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50 Most Extravagant Boats From Around the World

This strange boat resembles the one named Proteus from the decades-old Fantastic Voyage movie. However, it is real and can be seen from time to time scooting around the San…

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C-130 Facts Feature Image

50 Amazing Facts About The C-130 Hercules

What do you know about the C-130 Hercules? We mean, really…how much do you actually know? Sure you know it’s a prop plane, sure it’s widely used and sure it…

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50 Odd Tractors You Don’t See Everyday

This is what happens when you try to modify a Case tractor into a rat rod. This pickup truck/tractor hybrid is impressive and certainly a showstopper. So what’s going on…

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Rally 911 Mod

50 Awesome Car Mods

For as long as cars have existed, people have been modifying them. That’s how innovation happens! We see one thing, think we can make it better and then get too…

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50 Unbelievable Scale RC Jets

Check out this awesome RC plane. It is modeled after the iconic A-10 Thunderbolt Warthog. It features two RC turbine jets and can perform almost as well as the real…

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50 Unbelievable Military Concept Aircraft

Before there can be an aircraft, there is the concept. The distance between what can be created conceptually and what is scientifically possible is usually a pretty big gap –…

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Celebrity Insurance Policies

Insurance policies have helped folks get out of financially crippling situations for years. Then a little company called Lloyd’s of London came around and made it possible to insure anything…

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40 Celebrities Who Married Their Fans

In a world where celebrity couples exist just to drive tabloid sales, or to help a hurting career – it’s nice to know that true love still exists. The following…

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The Marquee Signs That Had The Whole Town Laughing

Businesses are usually very straightforward. They prefer professionalism at all times. Well, most of them do anyways. Not these companies! The following business and organizations are more committed to making…

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31 Fantasy Football Tips You Need To Know This Year

Fantasy football is an awesome game. We love managing real athletes like they were on our own team, and we certainly love beating our friends at anything! Do yourself a…

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