50 Vehicles Ready For the Apocalypse

If you’re going to be ready for the apocalypse, you better have a vehicle that can handle the fallout. Well, this one can. Meet the Marauder. It’s designed to withstand a lot, like impacts from IED’s or mines. Therefore, it’s certainly tough enough to withstand anything should we find ourselves facing when on the brink of worldwide chaos.

Even cooler, the top can be fitted with a toilet and it also has the capability of adding extra armor should you come under heavy fire. The only drawback… it practically drinks gasoline like a fat kid drinks a milkshake. Therefore, you might want to drive sparingly. Plus the price tag is pretty hefty. Expect to shell out around half a million dollars for this apocalyptic beast. That might be chump change to you, I’m not sure. If so, you just found your new best friend.

If this vehicle looks familiar, it’s because it was featured in Mad Max, Fury Road. There were a ton of them if you remember correctly, but bringing them to life was a another matter entirely. Take for instance the vehicle you see here. It is a Czechoslovakian Tatra military off-road vehicle mashed up with a couple of 1950s Chevrolet Fleet Masters (Boy, that’s a mouthful). Of course, there are a couple of other things going on to if you look close. For instance, at the rear you can clearly see that the shell of a Beetle has been used to dress up the top, as well as parts of an old 1940s vehicle used to adorn the top of the front portion of the trailer. From there, the production team took a lot of creative liberties and did a great job. Saw blades, stools and spiky wheels round out the affair, complete with a shovel nose bulldozer rig upfront. This is one mean apocalyptic beast.

So check out this little runabout. It’s not much for giving the driver and passengers a view, but if you purchased it, you know that already. This is a Desert Chameleon. It was developed by the American Defense Company and is actually used by the Kuwait Ministry of the Interior to help secure their country against foreign attacks. It’s equipped with several multi-turret systems, as well as steel armor all around that protects against 7.62 mm armor piercing ammunition. That’s pretty heavy duty stuff. In addition, like the Marauder, the Chameleon can be an add-on vehicle in regards to armor. To round out the rig, you have a 600 hp Caterpillar engine coupled with a nice Caterpillar transmission driven by an automatic six speed. Hydraulic rims and a nice driver cockpit make this vehicle fit to face anything that might come your way should we have an end of world event.

If this thing looks big and bad, it’s for good reason. This is known as a Mine Wolf vehicle. It was used in Afghanistan and Iraq to help do mine fields after the war. Designed by the good folks of Switzerland, this machine is a beast. It features a front rig with enough teeth to handily expose and tear up anything in its path. If something needs to be exploded in a nonevent, the Mine Wolf will make sure it happens. It can cover between 15,000 and 25,000 m² a day. Furthermore, it can either be manned by an individual or driven by remote should things get a bit sticky. A little more than 40 of these have been scattered around 15 countries and they are always in high demand because of their success and popularity. Should an apocalyptic event come our way, that demand will only skyrocket. They come in pretty handy, plus they look extremely intimidating. That’s enough to scare off any would-be trespassers.

This vehicle is not exact, but is very similar to a Bearcat. It’s an armored vehicle that was used during the Orlando massacre to ram a hole in the side of the club so people could exit. That’s a sobering thought, but this vehicle operates much the same. Albeit larger, it is designed for more spec ops use if you will. It has compartments on the side for storing equipment, and plenty of generators and onboard lights to brighten any area so the heavy artillery can roll in and take over. Also, pay attention to the shovel nose at the front. That’s large enough to move anything out of the way, whether it wants to move or not. The wire mesh screen windows will keep debris from hurtling through the window, and traveling inside. They’re also fitted over the headlights to make sure you can brightly light the way as things blow up around you. Yes, this is certainly a vehicle that you want to keep handy should a war come to a neighborhood near you.

This vehicle comes to us courtesy of Russia. It costs a cool $65,000 and is touted as the first mini monster truck that can practically go anywhere. Why? It’s amphibious. So let’s talk about specs for a minute. It weighs just under 2,900 pounds and can reach a whopping 28 mph over land while cruising at a paltry 4 mph in the water. However, don’t let this fool you, because if you are in the way of this beast you will get run over for sure. What powers it? A massive 15 gallon 44 hp diesel engine manufactured by Kubota. It’s all-terrain too so it can move equally well over sand, earth, snow and ice. So who came up with it? Well, his name is Alexei Garagashyan. He’s a mechanic from St. Petersburg as it turns out and has an interest in using traditional SUVs to provide unconventional solutions. We would say he knocked it out of the park with this one. 

Sometimes, you just have to marvel at the machines that humans have managed to build, and this would definitely be one of those times. I can honestly say I have never come across one of these in my entire life. This apocalyptic vehicle is ready for anything. It has four tank treads, independent steering for the front and rear and looks like she was fashioned from some sort of steel submarine or old freight train. There is a decidedly Steam Punk look to it as well, but I’m sure that won’t matter should things start to go down in your neighborhood. It’s built solid as a tank and looks like it could run over just about anything in the way. If you get stuck, no problem. There are plenty of hooks and anchors to fasten to so you can pull yourself free. This vehicle is a keeper.

This little beauty is known as the Combat Guard. It’s used by the Israeli military and is a sight to see in action. Sporting 54 inch tires and having just about three feet or so of ground clearance, it can go anywhere. Plus, it has plenty of weight to keep it stationary during those long hauls. It checks in at about eight tons or so. The Combat Guard performs so well because of the improvements in engineering design by the Ido Off-road Center. They developed several other fast vehicles like the Zibar racer and other types of lesser military off-road scouting vehicles. Put these two forces together and you come up with the Combat Guard you see here. It’s powered by a massive 6.5 L GM Cobra diesel engine that puts out about 30 zero HP, and can reach speeds of 95 mph over the road and 75mph off road. Yes you heard right 75 off-road. You better stay out of the way if you see this one coming during the apocalypse, or you won’t last very long.

This is the product of someone who is really bored and is one level higher than a shade tree mechanic. They obviously have a buddy that welds and know a thing or two about metal fabrication as well. Still though, this is pretty awesome. This is a street vehicle to beat all street vehicles should things turn south. The gun mounted directly in the center of the vehicle is a nice touch, and the vented window serves as a sort of head nod to 70’s sunglasses in a way. We think this vehicle may roll fine and well, but don’t expect much traction from those slick tires upfront. However, whatever it lacks there is made up for with the two tank treads in the rear. That is, if you can see. All of the windows are blocked out except for those slats in the front making any peripheral view a bit dangerous. So while this vehicle is ready for the apocalypse for sure, we still downgraded a few points for low visibility. Maybe these guys can go back to the drawing board and come up with a better design.

This is another vehicle that looks very similar to the vehicles you see in Mad Max: Fury Road. The only difference here is while the other vehicle was previously designed for the actual movie, this is considered to be more fan art than anything else. Still though, it’s a good attempt and I would dare say something that is ready for the apocalypse should things take a turn for the worse. The chain wrapped front bumper designed to hide the fact that the car has no front bumper is a nice touch. Also, pay attention to the steel that wraps its way around the vehicle, protecting the front and side windshields from damage. The exhaust sticking up through the hood is extremely avant garde, as well as the black paint and skull mounted to the top to complete the thing. This is a car that is ready to move at a moments notice, and even though it’s fan art, we still give it to thumbs-up.

If you’re thinking this vehicle looks a bit like Land Rover then you are correct. These are made by Kahn Automobiles, and this particular model is known as the BHP Flying Huntsman 6 x 6. The numbered part of the name is pretty obvious. There are six wheels to power this Land Rover, but it is the interior that is more impressive. The entire thing is decked out in leather with the color of your choice. It cost a cool $400,000 here in the states, but is well worth it if you’re looking to navigate the most difficult terrain. To prove it, it has a nice high low ratio gearbox system, complete with locking differentials. This allows the defender to go exactly where the owner wants it to. Don’t expect to be too impressed by the engine though. Most are outfitted with a standard four-cylinder diesel, but you can upgrade to a 430 hp LS3 V8 if need be. If that sounds familiar, it’s because you typically find that sort of engine in a Corvette. All of this to say, this off-road apocalyptic ready vehicle is one that will get you wherever you need to go in style.

What do you get when you live in Russia and have nothing better to do with your semitruck? Well, take a look at this picture for the answer. It seems like you cover the entire thing in steel, with armored rivet like features and themed out as if it is a giant dog waiting to take a bite out of the next vehicle that passes by. It would also come in handy should there ever be an apocalypse. I bet no one would mess with you, even if they had weapons. This vehicle looks pretty intimidating, and all you would have to do is remain seated and keep moving forward. Zombies and territorial control freaks would be put right in their place as soon as you roll through town. You could be leader and king for a day with your vicious armored dog like semi truck. You might even be able to take over the whole town for good with this thing. I wouldn’t hold your breath though. I would imagine post-apocalyptic life is more dicey then a Game of Thrones episode if you are the one in charge.

It’s going to happen. Sooner or later somebody’s going to get hurt in the event of an apocalypse. This vehicle will keep you up and ready. You can never have too many modified armor bearing ambulances in your fleet, right? That’s what I thought. And if you’re going to have an ambulance covered with armor, you want this one. Check out all the pipe used to cover the front window and theme out the top. These guys did an amazing job. Obviously, this is used for show at local haunted Halloween houses and such, but it looks as if it could be used in real life if things go down. It seems that they operated by the motto go big or go home, and went for it. We love to see that sort of thing. So if somebody happens to get hurt, not bitten by a zombie mind you, but hurt, make sure you know where this ambulance is. It could be the difference between life and death, and once you’re inside this thing you’re chances of survival just went way up.

Who doesn’t like the jeep? I know they are one of my favorite types of vehicles. Especially the kinds of jeeps that have been tricked out and customized like this one. It’s got a killer lift kit, awesome suspension, and a lot of ruggedness going on. It’s apocalypse ready for sure, but not in the traditional sense of what you might think of. This one almost looks too nice to go charging into the front lines of the apocalypse. Unless you find yourself in the middle of a Transformer apocalypse. Maybe that’s the secret here. This thing could transform into some sort of autobot and rush in to save the day should things get too dicey for us humans. I wouldn’t mind having something like that on my side – in fact, even if it’s not a transformer, I wouldn’t mind having having one of these. This is one killer Jeep and I would love to test it out for a day.

So this is another Marauder. It’s known as the Paramount Group Marauder and is quite different than the first one we featured. In the event of an apocalypse, have no fear, this one will keep you protected. It can withstand just about anything. It’s an armored vehicle that has features such as long-range fuel tanks, modern climate control, run flat tires, and the uncanny ability to make it through a TNT explosion. Oh yeah, and those tires? They can be shot by 12.7 mm bullets and still keep running. This is an upgrade from the typical run flat tires you see on TV. Also, it features anti-blast seats which is a handy feature in the event that you and your crew come rolling up on an army of zombies carrying hand grenades. It can also fjord bodies of water at a depth of right at half the vehicle. This means it’s pretty good at swimming. As for speed, expect about 120 km/h so I can get you out of any mess pretty quick. Yes, I would say this is hands-down one of the best apocalypse vehicles on the market.

So if you follow the automobile manufacturing market then you probably know that Hyundai has made quite a name for itself. However, check out this rendition of their Apocalypse ready vehicle. It’s a zombie killing car that actually slays the undead should we ever find ourselves in the midst of such an unfortunate event. The front teeth act as a great body saw to mow down hordes of zombies and still keep you moving. Also, check out the spinning saw blades on the hubcaps. Those will make light work of anything that gets too close. If both of those things fail, then of course there are always the two machine guns mounted to the top of the hood. They can be controlled remotely which is handy because you don’t want to get out of the vehicle in the event of a swarm. So who do we have to thank for this? Well, his name is Anson Kuo, and he is a fan of the popular television series The Walking Dead. What’s really neat about this is he downloaded the television show’s Chopshop application and used it to customize one of the three virtual holiday models with a various assortment of weaponry. His design was chosen as a winner and Galpin Auto Sports used it to turn his virtual Hyundai into a real-life zombie killing car. It was unveiled at one of the New York Comic Con shows and made quite a splash. It’s good to know that these sorts of things can be manufactured in real life. You know, in case the zombie thing gets real.

This is a pretty boss apocalypse ready vehicle. Check out the old Camaro/Charger body style, mounted on a custom lifted frame with over sized tires. Judging by the scenery, it appears like this is one ready dune buggy. It evens things out with the traditional lights up top to light the way at night while you’re kicking up sand. Also, notice the windows. They are gone. That might be a little dicey if the undead starts forming around the car, but in this instance they would have to get close enough to actually touch it first. Make no mistake about it my friends, this thing is built for speed with its V-8, nitrous infused system. It can burn rubber and melt sand as it flies towards its destination. Just make sure you don’t hop out in route, or you’ll have trouble catching up.

This is a modified assault vehicle that someone obviously has procured from a military surplus auction. Check out the scenery in the background. That’s a house people. What does that mean? Well, simply put, it means that these people are very well prepared should countries go to war in a nuclear style manner. Rather than have their big SUV parked in the driveway, they have a modified assault vehicle. These things can take out tanks if need be. So, if you were the guy two pictures ago that had your nice steel cage wrapped tank going down the road, this vehicle could make mincemeat out of that. The best thing to do in this scenario is to hope you two are friends. This vehicle has the capacity to tow anything that’s stuck, and also make light work of any one deemed an enemy. The best part? You can actually purchase these at old military surplus auctions from time to time. Obviously, the guns don’t work, but with a little ingenuity I’m sure you could come up with something to defend your home turf if need be. You could always use the vehicle for protection.

Okay so this bug out vehicle by Harward and Associates is nothing short about some. Featuring a light bar mounted to the front grill, safety cage steel construction covering the cab of the truck, oversized tires, and enough compartments to store tools and other accessories, this thing is a beast. It’s known as the Unimog Camper By Mercedes. This vehicle is a 4 x 4 off-roader that is four-wheel-drive as well. It’s built to navigate rugged, tough terrain and is very similar to the UniMog Kat 8×8. The only difference is it uses a different vehicle as its base. That’s what these vehicles are all about. They start off as one thing and are turned into something completely different after they are themed out as the ultimate bug out vehicle. This one has a generator to ensure that you have power for prolonged periods of time, and is equipped to keep you safe should you need to pull a couple of overnighters. It’s a step up in your average bug out vehicle, but hey, when it all goes down you want to make sure you are well prepared. 

This truck turned Apocalypse ready vehicle is a sight to behold. Obviously, there was a lot of custom work that went into the top. The bottom half remains fairly simple, and almost contains 100% complete original parts. A lot of work has been done to the suspension, but other than that, everything stays the same. As for the top, rather than removing the entire front half of the vehicle, they simply kicked out the front windshield and put in a sloped fiberglass beauty, while molding the rest of the apocalypse ready themes into the rear bed to create a habitat compartment of sorts. Inside, you can rest your weary soul for a few hours, then wake up and check artillery to make sure your side guns are fully loaded. You can never be too safe when it comes to prepping for the apocalypse, and this vehicle makes sure you are just that… Safe!

So while this motorcycle looks very cool, and Apocalypse ready, it was actually designed for the United States Army war veteran. Themed out in classic camouflage and made to look like an armored vehicle, this sand camouflage motorcycle is a beast. Should things take a turn for the worse on planet earth, this puppy would have no problem getting you out of trouble quick. He could also do considerable collateral damage with its mounted side guns and extra ammo strips which can be seen strapped to the rear of the bike. And while it may not look like the most comfortable ride, if you need to get out of Dodge quick, I’m sure you wouldn’t complain. If somebody told you to hop on the back, you simply do it. It’s either that or get eaten after all. Plus, this guy knows a thing or two about survival. Stick with those type of people and you’ll make it through the end of days.

Tanks are pretty tough by nature. They are certainly well suited to survive an apocalypse event. If any vehicle would be ready, a tank would be the one. Well this one takes the concept one step further by surrounding the entire vehicle with a steel safety net of sorts. This ensures that anything trying to climb on board will have considerable trouble, and all you need to do is swing left or right to sling them free. By anything coming on board, of course I’m talking about zombies and other undead sorts of individuals. If non-zombified people are doing this, open the hatch and let them in. You want as many living things on your side in this event, and hey, somebody has to drive the thing. You can take turns. One can drive while the other shoots. Then, when you’re finished simply stop. Nobody’s going to be able to access the inside unless you let them in. That’s the advantage of having a tank on your side during the apocalypse.

I’m not really sure what’s going on here. Obviously, this individual feels like they are prepared for the impending apocalypse of doom, and they may be right. However, the vehicle seems to be a bit, how shall we say this gently, overloaded. It’s flat-out stuffed with way too many things that are probably not needed. It looks pretty stinking awesome, but I’m just not sure how practical this would be if you’re trying to make it through city streets littered with bodies and the undead. The rifle would come in handy for sure, but you would have to dismount to use it. No, it looks like this vehicle seems to be what happens when a prepper is crossed with a hoarder. I would think that in that instance you would end up with something like this. Either way, here’s to hoping this guy makes it.

This little wilderness apocalypse friendly vehicle is known as the Icarus Defender. It’s made by Genesis tracks, a popular off-road, rally type vehicle manufacturer. The 110 conversion, known as the Icarus, is billed as the ultimate sleep solution over land. The sleeper compartment pops up from the top, and it’s pretty easy to set up. Once this occurs, you have quite a roomy living space inside. And it seems they thought of everything to when you need to spend those nights together for survival during the apocalypse. The sleeper compartment actually allows you to stand up for height while getting dressed, so you don’t have to bend over in the process. Most of us would probably just walk outside naked and get dressed anyway, but we are glad they thought of the little things. Plus, you can even close the roof with your bedding intact and everything will remain as such. Finally, the canopy/awning surrounds the back of the vehicle giving you much needed shade should you find yourself in a wilderness area of the country scorched by blistering heat. The acreage defender would certainly come in handy, and when you’re done, simply pack everything away in under five minutes, hit the road and move on to your next destination. That’s about as user-friendly as we can make the apocalypse my friends.

Okay so this tank like thing takes tanking to a whole new level, if tanking is a thing. The moral of the story here is pretty simple. If you want to survive the apocalypse in one piece, please stay away from the razor-sharp trails of this machine gun bearing rolling artillery vehicle. This is actually a prop from a movie, but it’s still cool enough to make our apocalypse list because hey, who wouldn’t want to be behind the treads of wannabes when things go from bad to worse. Fires, food shortages, riots… Not a problem if you’re behind the wheel of this tank. All you have to do is run over whoever gets in the way, and if that doesn’t work, mow them down beforehand so you can run them over later. You won’t make many friends with a vehicle like this because it only seats one, but hey, there is always plenty of room for a lone wolf in the apocalypse. Ride on my friend and we hope to see you on the other side. Checkout some more military vehicles here.

This is the 1958 Cuthbertson Land Rover. This Land Rover can roll on most roads to get you to safety. And while it may look dilapidated or old – remember this: things used to be built to last. And this Land Rover is no different. The triangular tracked wheels can handle most any terrain and the lifted cab keeps you out of harms way of most zombies, wolves, floods…you name it. This 1958 Land Rover could use an update, but it also is much better than a 2019 Land Rover in an apocalypse. That’s for sure.

This Chevy Silverado is ready for anything – even an apocalypse. This is the Chevy Silverado, Black Ops edition – and while it may look relatively similar to a standard Silverado, the difference lies in the capabilities it maintains. In its bed sit a generator and extra water and gas tanks.It also includes custom-fabricated lower body armor and a lockable, bed-mounted Truck Vault storage unit. It holds a solar power pack, a pair of gas masks, gloves, military First Aid Kit, folding shovel and rope.

This Hummer H2 has been reinforced with the top chopped. This could possibly be a good vehicle to own during the end of the world because of it’s low center of gravity, wide body and overall brute strength. The oversized off-road tires ensure it can handle most terrain, and depending on if this was once a military-grade Hummer, there’s a chance there’s anti-blast or bullet stopping reinforcements on the exterior and underneath the vehicle. If the world ends tomorrow, and this thing is in my driveway…I like my chances.

The Dartz Black Shark is a heavy duty ride in style that could possibly be a good ride during the apocalypse. Probably designed for the wealthy or well-connected, this luxury apocolyptic concept seems rugged enough. But as with any end-of-the-world ride, it’s all about the capabilities.

The EVX Immortus is a solar panel powered vehicle with a modern twist. Not your typical rugged and rough vehicle for the apocalypse…but maybe the one you didn’t think you would need but definitely do. The Immortus is still in concept mode but it is designed to never need refueling, never need charging, never need anything but the sun. So depending on how the apolocolypse pans out, a less indestructable vehicle could be less effective than this intelligent ride.

The Gibbs Amphibious Biski is a cool amphibious bike, fit for the road and the water. While this thing leaves you very vulnerable to any attack that can keep up with you, it’s dual-purpose capabilities definitely gives you an edge in times of escape-mode. Like the bike-tank, this should only be used as an supplementary apocalyptic vehicle.

This is the Gibbs Humdinga. It is an amphibious vehicle fit for the lake or the road. Picture this: you are in a bad situation. You’re being chased by a demoic tribe of zombie wolves, and they’re gaining on you fast. You’re on road but the road soon ends and all that’s left is a boat ramp into the local lake. BOOM! The Humdinga not only gets you out of harms way but takes you safely to the other side. This would be a great tool to have during an apocalypse.

This Hyundai is a vehicle that belongs in Mad Max. If the apocalypse had zombies, I’d take this car. In fact, regardless of what the apocalypse holds I’d still take this car. It’s got all the defensive measures you could want. As long as you don’t have to go through any tight spaces (those spires coming out of the wheels), this seems like the perfect apocolyptic vehicle.

This cool ride is the Kettenkrad HK. Its part bike, part tank, all awesome. This might not be your go-to apocolyptic vehicle, but maybe just your Sunday cruise during the apocalypse vehicle that you use when the weather is nice and you’re looking for berries to pick, or small animals to trap. It seems nice. We’re curious to know how fast it goes and weather or not it can withstand some sort of blast.

This huge beast is the Local Motors Rally Fighter. This car is for the muscle car enthusiasts during the apocalypse. It’s a lifted speed demon, meant for a rough and tumble type of apocalypse where speed and handling are key. Unfortunately, that means the bad guys in the apocalypse are probably pretty fast too. But if those tires are run-flats then we can’t see much of anything getting in this cars way or slowing down during an apocalypse.

This Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6×6 is made for the off-road. This seems like the high-style, high-powered apocolyptic vehicle you’d see Chris Pratt or some movie star cruising through the desert in. The dual rear-axle capabiltiy ensure it can handle just about any terrain, and is especially geared towards desert terrain. The G63 AMG 6×6 would be a beast in the apocalypse!

This is the Nissan 370Zki…with a twist. If you live in the mountains of Washington, or Canada, and are faced with an apocolyptic event, boy do we have a ride for you. The Nissan 370Zki snowmocar is powered by rear-tracked-wheel drive and utilizes skis in front for ultimate manuevering capabilties. In a polar vortex style eclipse, this is the car you want.

The Pal-V Liberty! I mean, can you imagine having this in an apocalypse? I’d show off constantly. I’d let the zombies get real, real close thinking they’re going to finally get me and then, boom! I’m gone. Not in front, or behind you…but above you! Oh, this would be a thrill to have in an apocolyptic situation.

This is the Partisan One. It’s a unique ride, no doubt. Maybe in the apocalypse if there’s a like a Zombie Safari attraction, the Partisan One could be really useful then. But on a real note, this vehicle looks highly structurally sound. I’d like my chances crusing through he undead in this bad boy. Except…what about windows? Or a roof? Once those minor issues get cleared up, we’ll take this one in an apocalypse any day.

The Polaris Sportsman is an all-terrain quad useful to get to safety during the end of the world. The flexible, reactionary wheels give it almost unending options for surfaces to drive over. This is perfect for driving through a battlefield littered with zombie bodies. Or just a road…whichever. We’d love to own this one when the apocalypse hits.

This Quad Bike is a BEAST! Tracked tires, a spare radial tire, medical kits, extra gear and a minigun!? Awesome. Only drawback, she won’t be able to hear maybe ever again with thing going off right beside her head. Other than that, she’s 100 percent ready for anything that the zombies could possibly throw at her. Regardless of apocalypse or just another Tuesday, we want to get a hold of this thing!

The Ripsaw EVV2 can do exactly what its name says, rip right through the road. And any type of zombie that ever might exist, too. This apocolyptic tank seems like it could live through any type of danger that comes it way. And if you happen to have rations on you, it’s big enough to live inside of in a dire emergency…at least for a few weeks. This thing looks like a lot of fun, and if the apocalypse hits tomorrow, this is our first round draft pick.

This is the Shaman G 15. This heavy-duty ride is great for riding out the apocalypse, or sleeping it out. Whichever you prefer because this quasi-RV turned end-of-the-world ride doesn’t seem like much of anything could get in its way. As long as the windows and doors are secure, this might be the most spacious and safe apocalyptic vehicle ever!

The Stella Electric Car is a convenient car for the apocalypse. There might not be running gas stations during the end of time so a car with solar panels powering it is helpful. Seriously, think about it. When the world ends and it’s just you and millions of zombies (because it will defintely just be you that survives, not us) – how will you get gas into your car? Not by the normal method thats for sure. And unless you plan on siphoning every car you see for gas, that’s just not going to happen. So the Stella is a great apocolyptic option – as long as you’re not in immediate danger or the zombies aren’t overly strong or fast. Then you might be screwed.

The Terra Wind is a cool RV that is amphibious. This could prove to be useful for mobile living during the apocalypse. Honestly, this would be the best apocolyptic vehicle to have. Maybe no the most useful, and maybe not the safest, but a traveling house that also can pop into the lake at a moments notice? Yeah, we’ll take it.

This is the Terrafugia TF is an autonomous flying car. This would be a helpful ride during the apocalypse on account of, oh I don’t know, YOU CAN FLY AWAY FROM ANY PROBLEM EVER. Other than that, seems like a pretty normal car. How to fuel and maintain the vehicle is the question. Still, what a good ride to have.

The Torsus Praetorian is a nice vehicle made to handle different terrains and can be lived out of. This one-stop-shop for living and transportation during an apocalypse will give you plenty of choices of how you want to escape the undead. But best hope that those zombies aren’t overly agressive or have any weapons because the Praetorian doesn’t look like it contains any defensive measures!

The Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser Hot Rod can ride off road in speedy fashion, and those tires look like they can handle almost anything. However, in this apocolyptic scenario a flat surface seems necessary because the hot-rod/lowrider vibe this end-of-the-world mobile is putting off would struggle on tough terrain. But it’s a brute of a vehicle, and we’d feel pretty good about it if we ended up with it when the sky falls down.

This cool Water car is the Jeep Panther. It can hit speeds upwards of 80mph on land and nearly 45mph on water. Having this option to fall back on in times of an apocalypse would be crucial! I don’t know if you’ve ever seen any zombie movie – but they don’t swim! This Jeep Panther (may be should have been named something more aquatic?) would get you out of a jam for sure during the apocalypse.