50 Hilarious Car License Plates


If you’re anything like me, then as soon as you could drive you wanted to get your own car. And what was one of the pipe dreams of owning a brand new car? Having your own vanity plate! Ahh, I wanted one so bad when I was 16. But looking back on it, perhaps it’s a good thing that I didn’t. However, these people? We could not be more glad they got vanity plates because these 50 funny car license plates are downright hilarious. So sit back and enjoy!


This License Plate Is Mysteriously Hovering In Mid-air.

If you’re going to try a custom camo paint job on your truck, you might as well have a sense of humor with your license plate. We’re wondering just how many cars, or pedestrians for that matter, have run right into this guy since his truck blends in so well with the surroundings. The license plate elevates the paint job to more of a super-power that has been added. Super powers or not, we’re amused.


Sometimes in life you do something that doesn’t quite work out. This could probably be classified as one of those times. It seems like the connection between the eagle in the commercial and the license plate on the vehicle is lost in translation. Yet, as kooky as this is, nothing compares to number 15!

The Audi Eagle Cry

Okay so the only thing funny about this picture is the license plate. If you’re still driving around in a station wagon, you need help. You should probably also stop watching any movie with the word “vacation” in the title.


Guessing This Family’s Heading for a Family Vacation…

Good One Tesla

Granted, the tag is clever, but that’s about it. If you have ever tried to purchase a Tesla vehicle, then you know the price tag can cause permanent blindness.


I’m not going to say they’re expensive, I’ll just say it might cost you several barrels of oil. I’ll stick to gas powered vehicles for now, thank you.

Wait For It

The only thing more funny than the tag is the fact that it is still true.

The Washington Nationals are the only team that has yet to play in a World Series, much less win one. I guess that’s what the “legendary” tag frame stands for.

Even The License Plate Looks It.

For that matter, even the tires in the back of the truck look the part.


It must be a psychological thing. If you are hauling tires that have seen thousands of miles, it makes you tired by default. If the dingos in #9 were chasing him, tiredness would not be an issue.


Someone Who Really Likes His Job.

That’s right, it seems like the dingos made their way from the Australian Outback to the Great Plains region of the United States. You better beware. They are coming for your baby, too.


Such a Tragedy – And In Nevada Of All Places.

At least according to the tag they do. By the way, this text is outlawed by several politically correct groups, including PETG… People for the Ethical Treatment of Godzilla.

Anyone Lend A Hand?

It seems I’ve flipped my Ford F-150 clean over and need a hand. But wait, why is my license plate still right side up? Oh that’s right. Because this was an intentional flip and now this guy just drives an upside truck. How wild!

Excuse Me Officer, I Couldn’t Help But Notice That Your License Said 420 Blaze.

Then again, it is the state of Maine. I hear it gets cold during the winter months. They have to do something to keep warm up there.

This Driver Always Gets the Last Laugh.

Also, who would have ever expected that an evil villain bent on world domination would drive a Toyota?


I always thought they would fly a futuristic spaceship or something of that sort. Stranger things have happened I guess. Just check out number 23!


If you have the need for speed, we understand. But if we’re in front of you then we can’t read your sassy license plate. Do we sound a bit jealous of this car? Maybe.

Area 68

If you don’t believe in UFOs then you are missing out! And if you haven’t seen this ridiculous car and hilarious license plate combo, then you are also missing out!

Don’t Let Magneto Find Out.

I must say I’m a bit disappointed here.


If I could read minds and bend people to my will, you would see that tag on a Bugatti, rather than the backend of a Jeep. Come on Professor X. It’s time to step your game.

Rger Dat

We’re loving this this license plate. While in the current spelling alphabet (NATO), R is now Romeo, Roger has remained the response meaning “received”.

Maybe the owner is ex military or into ham radio. Either way, well done with this plate.


This guy has the same sense of creativity as someone who names their pet, “Dog.” But honestly, it’s pretty funny. And hey – made ya look!


We didn’t invent the wheel, just the GMC 2500 sitting atop the Quaker Wheel Set of 1897. The funny license plate is one of the least wild things about this entire photograph.

Who’s She

Here’s a plate that might cause you to look twice.


Is Woody Riding Shotgun?

If so, he needs to tell Buzz to check the consumer reports for the Infinity G 37. Once he does that, he will want to change that tag immediately. At that point, it instead of “N BEYOND”, it will say, “END OF ST”.

Drop out

Not everyone needs to complete college to find financial success. In fact many of the most successful entrepreneurs in the US have dropped out of college.

This Lambo is something else. If you’ve never seen a bumperless Lambo, here you go. Honestly, it’s probably cooler looking without the back end!


We don’t play much (any) Pokemon around here but if we did, we would still not have this license plate.

If we say this driving by it would defiantly make us smile. Just the Ferrari alone could put a smile on our face but we’d prefer to see a classic red or black paint job.


Not everyone can be Justin Bieber, unless of course they have this license plate. This is one of our favorites. We can assure you we’d be laughing out loud if we saw this drive by.

Not enough people go after their dreams. This guy does. He’s a belieber.

Clever Play Off Of An Old Classic.

Yet, if Arnold Schwarzenegger pops out of the back of that thing, you better head for the hills.


Even in North Carolina, the Terminator is a viable threat. And before you say it could not happen, they have made a fourth Terminator movie now. We never thought that would happen either!

Hopefully The Cat Jumps Off Before He Gets Up To 88 MPH.

If not though, it does pose an interesting situation. What if the cat in the picture sees his former cat self as a young kitten?


What if as an adolescent kitten he falls for his mother who unknowingly doesn’t know he is her son, but mistakes him for just another cool cat? That litter box could get crowded really quick.

You Can Guess Who Was In Line First At the DMV.

You can also tell a few other things about these individuals.


They both like fords, they both shop at the same place to get their windshield screens, and they both like to park backwards in parking spaces. The numbers are funny, but the rest of the pic makes you feel just a bit uneasy.


Hey if you’re going to own fast car named after a horse then here’s a license plate for you.

This Mustang GT owner managed to find the perfect license plate. We’ll done sir!

Either way, this individual has to be one of those passive aggressive types. They are the type of people who spew venom about you on Facebook, yet go mute when you confront them. I bet his idea of road rage would be “thinking” about honking the horn.


Either Very Frustrated Driver Or Land Pirate.

This picture just makes you wonder what other Star Wars characters are running about up and down the highways. I mean, is there a Car Vader? I guess we will have to keep driving to find out.


Parallel Parked In a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

45 In a 55 MPH Zone? Checks out.

At least this guy is honest. How many times have you been behind someone and wished they would move?


Having a plate like this at least softens the road rage a bit. Plus, it’s a disabled tag, so you can’t get that undone about it.

Everybody talks about Captain Obvious, but nobody has ever seen him. Well, you can’t see him in this pic either. Yet, now you know he drives a grey van.


We’d Be Suspicious If It Said ‘White’.

Pretty Sure You Can’t Just Make Your Own License Plate.

This is what happens when you take arts and crafts to a whole new level, without taking it to a whole new level.


You wind up with a yellow piece of paper for tag, and very shortly, a yellow piece of paper from an officer for not having one. Seems like #43 might be telling a story after all!

They also are very adept at displaying irony from time to time as evidenced by this tag here. Think about it. I make fun of newbies, yet I drive a car that is as old as the hills. Go figure.


Condescending Gamers Have Cars, Too.

We always knew they did things just a little bit differently north of the border. However, I never pegged Canucks as being a random sort. I guess I was wrong. The tag proves it.


What a Time Trying To Call This One Into Dispatch.

Hi Officer

How often does an officer pull over a car with a plate like this? Probably not very often so it’s sure to soften them up some, right?

Vlad the Impala

Some of the more clever license plates we see tend to play off the name of the car. This one is great. Vlad the Impala.

If You Want To Remember Something, Always Write It Down.

Obviously, someone’s mother bought them this tag. Someone’s mother who constantly got tired of hearing their son say, “I have to go to the bathroom!” 10 minutes after they hopped in the car.


Yet if you still have to be reminded of this fact at the age of 16, well never mind. Wait until you see #42. It’s much worse!


If you like to chill while you’re on the road and hope other around you do as well, this is the license plate for you.

Yet if you read it phonetically, these people could also be huge sushi fans. I mean really, what else would you use wasabi for? Either way, the tag is funny.


Oh, Nothing Much. What’s Up With– Oh, I Get It. You’re a Saab.

One Of Those Chicken Vs. Egg Scenarios

On the bright side, it looks like Tweety Bird held strong through the entire ordeal.


He did start to curl up a little, but I would too if somebody rear-ended my vehicle like this. As bad as this is… #48 is worse!

Even the Truck Knew It Was Going To Be a Bad Day.

I wonder if he has different tags for different scenarios? I mean this is pretty ironic stuff here folks. If you have a tag that is this descriptive, you better be prepared for a bit of calamity in your life.


Two Gallons of Gasoline Were Used In the Making Of This Picture.

This also doubles as their house, RV, and entertainment system.


Due to the fact it gets such phenomenal gas mileage, they can hardly afford anything else. That’s okay, at least they will be able to run over anything that gets in their way.

What a Way To Get Cut Off!

These people should be given a ticket for contributing to road rage.


Tell me your blood pressure does not go up just reading a tag that says “Okay Thanks Bye!” I bet the officer called to the scene would find them at fault for the accident!

I don’t know. I never pictured villains driving a Toyota Corolla. I always thought they drove fast sports cars and lived life with reckless abandon. Evidently, I was wrong.


It’s Hard To Be a Career Villain. Even Harder When It’s On Your License Plate.

What’s the Porpoise Of This?

Two things we know about the guy driving this truck. For starters, he has a fascination with dolphins.


Second, he is still single. Yep, that pretty much sums up everything you need to know about this guy. He would get along well with number 21.

Or maybe it is! This guy could be undercover after all. Check out the blackout kit on the lights. This whole thing could be a huge set up. Better make sure to use your blinker!


No Break Check Necessary.

That’s a Double – Wait – Triple Pun.

Maybe it’s the fact that the tag is from New Mexico, but I just can’t shake the feeling that this has “Breaking Bad” written all over it.


With a tag like that, I would not be surprised if Walter White himself were behind the wheel.

Besides sitting in the background providing spectacular scenery, there’s not much else they can do. If you want to get excited about it, feel free. Me, I would rather have a tag that says “Yay Pizza” or “Yay Steak!”


Right?! They’re Everywhere In Colorado!

I’m late

If you’re always late, this is the plate for you. I think we can all relate with this plate at some point.

The Straightforward Approach.

Hey at least he/she was honest. But I think that ‘clumsy’ typically refers to dropping a glass or stubbing your toe…not FLIPPING YOUR CAR!

Well, at least they warned us. Don’t worry, everyone here was safe and sound.

Don’t Think That’s Going To Get You Out Of a Speeding Ticket.

Yeah, I would say that if you are pulled over by number 43, you will probably get a ticket anyway.


In fact, the tag could be seen as some sort of provocation. Maybe you should change it to something more benign like I love puppies. Who knows?

Such Fancy. Much Car. Wow.

However, somehow this tag actually works.This tag is witty, funny, and sarcastic at the same time.


That’s the perfect vanity tag trifecta right there folks. Even at that, I still wouldn’t have it on my vehicle. I’m a guy after all.

Problem Solved.

Now if only the fine people at Nissan could solve the design problem with this hideous vehicle, we would have a win-win.


The tag is clever, the vehicle is not. Back to the drawing board to solve the real problem.

Nicest Mom

We’re going to assume this means “nicest”.

I thought Virginia was for lovers. This guy is not showing us very much of that. AT least he’s not a creeper like #19!
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