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famke hottest celebrity geniuses

30 Stunning Female Celebrity Geniuses

In addition to being a great actress, starring in roles alongside leading legends like Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd is incredibly smart! It’s a weird story, though. She attended 13 schools…

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kate upton beach run

Celebrities on Beach Vacations

Traveling to the beach for vacation is a favorite for many around the world. The sand, the sun, the fruity drinks and the slow pace are just a few of…

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21 Baddest Custom Semi Trucks on Earth

At number 25, this custom semi is all about the engine. Gear heads behold. What you’re seeing is a V-24-71 Detroit Diesel, and it’s one of the largest semi truck…

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Emma Watson Celebs leaving GYM

25 Celebrities Leaving the Gym

We all think that celebrities just appear in tip-top shape the day filming starts; but no. They go to the gym (and get trained by private trainers who cost an…

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Rare Historical Images That Left Us Speechless

How many times in your life have you seen a hippopotamus? Now how many times in your life have you seen a hippopotamus as the power of a chariot? Now,…

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Helpful Car Hacks 14

30 Awesome Car Hacks You’ll Love

When it comes to useful car hacks, there are a lot of ingenius car tips and tricks out there. It seems that we’re all getting behind on new car technology,…

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Training Wheels Motorcycle

21 Weirdest Motorcycles We’ve Ever Seen

Imagine the feeling of the wind rushing through your hair, the smell of the salty sea dancing around your nostrils, the sun beating down on your shoulders, and if you’re…

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1949 Chevy Antique Pumper

40 Vintage Firetrucks

Firetrucks are not only super cool, they are necessary parts of life and driven/operated by courageous men and women. But the firetrucks we see today are borderline monster trucks, modded…

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Pepsi Truck

21 Funniest Semi Truck Trailers

As far as we’re concerned, there’s nothing better than a combination of functional and funny. And what you’re about to see is a fantastic combination of those two. These semi-truck…

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30 Doctors That Heal Bones and Break Hearts

It’s one of the most sought-after positions in the world, and it gains almost more respect than almost any other occupation as well. To aspire to be a doctor is…

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