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I Love My Smokin' Hot Wife Coffee Mug

30 Hilarious Mugs You Can Find on Amazon

White Coffee Mug – Funny Math Mathematic Expressions To be completely honest with you here, we have no idea what’s going on with this mug. If you are a mathematician,…

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30 Funniest Yard Signs We Could Find

Please Don’t Make It Weird Just follow the rules on the sign and no one will get hurt. Click here to see this funny yard sign on Amazon.

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50 Amazing Female Cosplays

50. Green Lantern Check out this amazing Jessica Cruz cosplay. The eyes right? Yeah, we could stare for a while too. Surfingthevoid is responsible for the outfit. Her real name…

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50 Celeb Beach Photos You Have to See

50. Alessandra Ambrosio Who would ever guess leggy Victoria’s Secret supermodel Alessandro Ambrosio enjoys the beach? While it might seem a bit Captain Obvious, here are some surprising things you…

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Top 50 OSHA Violations

50. This emergency eye wash station is missing the eye wash, but has a screwdriver. A lot of funny mishaps occur on construction sites, and if OSHA reps were around…

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Tuscaloosa, Alabama(Capstone Finance)

Top College Town from Each State

50. Laramie, Wyoming Laramie consistently ranks as a top US college town in terms of community, crime, poverty and unemployment, and general overall “wow” factor. Part of that wow factor…

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30 Of The Best Value Power Tools To Buy

30 Of The Best Value Power Tools To Buy

Welcome. All the power tools we present on this list are valued for their value. These are quality products, at an even better price, designed for the handyman on a…

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Nurse Art Piece

50 Most Expensive Pieces of Art On Earth

50. Bal du moulin de la Galette (1976) Artist: Pierre-Auguste Renoir Estimated Value: $149.8 Million Sold for: $78.1 Million (1990) This painting depicts a French open-air dance hall. Painted in…

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Interesting Facts About the 70s

Happy Days Premieres, 1974 Who can forget the lovable Fonzie with his signature, “AAAAAAy!” Though the series was set in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the 1950s, Happy Days made its premiere…

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Simply Fit Board Pitch

50 Best Shark Tank Pitches

50. X Craft X.craft appeared in season seven of Shark Tank. XCraft produces innovative drone technology, and CEO JD Claridge and co-founder Charles Manning appeared on the show to pitch…

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