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40 Photos of The New Bachelorette Clare Crawley

Clare Crawley is an American hairstylist and television personality.  She is known for her role as a runner-up on one of the season’s of ABC’s The Bachelor but will now…

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40 Vintage Photos of Sharon Stone

When you think of Sharon Stone, if you don’t have a quick flashback memory of her in the white sleeveless turtleneck dress, being interrogated by a group of men in…

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30 Wonder Women Cosplay Costumes

What’s the only thing better than Wonder Woman? 30 of them! These next 30 photos are a mix of professional and amateur cosplayers, all of them dressed as Wonder Woman.…

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40 Vintage Photos of Audrey Hepburn

The golden girl of the golden era of Hollywood; Audrey Hepburn was and will forever be a timeless classic. With larger than life eyes and a jawline that could break…

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School Bus Convertible

50 Used School Bus Conversions You’ll Love

The vehicle that used to take you and your buddies to school has undergone some wild transformations over the last couple of years. As people have realized they don’t want…

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50 Classic Small Airplanes We’d Love to Own

At number 25 we have the Aeronca 11AC small airplane. This particular one was built in 1946.The first production year was one year earlier in 1945. They were made up…

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21 Awesome Food Trucks

Seattle is known for several things, but barbecue is not necessarily one of them. That is, until you see the Maximus Minimus food truck rolling around the corner headed toward…

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25 Homemade Boats You Can Make Yourself

So you have an old Datsun laying around that’s wasting away in your front yard. That means you are nothing more than a full-blooded American. What to do with it…

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Funny Bad Parking Prank

50 Funny Photos of Parking Revenge

The next time someone steals your parking spot at the supermarket, don’t get mad. No, get even like this guy. It seems there are always a plethora of shopping carts…

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50 of The Strangest Cars on Earth

What is this you ask? Is this the little old lady who lived in a shoe? No, not hardly. She would need a larger shoe because, of course, she had…

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