, the tongue-out emoji, the confused emoji, and the angry emoji and so many others! We can almost guarantee you that  no one on Earth has a truck that’s involved with emoji’s. How crazy is this ridiculous truck?

Silverado Lift(Abdullah AlBargan)
Abdullah AlBargan

33. The Green Apple

I like to call this little devil the green apple. Don’t let the name fool you, though. This machine packs a powerful punch and will crush anything you might be keeping in your garage. Daystar fully restored this 1958 Jeep FC 170 Forward Control pick-up truck, and added a little flair by putting tracks on it. This too was at the SEMA showcase in 2014, and it drew tons of attention. Daystar added a 345 ci Hemi engine to this animal, and trust me this thing flies. In case you didn’t know, Daystar is an industry leader for the off-road market by providing a variety of lifts, leveling kits, and numerous other products.

Crazy Green Truck

Apparently, Daystar claims that every nut and bolt of this beauty was touched by a Daystar employee, ensuring ultimate quality. The green apple is easily one of the coolest jeeps at the SEMA show, and Daystar has shown once again just how creative they really are. They were able to turn an old school legend into a modern marvel, and the green apple deserves every recognition given. I salute you, Daystar, for your wonderful work!

32. Truck Lifted

As rough as this truck looks, it is lifted and apparently legal to drive. Are those Nissan Sentra tires? Toyota Camry tires? Bike tires? We would pay good money to watch this truck take a turn at anything over 25 mph! The odds that this thing has never flipped over are not looking too good. We are getting the idea that this may have not been a preference, but maybe something done out of necessity? Because come on, who would voluntarily do this to this ridiculous truck!?

Truck lifted on Small(Auto Overload
Auto Overload

31. Sick 50

This truck is named Sick 50, and believe me, this old school 1950 Chevy keeps true to its name. It comes with a 540 blower motor that sounds pristine, giving the needed torque for a deep mud bogging experience. The owners custom built the Sick 50 with Scott Shocks, standard for mud trucks, which gives it a nice clean look with plenty of personality to spare. The truck is equipped with a sturdy roll bar cage, along with racing seat belts for added performance.

Sick 50 Truck

Give the Sick 50 a chance, and I promise you will be very, very, impressed. It’s magnificently constructed with an interior that provides the driver with optimal control, necessary for a high-performance mud truck. It gets even better knowing that the engine is rated at 1300 horse power, giving you enough torque to pull out of any mud or sand. It’s just too bad that the owners of the Sick 50 were having problems with the front braking system. Overall, this truck is an old school hero, and I would love to take it in the mud, if just once.

30. Tractor Truck

This is the Honda T360 Motoculo. It was named “The Snow Crawler”. This may be mean, but it kind of reminds us of when a dog is missing its hind legs and gets attached to one of those basket-scooters. We’re curious to know if this is street-worthy, or only useable off-road? On ice? We love the ingenuity of this mashup and wish we could see it in action. Regardless of how it gets used, this is definitely one cool yet ridiculous truck.

Tractor truck

29. The Ice Machine

Only in Canada can they take the worst of winter, and turn it into something drivable. I really hope the guy driving the Ice Machine lost a bet because you would never find me getting frost bite on my ass. This truck is made with over 11,000 pounds of ice, almost enough to freeze my ex-girlfriends heart, and is mounted and attached to a 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500 Heavy Duty. Apparently the Ice Machine uses special high velocity fans that draw the heat away from the ice surrounding the engine, but when you live in permafrost all year long does that even become necessary?

Ice Truck

I’ll admit it, the inventive engineers who built this truck deserve massive credit, but this is an igloo with wheels. Honestly, I’m half expecting lost Eskimos to jump out of the bed wondering how in the world they got so far south. Does this thing even come with locks, or do you need an ice pick to open the doors? One way or another this little ice princess is fully functional, just make sure you never take it to Florida.

28. USA Truck

The owner of this big truck is definitely proud to be an American as he pumps gas. This guy is taking red, white, and blue to the max and he seems to be nothing but proud about it…as he should be. We’re curious to know if he has a big nose in real life or if that just happens on the truck. We’d like to think this guys is loading down the bed with fresh bait and cold beer for a weekend at the lake. But who knows, he could just be heading into the office. Imagine seeing this ridiculous truck at the office parking lot!

USA Truck

27. The Tailgater Truck

The paint may be hideous, and there may be way too many televisions in the bed of the truck, but darn-it this guy is going to tailgate one way or another. If you’re a tailgate enthusiast the owner is probably your best friend, and it isn’t because he likes the same team as you, but because he’s always fully stocked with cold beer, and a truck that’s going to get attention. I’m beginning to wonder if the owner decided to use this color scheme just so he can travel to any college football game, and claim he’s representing their colors. The guy who owns this truck is probably the same type of guy that wears socks to the beach, there’s nothing wrong with doing that, but it looks bad and causes rashes.

Tailgater Truck

If anything he probably shoves his kids into the bed of the truck so they can watch TV without bothering him while he brags to bystanders about his specs while drinking a cold PBR, he’s definitely a PBR guy. Next time you’re at an obscure D2 football game keep watch for the Tailgater, you’ll see him from miles away.

26. Rat Rod Truck

It’s amazing what some can do to create these vehicles. The owner of this truck decided he could upgrade it into a Rat Rod. While it needs a body touch-up, the overall appeal of this ridiculous hot rod is strong. Those wheels look fierce, too! But unlike most trucks, this one would have a heck of a lot of trouble getting over the average speed bump. But regardless of its quirks, we certainly enjoy looking at this ridiculous truck!

Rat Rod Truck(Rat Rod Maniacs)
Rat Rod Maniacs

25. Chevy Longfoot

Woah! This is the Chevy Longfoot. This truck is ridiculously long, which is why it has landed itself on the list of ridiculous trucks. How long do you think that truck bed is? 12 feet? I mean, imagine the lumber you could haul in that thing. Better yet, let’s play a game. How many baseballs could fit in that truck bed? Honestly, there is no way of knowing – but it’s fun to think about. We’re going to guess 675. What say you?

Long Foot Chevy

24. Connected Truck

Sometimes some ideas are better left on paper. This is one of those homemade ideas. A combination of two SUVs. Either this guy had too much free time, or the world’s largest family, or both. Perhaps he’s in the business of transporting 12-foot long pieces of lumber. Or maybe basketball goals. There’s no way of knowing, but there is a way of knowing for a fact that this is one ridiculous truck!

Connected Truck(the Dailey Derby)
The Dailey Derby

23. Escalade Bus

This originally was a Cadillac Escalade, now it’s a bus. It reminds me of the bus from “The Magic School Bus” show. This party bus has definitely got some tricks up it’s sleeve, we’re just not sure what they are. We picture the interior being made of plush purple couches and definitely a disco ball.  Maybe even a dancing pole? That might be a stretch, but then again this entire ridiculous truck is a stretch! We do have to say, the workmanship on this is pretty impressive. The different body frames are connected pretty smoothly. We would thoroughly enjoy taking a ride in this ridiculous truck.

Escalade Bus(onallcylinders.com)

22. Barkan Counterbalance

This is the Counter Balance that was showcased at the 2009 New York Auto Show. It was designed by Barkan Designs. It seems as if Barkan is attempting to get a jump on the truck of the future with this model? I mean, it certainly is….cutting edge? The shape is so…futuristic? We’re curious to know specifically why it looks like this, is it just a fashion statement or is there a deeper functionality involved that necessitated the body frame to be like this. Either way, there’s no doubt this is one ridiculous truck.

barkan counterbalance(cnet)

21. 1975 Ford Lift

Yes! This is what we’re talking about. This is what ridiculous big truck dreams are made of! This 1975 Ford has been upgraded with huge tires to take on the world. When your tires account for about half of your entire trucks body size, that’s when you know you have one sure-fire ridiculous truck. it appears that the owner of this beauty cu the wheel wells specifically for the tires, and if so, that just makes us love it even more. This isn’t some show pony either. Based on the rust marks around the wells, this truck appears to be getting plenty of use. If you see this one out and about, simply bask in the glory of this ridiculous truck.

1975 Ford Lift

20. Lifted Suzuki

This Suzuki is has a lifted suspension with the small tires. You might need a staircase to hop up in the vehicle. One pothole and this baby is done! One sharp turn taken too fast and see ya later! It’s actually impressive at how unfortunate-looking this Suzuki is. However, you go find the guy from the last picture and ask to borrow his tires and then throw them on this one – you might have something there! We really hope this is just a project that isn’t complete yet and not this guys actually truck! Make no mistake, this is one of the most ridiculous trucks ever.

Lifted Suzuki

19. Dekotora Diesel

This is called the Dekotora Diesel truck. It’s a popular design style in Japan, and someone decided to take the design on the road. We have a sinking feeling that this thing is going to evolve into an Autobot any second. That or a carnival ride is going to pop up out of it’s trailer and turn the whole parking lot into a carnival. If anyone here knows Japanese, let us know what the text says on the truck because we have serious suspicion that it reads: “Autobots, Unite!” While that probably isn’t true, it doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a highly ridiculous truck.

Chinese Diesel

18. GMC Cab Van Truck

This is a combo of a GMC Van and Semi-Trailer Truck Cab. How? That’s the first question that comes to mind. Why? Would have to be the next question. How many does this thing fit? Is the follow-up to the first two. And lastly, Who in their right mind?! All questions aside, this is a pretty cool idea, and you know it’s quite spacious on this inside. This is one of those trucks where the outside doesn’t necessarily matter as long as the interior is done right. Because they could love full-time out of this thing! This GMC Cab Van Truck has earned it’s spot on the most ridiculous trucks list, that’s for sure.

GMC Cab Truck

17. Japanese Batmobile

They call this the Japanese Batmobile. It began as a Toyota Van and now is this. The Batman Forever Poster on the side is cool though. This thing has to qualify as an oversized truck, right? I mean, look at the extensions on the front and back bumper, and how tall do those spikes up top go!? This is undoubtedly a custom job, maybe even a one-of-a-kind product. It seems like it is expensive just because of how unique the shapes are.

Japanese Batmobile

16. Lifted Escalade

This Escalade is sitting high in the sky with its suspension. This truck is refreshing after seeing so many backyard jobs recently. The brand new Escalade is owned by someone who clearly wants a better view of the highway. However, we are interested to see how much off-road use these off-road tires will actually get. This Escalade doesn’t seem like one that wants to get dirty. But we love it, and would definitely drive it if given the chance! Although new and shiny, still a ridiculous truck.

Lifted Escalade(Slash Gear)
Slash Gear

15. Custom Mini

This was found at a Fresno Car Show. It’s a Custom Mini sitting low. We promise it used to be a truck. That was back before it got chopped and dropped. But now, it’s just ridiculous. Not as much truck anymore. Oh well, don’t worry the next one is a big ‘ole behemoth, we promise!

Custom Mini(Galen Armenta)
Galen Armenta

14. Lifted H2

Like we promised, a monster! This is the Hummer H2 with lifted suspension. Probably not the best decision. But boy doesn’t it look like a good time! The blacked out wheels, body and window are an aggressive touch (as if the monstrosity of size wasn’t aggressive enough). However the lifted suspension gives us a bit of a headache, knowing that with such a large body and lift, anything could happen. And that isn’t always a good thing. But that’s not for us to worry about, that’s this dude’s problem! We just like looking at it! One ridiculous truck.

Lifted H2

13. Truck with the Cargo Bed Up

This was at a Fresno Car Show. The Truck sits low and the cargo bed hops up. There’s clearly been a lot of work put into this old Mitsubishi, since we know that a dump bed isn’t a cheap trick, and neither is the custom paint job. It seems as if Fresno is a hot bed for dropped trucks, because this is the second on the list, and you can see more in the background of this image.

Truck Bed Up(Galen Armenta)
Galen Armenta

12. Boat Truck

This is an interesting use for a boat. Who needs water, put some wheels on it. Right now, I’m picturing this ridiculous truck driving towards a lake at about 45 miles per hour, and inside the boat cabin there’s a switch. And this switch disengages the boat from the chassis, and the driver slams on the brakes while simultaneously releases the boat from the rest of the truck. And then the boat goes flying straight into the lake and carries on peacefully for the rest of the day. Sound a bit ridiculous? Well, that’s what you get when this is the image!

Boat Truck(odometer.com)

11. Keitora Drift Truck

This is a Keitora Drift Truck. Nicknamed the Hello Special, this neon hot pink mini-truck is a specialist at drifting. Not quite sure what the driver is trying to convey with his body language, but he looks excited about it – so we are too.

Keitora Drift Trucks(speedhunters.com)

10. Liebherr T 282B

What in the name of the largest truck of all time is this!?! This is the Liebherr T 282B, the largest earth-hauling truck in the world designed by Liebherr Mining. Using the word truck in relation to this thing doesn’t even seem like the right thing to do! I mean, this thing is bigger than most apartment complexes, much less trucks. But hey, that’s what makes it so ridiculous, and for that – we love it.

Big Dump Truck(Liebherr Mining)
Liebherr Mining

9. GE Walking Truck

Before George Lucas introduced the “AT-AT”, there was the General Electric Walking Truck.

GE Walking Truck

8. 99 Jeep

This began as a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It has been upgraded with all these new mods. And even though the rear tire could definitely use some more air, we are really into this Jeep cross-species. It feels like it would be right at home on both the beach or the forest. The little chop job out back gives it a tiny little cargo bed, enough for say, a set of golf clubs perhaps? Much props to whoever created this work of art, because it is one of our favorite ridiculous trucks out there!

99 Jeep

7. VW Beetle Truck

This is the combination of a Volkswagen Beetle and a cargo bed. Seeing ‘Peterbilt’ attached to a Volkswagen is a bit off-putting but we have to admire the ingenuity of  the overall truck. It seems as if the original chassis is still intact and that the bed is added to it. This is a great idea if you like the idea of being close to the ground but also able to haul some stuff out back. What a ridiculous truck!

Beetle Truck

6. The Davy Crockett Truck

I like to call this contraption the Davy Crockett because there are enough animal skins attached to this truck to make a full leather couch, and then some. I really wonder if the owner ever has any bad luck, because by my calculations he has enough rabbit foots for nearly 200 years of good luck. Maybe that was his original goal? One thing is certain, Woody from toy story is holding on for dear life on the back left bumper, straddling what looks like a baby deer.

Craziest Truck
I like to call this contraption the Davy Crockett because there are enough animal skins attached to this truck to make a full leather couch, and then some. I really wonder if the owner ever has any bad luck, because by my calculations he has enough rabbit foots for nearly 200 years of good luck. Maybe that was his original goal? One thing is certain, Woody from toy story is holding on for dear life on the back left bumper, straddling what looks like a baby deer.

However, I’m slightly intimidated by the dog stuffing which is nailed to the side of the driver’s door. I just hope he wasn’t road kill, or else that brings this truck to a whole new level of creepy. The Davy Crockett is one of those situations that resemble a really bad accident, you know you don’t want to look at it, but for some reason your eyes just can’t look away. The only question that should be asked of the owner is, “What does your house look like man?”

5. The Rolling Hotel

The Rolling Hotel is a part of a Rotel Tour Group called Das Rollende Hotel.

The Rolling Hotel(

4. Amphibious Land Cruiser

This is a Toyota Land Cruiser with an amphibious upgrade. It can maneuver through land and water. Wait just a minute. We’ve got to see this to believe it! The tubes attached to the tires and other parts of the Land Cruiser seem a little too easy to just be able to go in water. If this really works, there’s no way you can still refer to this vehicle as a Land Cruiser. It’s got to be the World Cruiser! Imagine driving across a river or a lake in this thing, how cool would that be? This is no doubt quite the ridiculous truck.

Toyoyta Land Ccruiser

3. Jeep Highrider

This Jeep Highrider Sport has been modified to sit high in the sky. This is really convenient in case you are an electrician who works on light poles in the winter. Because with this bad boy, all you gotta do is sit inside the Jeep and raise yourself up! No more working out of that cramped little box on a crane – just use the Highrider! What a ridiculous truck.

Jeep Highlander High Up(

2. Low Silverado

This Chevy Silverado is literally scraping the floor. This truck sits very low. The owner must dread speed bumps. No room for error on this thing, better hope he drives on the smoothest of parking lots only. And what’s that utility bar for? Any more weight on this thing and the whole thing is sitting on the ground with no way to move! What a ridiculous truck. And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: No 1…..

Low Turck(Hot Cars)
Hot Cars

1. Dancing Queen Truck

I want to believe that when the owner of this truck drew up his plans for tricking out his semi he had the song “Dancing Queen” by Abba playing on full blast in his house. That is the only acceptable reason why somebody would make their truck into a mobile dancing platform. The only thing that makes this even better is if rainbow confetti shot out whenever he honked the horn. I imagine him parking at electric daisy carnival, and he puts on a show for the crowd by hiring a team of acrobatic midgets to perform the redneck rendition of a cirque du soleil show on the bed of his truck, which transforms into a stage.

Dancing Queen

I’m all for uniqueness, but this guy probably took his mother’s advice too seriously when she said that differences are what make us special. The other option that possibly happened was the owner saw a new episode of pimp my ride, and he decided it was necessary to top anything that show ever did. Either way the dancing queen gets 5 gold stars for effort.


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