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10 Best Exterior Car Mods

10/10 Safari Porsche This has to be one of the best exterior car mods we’ve ever seen. When the team received this 911, it was used up, beat up, and…

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Camaro Evolution In 40 Pictures

The beloved Camaro. People the world over know about this legend but you’re about to see exactly what it looked liked in each year of its evolution!  We’ll start here…

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Top 35 Most Powerful Trucks on (and off) The Road

Many truck owners want the most power they can get, but what are the most powerful trucks of all time? Take a look at these powerhouses, each of which has…

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The Top ‘Top Gun’ Movie Facts

In this ‘Top Gun’ movie facts post you will learn about only the best ‘Top Gun’ facts there are, like how much it cost the production company to get the…

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Jarring Nature Photos That Are Hard to Believe

Baby Alligator Snapping Turtle Here’s a baby alligator which looks just like a dinosaur. They are known to live up to 200 years and grow over 200 lbs. The largest…

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Maybach Exelero, Most Expensive Car Feature Image

The Most Expensive Cars

We all know these exist – it’s nothing new. But there’s something about seeing the actual price tag next to a vehicle that is simultaneaously sickening yet exciting. It starts…

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Funny Photos Captured at the Gym

Here’s your first funny photo from the gym. If you have a gym membership and have spent any time working out at all, you’ve probably seen or been the subject…

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50 Luxury Yachts Owned By Celebrities

The rich and famous, they’re just like the rest of us. We own super-expensive, ultra-luxury yachts just like the rest of them, too! Oh, what’s that? We only get on…

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Celebrities With Historical Doppelgangers

From actor Leonardo DiCaprio to pop singer Justin Timberlake and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, you won’t believe these crazy historical doppelgangers that could be twins with some of the…

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Truck Feature Image

20 Beautiful and Rare Classic Trucks

If you’re like us – and we think you probably are on account of the fact that you’re here – you love trucks. We love trucks. You love trucks. Everyone…

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