30 Bridesmaids Who Stole The Show

When the bride woke up on her wedding day nothing but excitement, joy and love entered her heart. And that stayed with her for the entire day. All the way up until she showed up to her own wedding. That’s when everything changed. The following brides (and their bridesmaids) you’re about to see are shocked by what their “best friends” looked like on their wedding day. How much control does a bride have over her bridesmaids anyway? We’ve all heard stories of gals going absolutely off the rails during the ceremony, attempting to steal the show and what not. Sit down and strap in because some of these are going to shock you- they certainly shocked us.

Don’t Wear White!

Listen – what’s the first cardinal rule of a wedding? DON’T WEAR WHITE. That’s the one thing you have to make sure not to do at a wedding. And what did these bridesmaids do? Well, use your eyes – they wore white. And if you can’t use your eyes due to blindness or vision impairments, Apple has developed game changing technology to assist those visually impaired! But back to the topic at hand, white on a wedding day- unbelievable! Although this had to be frustrating for the bride – it pales into comparison to some of the distractions you’re about to see. Trust us, the final five photos are enough to call for a divorce just by association. Check them out!

Dragging The Train

Flowing gowns, perfect makeup, 10 hours of sleep- that’s how you operate on your wedding day right? Something that always baffled me, is the brides willingness to let the dress drag on the ground. Pardon my ignorance if I’m missing the picture here but multiple thousand dollar pieces of clothing does not need to be treated in such a manor. Granted you’ll likely only wear the dress on day, and then set it in storage for the rest of time. After it’s all said and done, do you look at the bottom of the dress and the ‘train’ (part that drags behind the wearer) and take a tally of the damage? In all ways we might approach it, I can’t imagine the dress doesn’t make it home clean!

Grey Dresses

Everyone loves a grout-fit (grey outfit) right? This bride knew she wanted her bridesmaids to be a non deterrent to her staggering beauty, and figured a grey dress would do the trick. Fun story about this gal actually, the girls pictured all played college basketball together- the bride ran point. It was a real underdog story actually. She was raised in a less nice neighborhood, played her way to pay for college, and took over the spot from a D1 recruit. She forgot to eat her vegetables and drank too many Coca Colas, that’s what stunted her growth. In 2017, she went on to win the national title AND save a puppy from a speeding train in the same day. Just kidding about the puppy part.. and the rest of the story too. The grey dresses are kinda heinous ain’t they?

Who Is That?

Everybody loves a destination wedding, especially at the beach! The waves, the sand, sun-kissed by the sun’s rays. And how can we forget the unfathomable number of extended family who shows up.. “Who is that” “Did they get an invite”, are both thoughts that might be racing through the brides head. A new trend emerging among weddings recently is cupcakes as snacks. A quick jolt of sugar to get the party going! If I had to guess, being held in those sacred white boxes, are a delicious baked morsel. That or they could be doing like a ‘Christmas in July’ type deal and are giving out presents.. we may never know!

Lasting Memories

Inappropriateness is ultimately the sign of true friendship. How comfortable are you with the person? This principle spawns all the way back to when cavemen used to put bugs in their cave-friends drinks.. classic! Photographs, in particular marriage photos, last a lifetime. With the invention of the digital photograph, film is no longer necessary to capture those special moments, instead just cloud space. The price of cloud space is on an asymtotal trajectory, where it will get cheaper and cheaper until it essentially it’s free to store things. This means that all your photos will undoubtedy stand the test of time and, maybe, someday they’ll be used to recreate your memory and forge a shadow ‘you’.

Purple Serenity

Purple always compliments a wedding nicely. Purple possesses very calming, reassuring characteristics that bring a certain level of serenity to an event. All in all, you can tell the gals pictured are, yes here to support the bride, but more importantly here for the bar. Open bars have been a staple at weddings since the dawn of man- some would even call it a tale as old as time. Signature drinks are often appropriate to theme at a wedding, maybe in congruence with the bride and grooms favorite beverages. I declare, the best signature drink I’ve ever consumed at a wedding was an Old Fashion, that used local honey as the sugar element. Unbelievable!

Peanut Butter Gown

These bridesmaids are a perfect example of a peanut butter gown- or if you prefer a classier term, I’d declare that color is Brulee. You may ask, how do you know that color is Brulee? Well this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down. If you’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how I lived in a righteous Cedar camper called “The Chalet Brulee”. Built in the summer of 2016, The Chalet Brulee was constructed by a tiny home builder and carpenter in the great Pacific Northwest, specifically Oregon. The owner took a brand new 2016 Ram 3500 Dually 4×4, and constructed 160 sqft of pure bliss. Not only was this bad boy spacious for it’s kind, it was an exquisite marriage of wood carpentry and functional, mobile living.

Church Pews

Let’s talk about church pews for a second. I don’t think a church pew has been wiped down ever, in the history of churches, forever and ever amen. Everyone and their aunt (quite literally) puts the back of their hands on the church pew and Lord knows what they’ve been touching. In other news, you must admire the craftsmanship that goes into these stunning edifices. Complete with rich mahogany pews, marble stages, hand crafted glass mosaic windows, the church truly spares no expense!

Lasting Memories

As the gender roles get further and further blurred, I wouldn’t mind seeing an edgy hot take on the bridesmaids attire more often. Suits, specifically tuxedos, have been the pinnacle of classy since the popularizing of suits in the mid 1600s. If bridesmaids are wearing suits, I wonder if a role reversal of sorts would apply here- men in dresses? Ah not sure it would work like that, you might get some weird looks! BUT in the name of progressiveness and blurring the lines between gender roles.. should we dub it a plausible?

Weddings Throughout History

There is evidence of weddings dating back to 2350 BC in ancient Mesopotamia. As roads, travel and trade became more prominent, stories of weddings spread to Greeks, Hebrews and Romans. Traveling was far more difficult, so if you chose to go to someone’s weddings, it was truly a testament making that journey. With weddings, being incontrovertibly religious in some instances, you may have noticed the ceremony started around 2000 years before Christ.. Interestingly enough, the Roman Catholic, and all it’s power, interjected themselves in the process around the eighth century. Then in 1563, the Council of Trent wrote the churches blessing was necessary for the matrimony to be legal.

Bridesmaid Gets More Attention

Umm, hello? The attention is supposed to be on the bride, remember? Well, it’s definitely hard to do that when one of the bridesmaids is a world famous pop star, like in this next photo…

“Who’s The Bride Anyway”

Here you have a classic mix up between bride and bridesmaid. I like to call it “Who’s the Bride Anyway”. One of these gals probably missed the memo, and last second decided to wear her grey dress despite that being the bride’s dress of choice. Burgundy is honestly one of the best colors known to man. A supple blend between purple, red, black and brow. If I were the bride, I would have considered maybe everyone wear burgundy, and then last minute toss on the white dress. Classic mix up, happens all the time!

Catholic Church

It is reported that when the Catholic church came into the picture to influence marriages, people were generally happier with their situation. Men were taught to treat their wives better, and refrain from divorcing them and were increasingly faithful to their wives. Never the less, the church still communicated the men were the head of the households and the wives were to differ to their wishes. Present day, the church is beginning to preach a marriage as a partnership, which is a principle widely accepted by society before the church decided to adopt it.

Practical Marriages

Despite what you may think, couples were joined together for practical reasons, rather than love. Taking on the world together, many partners grew exceedingly fond of each other over time, thus birthing love and devotion. Scholars believe the concept of marriage due to romantic love was ‘invented’ by the French, only dating back to about the middle ages. The way the story goes, Sir Lancelot fell in love with King Arthur’s wife, Queen Guinevere, thus inspiring other men to seek the woman of their choosing. Potential suitors would woo the apple of their eye, typically commenting on their appearance.

The Romper

Ah, the romper. Pictured here is a depiction of bridesmaids in an article of clothing known as a romper. Functional and fashionable, the romper, like the dress still has no pockets. This no pocket debacle has plagued the female clothing industry for years- why would they omit pockets on an article of clothing. Many believe a pocket is an eye sore, and women would carry a clutch or a purse, but time and time again we see more women sewing custom pockets into their formerly pocket-less attire.

Tylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an American singer songwriter who cut her teeth in Nashville, TN. Stories report Taylor’s discipline was far superior to her classmates, for she perfected her craft of lyricism very early in her career. At the age of 14 she signed a deal with Sony Publishing house and by 15 she had signed her own record deal- pretty substantial achievements all before she had a drivers license! Her breakthrough album “Fearless” set records as well. She was the youngest artist to exclusively write and preform every song on the album.

Pragmatic Partnership

When love entered the picture, it undoubtedly changed the structure of marriage forever. For the first time, women existed not only to serve men, but in a bipartisan, pragmatic partnership. When America was first founded, the principle that the husband “owned” his wife was still widely accepted, thus the term was coined “coverture”. The wife surrendered her last name to signify the joining of two people. The law was so strict, if a woman married a foreigner, she immediately lost her citizenship.

Partnership Held Two Individual Citizens

All this change in 1920 when women were given the right to vote. Suddenly each partnership held two individual citizens, despite the husband still having control over the house. Interracial marriage was legalized in 1960 and birth control was becoming more commonplace. Shockingly, marital rape wasn’t recognized until 1970, for until that point, the husband owned his wife’s sexuality. The idea that marriage is a private relationship for the fulfillment of two individuals is really very new”, stated historian Stephanie Coontz.

A Little Jelousy

Jealousy is inscribed into our human DNA. It likely stems from ego, and ego is arguably the driving force of progression. Pictured here is a bridesmaid caught in the act, catching a glare and maybe spawning a little bit of jealousy. Is this a bad thing? Absolutely not. Granted some people let it consume them in an obsessive fashion- that is bad. However a little jealousy is why people strive to be the best versions of themselves!

Having Consequences

Unfortunately, in most cultures worldwide, women had very few rights throughout history. The United States and Europe are known for being the most progressive to abolish these archaic principles, including physical discipline, and giving the wife her own identity in the reunion. In the 21st century, things are progressing but there are still issues we face. In some countries premarital sex and extramarital sex have severe consequences not congruent with the action.

21st Century Cohabitation

In the 21st century, we see cohabitation being more frequently chose as an alternative to marriage. Two individuals, often involved sexually or romantically, will live together on a permanent or a long term basis. Changing social views have made this option more desirable for couples especially when gender and religion roles come into play. Another argument is the sheer price of a wedding. More often folks are choosing a smaller gathering with close friends and family, rather than the traditional sprawling guest list.

Hill Billy Throwdown

This depiction is a classic “hillbilly throw down”.  You can tell these folks value marriage, yet may hail from a lesser traditional, or formal, household. The bridges attire compliments the groom’s attire sublimely and the setting is fit for the Ogre-iest of characters.. Shrek. The best man is wearing a set of footwear called “Jerusalem Cruisers” which are modeled after a popular iteration of the shoe invented in Jerusalem. It is rumored even Jesus Christ wore a pair of these legendary deal sleds, for their versatility and innovation at the time.

Bridesmaids Look Like Brides

“Hey, I’m over here”, is likely what the bride is saying to her bridesmaids, even though they’re all dressed as a bride would. There have been stories told where the wedding party does horrendous things in order to gain a modicum of attention from the bride and groom. Why? Well likely because folks are jealous. In a recent story spelled out on popular social media site ‘Reddit’, the maid of honor announced her own engagement during her speech. In an act of retaliation, the internet tracked her down and ridiculed her on her own profiles across several platforms.. a little overkill in my opinion.

Sequence Dress

Sequence is an interesting take on a bridesmaid dress- definitely flashy! The original purpose of a bridesmaid dates back to Roman times, where at least 10 people needed to witness the union for it to become legal. Over time, the crowds grew to form a mass of folks otherwise known as the wedding party and wedding guests. The average wedding size conducted by the National Group of Wedding Analysts, reports events at around 100 guests. Weddings have turned, more so, into a party than an actual ceremony for the couple.

Famous Weddings

Even famous people get married! Their versions of weddings are grand and likely anxiety inducing. Some of the most expensive ceremonies were Prince William and Kate Middleton, clocking in at $34 million. In 2011, the Royal Wedding was televised all over the world- the vested interest people posses is truly beyond my comprehension. Following the broadcast, there were performance breakdowns similar to how sporting events are critiqued.. seriously? “Yea did you see her make the hard right around the pew in the church, better watch out her heel will snag the train. Oh excellent execution”.. Sheesh.

Walt Disney World Wedding

The Walt Disney Company in all of it’s grandeur hosts “Fairy tale Weddings” as well. From its debut in 1991, they have hosted over 30,000 wedding ceremonies. Guests can choose where they want to be wed as well, ranging from any Disney property in Florida, California, Hong Kong, Paris and even Disney Cruise Line. Kirstie Kelly launched a line of dresses in 2006, with 63 Disney inspired gowns to choose from for the bride’s special day. Rumor has it, Disney catering service will provide any food, from any park, including legendary chicken breast nuggets and Mickey Bars!

Marriage License Headaches

Legality regarding marriage licenses seem to be a headache in itself- similar to business license. I could go on and on about how the government sticking their nose into everything is the bane of American principle- never the less, I digress. One of the best legality horror stories is hearing about government clerks harassing people with hyphened last names. You would think someone would decline a job if it went against their principles. Granted everyone is entitled to their own opinion, some fights are just not worth picking.

3 Hours In A Hot Church

2016, Iowa on a hot summer’s day: a bride has 14 bridesmaids who want to walk down the aisle to a different song. 3 hours in a church with no AC, after countless odes, songs and poems, the party finally moves into the reception hall. After the extended families — extended — speeches, the groom’s brother steps up to the plate. 50 minutes of remember when from their childhood, it’s finally time to eat- the clock struck midnight 15 minutes ago. After the meal and blackout drunk, two of the groomsman decide they want the same girl’s number, and fight each other in the middle of the dance floor.

Margot Robbie Gets Married

In 2016, Margot Robbie got married to her longtime boy friend Tom Ackerly, in a city called Byron Bay in Australia. Robbie has been a long time proponent of being a tom boy. Now married to a Tom, she quite literally is a tom boy in every sense! Despite the reputation that come with being a tom boy, her wedding was every bit classy. You must wonder what was served for dinner at the ceremony, Robbie loves her snack foods! Flowing white gown, city by the bay, and an intimate family and friends ceremony.. what more could you ask for!

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, including wedding venues. In a recent story, two wedding parties were booked for the same day, at the same venue. One procession had a bagpipe, the other a harp. After an agreement was reached between the two parties, a 20 minute delay on the bag pipes, the ceremonies started. Coincidentally, a 20 minute delay was just enough time for the officiant to iterate “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today..” *cue bagpipes* Long story short, the bagpipes drown out the other parties entire ceremony.. yikes.

Wrecking The Car On The Way Out

Other wedding horror stories include but are not limited to, a brides father showing up late and drunk, in a t-shirt and jeans. He barrages the groomsmen for dressing up, and proceeds to get blackout drunk. He wrecks his car on the way out. Another instance, the mother of the bride brings her own alcohol and gets drunk before the wedding. She yells at the groom, how he isn’t good enough, and insults the wedding party. After getting thrown out, she slashes the tires on the limo. Unreal!

Wedding Crashers

Marriages are a popular topic for movies. Several hit films were box office smashes, all centered around marriage. In the film,”Wedding Crashers” with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, the two womanizers study the marrying parties intensively before going to the random persons wedding. During one of their outings, they’re invited to the hosting families coast house, where they get intertwined with their love interests. The jock brother of the family however, is determined to prove that these two are fakers. A charming, hilarious film none the less!

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams, pictured here in blue, was one of the stars of “Wedding Crashers”. McAdams hails from Ontario and was born in 1978 to Sandra Kay and Lance McAdams.  She became involved with acting at the age of 13, being cast in Shakespeare productions at her school. After earning an BFA degree, with honors, in acting from York University, she moved to Los Angeles. She had a few smaller roles in Disney films, however her breakout role didn’t come until 2004. Her portrayal of Regina George in “Mean Girls” is quoted to this day and an active meme on the internet. We hope you enjoyed these bridesmaids who undoubtedly stole the show- until next time!

Head Turning Dress

Granted, this one isn’t necessarily her fault. The back-end of the ensemble was unfortunately stuck in the car just moments before the big day commenced. But as unfortunate as that is, this wedding dress still made the guests turn their heads. What direction they turned their heads…well we can’t necessarily comment on that. But they had to realize something was amiss from the moment she walked into the venue. A tough occurrence from what she thought the day meant to hold.

Is It The Sequins?

Well, this one sure is something. When we picture the worst wedding dresses, or the wedding dresses that are sure to turn heads the most…this one ends up on the mind naturally. Is it the sequins? Is it the cloud of fluff from the torso down? Or is it something else entirely? We can’t quite narrow it down, but we can definitely confirm this wedding dress shocked their guests.

Is It A Royal Wedding?

How about this wedding dress? If you enjoyed this wedding photo be sure to share it. But get ready. We saved the best photo for last. After all, love is patient as they say. Coming up we have some pics that could make a wedding planner cry. Onward!

Palmetto Leaves

This wedding dress shows that even if the bottom half looks like palmetto leaves, you can still walk down the aisle in your favorite dress – as long as you like it then who cares? Right….

Wearing What you Want

Speaking of wearing what you want and not what other people want you to wear…this one takes the (wedding) cake. Talk about turning heads at a wedding…this list of shocking wedding dresses just gets better and better!

Shocking Two Piece Wedding Dress

A two piece, huh? Didn’t even know you could do that. This shocking wedding dress feels like there’s some important pieces of fabric that were accidentally left at home.

Don’t Drop The Pizza

How about this wedding dress? If you enjoyed this wedding photo be sure to share it. But get ready. We saved the best photo for last. After all, love is patient as they say. Coming up we have some pics that could make a wedding planner cry. Onward!

8, worst wedding dress

Jewelry As A Dress

Not as much a dress as it is a set of jewelry, is it? We contemplated leaving this off the list because it isn’t even really a wedding dress…but it was too wild not to include in the list of wedding dresses that shocked the guests.

9, worst wedding dress

Front Or Back?

8, worst wedding dress

It’s a pretty fabric and an okay dress, but why does it look like she put it on backward? The front-buttons probably left the grandmothers at the wedding more confused than they’ve ever been in their life.

Were The Cupcakes Already Their?

9, worst wedding dress

So many questions. Were the cupcakes there when she walked down the aisle? Did the shocked wedding guests on the outer aisle grab some as she walked past? Did she have any herself? This absurd wedding dress has some questions to answer.

Too Much Fabric Or Now?

On first look, sure it might not look too wild. But after staring at it for quite some time, there’s no question that this wedding has entirely too much fabric. Picture her walking down the aisle with this…it would turn heads every single time.

11, worst wedding dress

Shocking Famous Wedding Dress

We love her tennis, but we simply can’t say the same for Serena William’s wedding dress. It’s just…a lot. A whole lot. There’s no doubt that this wedding dress shocked their (extremely famous) wedding guests.

13, worst wedding dress

Was It Glued On?

11, worst wedding dress

So many people at this wedding thought this dress was glued on. It shocked just about everyone at the event. The sheer fabric is enough to make the grandmothers in the front row pass out from shock and awe.

12, worst wedding dress

Denise Richards Wedding Dress

13, worst wedding dress

You recognize this famous face right? Denise Richards wedding dress was one of the ages.. that’s for sure.

15, worst wedding dress

Blanket Dress

12, worst wedding dress

This wasn’t shocking on a count of being too-revealing…almost quite the opposite. This wedding dress turned heads because it looked like the bride was wearing an extremely comfortable blanket at the alter.

16, worst wedding dress

Too Revealing

15, worst wedding dress

It’s a great look, but the front is simply too revealing to include in this post. It’s so unexpected that rumor has it, an elderly family member or two walked out of the wedding because this wedding dress was too shocking.

Backless Wedding Dress

16, worst wedding dress

Go ahead and add this to the list of wedding dresses that seem to be missing some important pieces of fabric. The backless dress was both visually pleasing and equally shocking. What do you think?

You Be The Judge

Is this a suit jacket? A shawl? Or an out-of-the box wedding dress that absolutely shocked their wedding guests. The sparkly sequins almost aren’t even the craziest thing about it….almost.

20, worst wedding dress

Thinnest Straps

The wedding dress that seems like it might not even exist above the waist. I mean, honestly, how many millimeters wide are those straps? How many more inches until this is considered a pair of pants and not a wedding dress?

21, worst wedding dress

Blow-Up Wedding Dress

20, worst wedding dress

I guess they planned on jumping into the lake after the wedding? And also, perhaps they can’t swim. Because this inflatable-themed wedding dress is just a really good example of how to shock your wedding guests with a “dress”.

22, worst wedding dresses

Large Train Dress

21, worst wedding dress

Honestly, what do you even do with this? You can’t walk in it…it would be like trying to pull a truck behind you that thing must weigh so much. And that veil..it would get caught in so many things as you walk down the aisle.

Static Producing Wedding Dress

22, worst wedding dresses

Her dad is a clown, right? That’s the only reasonable explanation for a dress made from balloons. That being said, it’s a pretty impressive display. But still, a ridiculous wedding dress.

Squared Up Dress

A bit…square, no? She seems so wholesome, so we’ll leave the commentary out of this one. That’s for you to determine at home.

Fashionable Yes… Forgettable No

This is what happens when the bride accidentally puts a lamp shade around her shoulders before she walks down the aisle. And here’s the result…a shocking wedding dress that almost everyone was concerned about.

Head Turning Wedding Dress

Beautiful, of that there is no doubt. But this revealing wedding dress still made a wedding guest or two turn their heads.

26, worst wedding dress

Shocking None The Less

That’s just supposed to be the decorative bit that goes around the wedding dress, right? I mean, that’s not actually the wedding dress…it can’t be. This shocking ensemble interested the groom, no doubt. But the rest of the guests…to be determined.

Bridal Face Mask

26, worst wedding dress

Just picture this walking down the aisle, right? A shocking dress that guarantees to turn heads at the wedding.