35 Weirdest Motorcycles We’ve Ever Seen


Imagine the feeling of the wind rushing through your hair, the smell of the salty sea dancing around your nostrils, the sun beating down on your shoulders, and if you’re from Florida the love bugs getting caught in your teeth. These are just some of the lucky pleasures motorcycle owners get to experience. However, for these special enthusiasts they decided to raise the bar on their life style by adding some of the most ridiculous customizations you’ll ever see on the road.

Weird Motorcycles Are A Virtue

Or was it patience that is the virtue? We can’t remember how the phrase goes, but we certainly know that this bubble gum, cotton candy, birdhouse of a weird motorcycle combined with the yellow rain boots is certainly a virtue. And we’re well aware that it’s one of the weirdest motorcycles we’ve ever seen. Don’t worry, the get a lot cooler than this…

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The Chevrolet of Motorcycles

What could possibly be better than a 1957 Chevy Bel Air? A motorcycle version of the 1957 Chevy Bel Air…duh! This sweet ride is a completely custom job; one-of-a-kind. Something of a low rider as well – not a lot clearance on the bottom of this beauty. But boy oh boy is it beautiful!

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Steam Powered Motorcycle

Nicknamed the “Black Pearl”, this steam-powered motorcycle is the stuff of legend in his small town. This is from out friends over at News Atlas, “The Black Pearl was unveiled at the Bigtwin Bike Show in Rosmalen, Holland, next to a poster of Captain Jack Sparrow. But unlike the legendary sea vessel of the silver screen, this Black Pearl is a land vehicle powered by a steam engine. Constructed by Dutch company Revatu Customs, the two-wheeled locomotive is a fully functioning motorcycle, albeit a slow one.

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1957 Chevy Bel-Air pt. 2

If you didn’t get your fix of nostalgia a few slides ago, then here’s your chance. Another look at the iconic Chevy Bel-Air, this time in retro yellow that feels so appropriate for a 50s Chevy. Thank goodness this guy has the helmet to match!

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Here’s the facts: this bad boy is a combination of a tractor and a motorcycle, it was made by a man in Ohio, it took 5 years (2000-2005) to build, and he lovingly refers to it as the “tractorcycle”. What else could you possibly want to know?

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Spitfire! It’s on Two Wheels

The Spitfire is more than just the most iconic fighter in British history. In the bleak days early days of WWII when the UK stood alone against the Nazi’s, the Spitfire was the only aircraft around that could match the advanced German fighters in quality. Particularly the Messerschmitt Bf 109E that had vanquished so many other foes. Thousands more Spitfires were loaned to other future Allies, including the United States before they could develop their own high-performance counterweights to Germany’s hi-tech fighters.

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Baby Blue

Elongated, perfectly blue and retro-inspired – this sweet motorcycle is one of the coolest on this list. It’s simple frame looks equal parts sleek and boxy-bad***. Elongated for premium speed, this motorcycle is a guaranteed pavement-burner.

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1930 Henderson-Courtney KJ Streamline Motorcycle

The First Art Museum said it best: “With its 1,200-cc, 40-brake horsepower, in-line four-cylinder engine, the 1930 Henderson Model KJ Streamline could exceed 100 mph. In an era when streamlining was used sparingly in motorcycle design, American Orley Ray Courtney’s enclosed bodywork was virtually unknown on production two-wheelers (except for a few racing machines), making the KJ an unusual and beautiful example of Art Deco design.”

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Pink Speed Racer

Another sweet product from Duestchland, this four-engined racebike is pimped out in hot pink and primed for extreme speed. It’s clearly on the starting lines of a drag race (lights on the right) and given how crazy this thing is – we feel like it’s destined to win any race it enters.

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1930 StreamLine KJ Henderson Motorcycle pt. 2

We’ve already given you the backstory to this beautiful piece of machinery a few slides ago, but this one just hits different. The baby blue and white is such a unique combo for a motorcycle. Also, it was stunningly beautiful but impractical and hard to ride. Which is one reason you probably haven’t seen it before. The Streamline’s complex curved body was heavy and was difficult to make.

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International Harvester Motorcycle

We’ve already shown you one gnarly Tractorcycle, so here’s another one. These two look relatively similar, but they aren’t. This one is a lot more manageable with smaller tires and a simpler design. What do you think of this beast?

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Skull and Bones Motorcycle

With secret societies being a hot topic with conspiracy theorists, the owner of the Skull and Bones motorcycle decided it was time to rise up and take a stand. And the only way he knew how to do that was to make a motorcycle encompassing all that is crazy conspiracy theories. For those of you who do not know, many people claim that the secret society from Yale called the “Skull and Bones” has had their hand in every major political election since its inception.

Famous members include William Taft, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush. This bike is dedicated to all those who believe in the extraordinary. Honestly, the Skull and Bones motorcycle probably has nothing to do with that, I just want to believe that this story could be true. If you pay attention to the engine block it looks like a tomb, ironic how the skull and bones headquarters is called “The Tomb.” Coincidence? I think not! Either way this motorcycle is a work of art, and it’s easy to tell that massive amounts of dedication was put into this ridiculous ride. NEXT: Remember Hot Wheels?


Big Boy Tricycle

When you were a child did you ever own a tricycle? I know I did, and I can distinctly remember thinking I was the toughest kid on the block when I pulled up to my friend’s house in my new tricycle. At the time I was the only one in our group of 8 that had a tricycle, and I knew that all the kids on the block were jealous. With that being said I need to ask, “Nick, is that you in this picture?”

I knew you were envious of my new tricycle, but did you really need to go this far to prove your point? I mean, yeah, you definitely have an interesting machine on your hands, and it looks like it’s a blast to drive, but to harbor a childhood memory for that long is just plain ridiculous. All jokes aside, it’s every preschooler’s dream to own the fully operational version of their tricycle. You don’t even need foot pedals to power it! Making the Big Boy tricycle the go-to vehicle for all man-children out there in the world. NEXT: The Hamster Wheel…

Michelin Motorcycle

Not only is this bike one of the most unique machines to hit the road since the amphibious car, but the owner is dressed in the Michelin man costume, which makes this picture the most hilarious thing on the internet. This motorcycle is something out of a science fiction movie; I’m half expecting the cast of Star Trek to pop-out of the giant back wheel.

That thing could bend time and space all by itself. Another very possible explanation could be that the owner of the Michelin motorcycle is a stunt performer, and this is all for a movie to be released in the near future. I doubt that though. If anything this guy gets dressed every day like that so he can spread the word about traction safety, and why Michelin should be the only brand of tires allowed on the road. Nice try Michelin Man, we all see what you’re doing and it’s not going to work. I love my Firestone tires, and no matter how many times you wave at me I’m not going to change my tires. NEXT: He’s a magician what did you expect…

Smoke and Mirrors

As a rule of thumb anytime there’s white tires on a bike, we’re paying attention. This ride (depending on how you look at it) is crazy cool or the worst thing you’ve ever seen. We’re hoping you’re in the crazy cool compartment with us…

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The Hearse Motorcycle

Death is a time of mourning for the members of the individual who passed away, but for those crazy people who want to go out with a bang, this is the motorcycle for you. This is called the Hearse motorcycle, and it is every bit as creepy and ridiculous as you think. Instead of the traditional car that carries your body to your grave site, this extended motorcycle will transport your remains in style.

The only saving grace this motorcycle gets is that it’s much more visually appealing than those old traditional hearses you see driving around town. If I’m going to go out, I want to be carried in my own leather chariot like this. Imagine the stunned looks these guys probably get when driving around town. The only problem I can foresee happening is my casket falling off the side, and my dead body rolling around on the concrete. At least if that happens my loved ones have a crazy story to tell about me, something I’m sure they’re not lacking in. How about yourself, would you ever allow your body to be carried in this contraption? NEXT: The fastest bike in the world…

Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle

Intended to never be ridden, this is the world’s fastest motorcycle prototype. It’s called the Dodge Tomahawk, and it is every bit as cool as its name suggests. It was introduced to the world in 2003 at the International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, and it has been turning heads ever since. It’s rumored that only nine units have ever been built, and it runs a hefty price of 555,000 dollars.

It’s said that Dodge continually states the Tomahawk is never meant to be ridden, but that’s like telling a five year old boy that he can’t play with his new toy. That just makes him want to play with it even more! The Tomahawk is powered with a 500 horsepower 8.3 liter V10 engine, the same exact engine used in the Dodge Viper. It’s even claimed that this roving powerhouse can reach speeds up to 300 miles an hour. If that doesn’t give you the itch to give the Tomahawk a test drive than I don’t know what will. Especially when this bike reaches 60 miles an hour in just 2.3 seconds. NEXT: The Ape Hanger!!!

Ape Hanger Motorcycle

The Ape Hanger Motorcycle

Leading off the list is the Ape Hanger motorcycle. What do you get when you combine denim, leather, an unsettling paint job, and new-age yoga moves? This disaster, all for you viewing pleasure. Apparently, the style of the handle bars is called Ape Hangers, and this used to be a very popular style for old school Harley Davidsons.

I guess the owner didn’t get the memo that ape hangers went out of style the second we got out of the 80’s. How does this man even drive his motorcycle? Does it turn well? How long does it take for his arms to start hurting? These are all burning questions that need answering, because this guy is either the Terminator, or he knows the secret to mind over matter. Either way I want to meet him and shake his hand, just to see if his arms aren’t permanently stuck in that position. I’m just glad the person riding in the car next to him was able to get a picture. Otherwise we would not have the pleasure of seeing what it takes to be a real man. NEXT: A Jaguar like you’ve never seen it before…

Jaguar Motorcycle

Remember that movie “Anchorman” with Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy? Well there was a scene in the movie where Brian Fantana, played by Paul Rudd, revealed his secret cologne called “Sex Panther.” If that cologne could be made into a vehicle, this fantastic motorcycle would be the result. Once you climb aboard the Jaguar motorcycle, you’ll begin to notice odd changes happening. First, for some reason after riding the Jaguar people have a tendency to quit their job and move to Costa Rica.

Second, mystical shamans from distant lands keep showing up at your house praying for you. Don’t ask them why, that would only ruin the effects. Third, you’ll begin to notice that actual jaguars randomly want to be your pet. Actually, I was completely joking about those things happening to you, but what I do know is that this motorcycle is the essence of style. It’s polished, luxurious, and looks intimidating on the road. Oh, and don’t forget, it works 60 percent of the time, every time. Take that to the bank.

Wood Motorcylce

Two by Four Motorcycle

If there’s own thing I know it’s that sticking an engine on a bunch of two by fours has the making of a disaster. Trust me, I’ve tried. Then again, there are some guys out there who can be inventive with the most preposterous items. If anything, the owner of the two by four won’t have to worry about his motorcycle being stolen.
Maybe that’s the genius behind the two by four motorcycle. He decided to make it knowing that nobody would steal it. Genius my good sir, pure genius; and who said that you needed a degree from an ivy league school to be recognized as smart? This guy proves to those regular-car-driving babies what it takes to be a man from the south. Guts, grit, a little oil, and a gift card from home depot. Just be sure not to mention all the splinters he’s received from his seat. That would be a sore subject. Additionally, don’t mention the 2013 Iron Bowl to this guy. I heard he is still a little sensitive about the loss.

Alien Motorcycle

Alien Motorcycle

Yes, yes, yes, yes! This motorcycle is everything I ever wanted from my child hood, all wrapped into one terrifying machine. This bad boy will not only implant its little children into your abdominal cavity, but it can save you hundreds on gas. What a win-win! It’s clear that the owner was also a big fan of alien. The only thing he could do to top the alien motorcycle, though, is create the predator version. I would pay good money to see these two motorcycles in real life.
I don’t care if I need to travel to foreign lands just to do it. Honestly, this bike is terrifying, and I can only imagine the night mares the owner’s children must have after growing up with this monster staring down at you. From the looks of it, and from reading the description about the alien motorcycle, this thing weighs a lot. Like carrying a bag with nearly 10 bowling balls, a lot. That’s way too much weight to being carrying around, but it’s acceptable only because of how cool this thing is.

Lawn Mower Motorcycle

Lawn Mower Motorcycle

Have you ever tried to cut your lawn on a motorcycle? If not, then you clearly aren’t trying hard enough because this owner has figured out a way to not only look cool, but cut his yard at the same time. I call that killing two birds with one stone. He gets the pleasure of knowing he’s driving an awesome motorcycle, while still being able to get his yard work done in a timely manner.
The sheer joy this man must feel when chopping down thick grass is probably comparable to the first time the riding lawn mower was used. It’s an urban legend that the owner is John Deere himself, and that he rides around town in the middle of the night cutting peoples yards. That’s why if you ever hear a slightly louder than normal lawn mower out at midnight, be sure to run outside as fast as possible. You could have the lucky chance of seeing John Deere himself doing what he knows best – making people’s lawns look nice. This is more exciting than being a kid waiting for Santa Clause!

Hulk Mouse Motorcycle

Not Your Average Mickey Mouse Motorcycle

If you’ve ever been to Chuck E. Cheese, then you know how frightening an animated mouse can be. This is that mouse’s brother who was soaked with gamma rays and became the wicked mouse we see here. Actually this is a recreation of Rat Fink, a terrifying character created by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth of Kustom Kulture in the 60’s as an anti-hero answer to Mickey Mouse. Roth started selling “Weirdo” tshirts at car shows and in hot rod publications in the late 1950’s, which won him a loyal following that still exists today.
As terrifying as this Rat Fink recreation may be, it gets even better knowing that the owners of the motorcyle wanted to keep him classy. Just look at the pinky finger on the front wheel. That’s class if I’ve ever seen it. He can eat your heart out, or pour you tea on a Sunday afternoon. What a combination! I really want to know what the owner looks like also, I bet he has a custom helmet that ties in perfectly with his creation. The only thing that would make this bike cooler is if there was a sound box added to the front of the motorcycle saying, “You won’t like me when I’m angry” every time a person walks in front of the motorcycle. The reactions from the people would go viral on Youtube faster than those dumb cat videos. If the owner is reading this, please do that, we would love to see people’s reactions to your motorcycle.

Achilles Motorcycle

Achilles Motorcycle

Sometimes you have to wonder about the ideas that these ridiculous motorcycle owners have on a day to day basis. Now, I know that nearly all of these owners are creating their bikes from a place of good intention. However, sometimes people with a lot of money think they can do anything, and the Achilles motorcycle would be a good example. It’s sleek, it’s hip, it’s new, and it could be the most dangerous motorcycle on the road.
I need to mention this for all the people reading, this bike is dangerous to ride. It most likely is a show bike, but that doesn’t stop the owner from taking it out for a spin every once in a while. Don’t get me wrong, this thing is pretty neat, but I guarantee that the steering and handling of this bike is the Achilles heel. Hence the name Achilles motorcycle. Because everything about this bike is riveting to look at, but the functionality of it keeps it impossible to drive on a daily basis. Plus, the bronze coating makes the bike look like an ancient Greek shield.


Gears of War Tricycle

Gears of War Tricycle

I have always been a fan of the Orange County motorcycles, and when Paul Jr. decided to break off and do his own thing I became ecstatic for the upcoming builds he had planned. And this is exactly what I was waiting for. This is called the Gears of War tricycle that was built for the release of the new Gears of War video game.
This machine is every bit as cool as the game from Gears of War, meaning that this bike is a very intense visual, and comes loaded with stunning details. Just take a look at the muffler on the front, that’s a retro-fitted Gatling gun being used as a muffler. Who even thinks of something like that? Let’s not forget that the crew at Paul Jr. Designs had to complete this bike in record time, making the Gears of War tricycle their most preposterous build yet. This machine comes with a Crazy Horse V-plus 100 ci engine, and renegade wheels for the ultimate ride. This is the beautiful machine you get after mixing the intensity of Gears of War with the design skills of Paul Jr. Designs.

Big Red Motorcycle

Big Red Motorcycle

This is called the Big Red motorcycle, she’s hot, spicy, and has a fiery kick. I’m not talking about the girl. I’m talking about the beautiful bike underneath the girl, even though she’s pretty cute herself. This thing is fully loaded and ready for you to take her for a joy ride. It comes with what looks to be 24 inch width wheels that are going to grab traction on any surface.
The only thing that would make riding this bike any more fun is if the girl in the picture comes as part of the package, too. Something tells me that isn’t the case, though, but a man can dream. The Big Red motorcycle even has six fire extinguishers attached for extra safety. That means this machine can get pretty hot, mainly from the feisty stares you’ll be getting if you’re driving it. I’m not quite sure how the handling on the Big Red is; I can only assume it has the same turning radius as its bigger brother the Firetruck. I just hope the Big Red sounds as good as it looks.

Tractor Motorcycle

Tractor Motorcycle

At what point do these owners say, “Alright, that’s enough modifications for my motorcycle. Any more and people are going to say something.” Because the owner of the Tractor motorcycle passed that point after he introduced the back wheel. This motorcycle is built for Paul Bunyan, and I’m going to lose it if it comes out that this motorcycle is owned by a real lumber jack. The owner basically saw a tractor and the first thought he had was, “Boy, those tractor wheels would look even better on my motorcycle.”
And being the impatient type, he probably got those tires onto his motorcycle within a day. I’m really curious to know how the ride is and what the experience of making a turn has to be with the Tractor motorcycle. Also, I would put money down that the Tractor motorcycle has been taken into the mud pits at least once. What a site that would be to see. To the owner of this ridiculously modified motorcycle I have only one thing to say, “Do you need a step-ladder to get onto your bike?”

Walking Dead Motorcycle

Walking Dead Motorcycle

Imagine a world where there was recently a deadly virus that turns all the dead humans into zombies. Then imagine some lunatic running over all those zombies, cutting off their heads and skin, and turning them into a motorcycle. The end result is the Walking Dead motorcycle you see here. This guy has really prepared for the upcoming zombie apocalypse, what makes this even creepier is that this would probably save his life if that scenario ever happened.
I mean, who would you rather have on your team when the world comes to an end, the guy with the cross bow, or the man who can turn zombies into motorcycles? My money is on the guy who can turn zombies into a stylish machine. Not only is he able to reuse your uncle for a seat cover, but he can make it look good at the same time. Talk about multi-talented! I’m not sure about the price tag for this bad boy, but I’m willing to guess this guy spent a lot of time on the details, and for that I give you two thumbs up.

Hamburgler Motorcycle

Hamburgler Motorcycle

Ronald McDonald had a rival named the hamburgler, and this is his vehicle of choice. Made with 100 percent hamburger meat, this is the vehicle that represents America. Not only are the wheels made with tomatoes and onions, but there is a fast food tray attached to the front for an easy eating experience. This is exactly the kind of vehicle that foreigners think every American drives. On a more serious note, it’s rumored that if you go to any McDonalds in America with the Hamburgler motorcycle they’ll give you a free big mac. I want to know if this is true or not, because if that’s the case, I’d be driving this beauty around every day.

Kettenkrad Motorcycle

Kettenkrad Motorcycle

In the tiny city of Oak Ridge, Tennessee there is a festival that happens every year celebrating the anniversary of World War II. Built in 1943, it’s home to some of the most momentous events to occur on American soil, including the development and manufacturing of the atomic bombs that put an end to WWII. Part of the show includes this beauty you see above. Originally, this odd looking motorcycle is called the “Kettenkrad,” and it is a cross between a motorcycle and a tank track.
Ironically, this machine was used during the war, for what I have no clue, but it was thought to have been lost as another casualty of the war. That is until it was found that a farmer in Holland was using it to plow his fields. After the rare find, the owner decided to restore the kettenkrad and use it for battle reenactments at Oak Ridge. This machine is a war hero, and the ridiculousness of it makes it a treasure to be remembered for years to come. Be sure to stop at the Oak Ridge reenactments if you ever get a chance.

Yellow Motorcycle

Can you imagine the thoughts running through the head of the owner of this ridiculous motorcycle? “I’m king of the world,” or “My motorcycle is bigger than your truck, loser.” These are the only thoughts that would seem appropriate for a man who’s riding on a jumbo customized dirt bike. What makes it even funnier, though, is that it looks like he has training wheels added for stability. I don’t blame this guy for adding them though.
This motorcycle is so big that it needs a little help to keep it upright, but at some point you have to wonder.

When is he going to take those things off? How much do training wheels, or in his book, “Assistance wheels,” help out anyway? What makes this motorcycle un-drivable for me is the fact that the tires constantly need air put in them, or else they deflate due to the weight. It must be truly annoying having to stop every 10 miles to do that. Add onto that with the fact that the owner decided to use a dirt bike style body. A little too ridiculous for me.

Big Green Motorcycle

Big Green Motorcycle

Santa Clause has gotten a little rowdy this year. He decided to throw away his old school sled, powered by 12 ancient reindeer, and upgraded to this powerhouse of a machine. Let’s see, John Deere tractor engine for ultimate power, check. Skull of a bull from his back yard, check. Cowbell hanging right underneath his feet making sure everybody can hear him coming, check. Finally, your baby hanging on for dear life, check. Looks like all systems are go for the greatest Christmas ever in Mississippi.
Speaking of which, Ms. Clause is looking a little raunchy these days, she’s really upgraded her style. It was probably her that got the owner of Big Green to upgrade his old clunker for this little piece of Americana. Another possible reason why this vehicle is gracing our streets could be that the owner heard the song “Big Green Tractor” by Jason Aldean and decided that this was his new life mission. If that’s the case then I must say congratulations big hoss, you’ve made it to internet stardom. Enjoy the 15 minutes before it slips away.

Batpod Motorcycle

The Batpod Motorcycle

And finally, my favorite pick…The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan may have been the best Batman movie ever made. One reason was the introduction of this wonderful piece of science fiction turned reality, the batpod. Now, we can’t all be billionaire playboys with daddy issues, so owning the real version is pretty much out of the question. Just as a recap so everyone knows, the version in the movie has 20 inch front and rear tires, and includes grappling hooks, cannons, and machine guns.

That’s pretty cool even for movie standards, but this machine is just awesome. From the looks of it, this is a replica of the original batpod from the movie, except it actually works. It even comes with grappling hook attachments, and machine gun positioning, too. Is this guy the real-life Batman? My gut says no, but either way this is one ridiculous motorcycle, and the dedication these fans have to their heros is unwavering. I applaud whatever brave soul has taken the oath of the dark knight and has decided to roam the streets in his super slick motorcycle. My only question is, “Does that thing have a self-destruct mechanism like in the movie?” Check out some bonus motorcycles on the next slide!

Here Are Some Bonus Motorcycles

awesome motorcycles


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