21 Funniest Semi Truck Trailers


As far as we’re concerned, there’s nothing better than a combination of functional and funny. And what you’re about to see is a fantastic combination of those two. These semi-truck trailers are made to be a great marketing decision, but also downright amusing! Wait until you see the top 5, you’re going to laugh out loud for sure.

Fedex Truck

21. FedEx Semi Truck Fun

So what do you do when you’re marketing department is tasked with coming up with a clever design idea for your semi truck drivers to ride around in style? Well, the short answer is that you take a jab at your competition if you are FedEx! These guys pull no punches, and the statement is quite obvious. One FedEx semi truck can do the work of two brown ones. The ad also makes a jab in another way. Maybe UPS chooses FedEx when they need to have their delivery trucks delivered. We can’t wait to see what the guys at UPS come up with as a response!

20. A little bit more than King Size

Remember when candy bars went king-size for a while? You know what I’m talking about. It seemed like for a while all you had were your standard size snickers, Mars bar, or Three Musketeers. Then one day you show up and at your local gas station, and there is this new king size candy bar. It costs a few pennies more, but it sure made you salivate as a kid. Well, imagine driving down the road and seeing this candy bar outside your passenger side window. If you’re an adult it will make you chuckle.

Mars Truck

If you are nine, you would probably wet your pants with excitement. This is the stuff of holiday legend after all. The Easter Bunny and Halloween could never compete with something like this. Good thing this semi truck is moving. If it stopped for too long there could be trouble.

19. Really Fast Food

This McDonald’s semi truck pretty much sums up life when you think about it. I mean most of the time we are on the go, one hand on the wheel with another hand on a burger, scarfing down lunch while driving to our next destination.

McDonalds Truck

Perhaps there was an implied meaning there with this semi truck. Maybe the folks at McDonald’s are really deep thinkers after all. Even if they aren’t, this modern head nod to our fast food lifestyle is pretty funny stuff.


Pepsi Magic

No David Copperfield required here folks. All you need is a little bit of marketing magic and trailer wrap graphics by none other than the Pepsi Corporation. While the design of this semi truck is clever and will certainly turn heads as it cruises down the road, it could also pose a few problems.

Pepsi Truck

For instance, how would you keep your Pepsi from floating off your picnic table on a warm summer’s day? Good thing that truck trailer has a top, or all of those profits would float away.

17. Timber Semi Truck

I’m sure that’s not the only thing that would come flying out of your mouth if you were driving down the road and mistook this 2-D image for a splitting log that is about to come rolling out onto the interstate. As it happens, this image was a rhino award winner as part of a design competition among different marketing companies. The idea was to see who could come up with some of the best images to put on the semi trucks.

Wood Truck

If you click back through a few of these pictures you might notice that some of the scenery looks the same. That’s because the same semi trucks were used by the various design companies to showcase their concept of what an eye-catching ad would look like on the side of a semi truck.

16. Longest Trucker Ponytail

It has long been known that there are more than a few truck drivers that sport ponytails. Well thanks to a little creativity from Pantene, we can now catch a glimpse of those lovely locks that have been hiding beneath every trucker’s ball cap. The funny thing is that some of you reading this probably know someone with hair that is almost that long. If you do, you were nodding your head while you read that last sentence. Now you are laughing. Go ahead, send your buddy the link and let him compare his ponytail to this one.

15. It’s Cold In Here!

If you know anything about HSF, then you know they specialize in refrigerated transport. However, if you don’t know anything about them and are quite new to the loading dock, this truck could throw you for a loop.

HSF Truck

You might think somebody is already doing the job for you and scoot on down to the next loading bay, but you would be mistaken. Don’t let that guy in the refrigerated suit fool you, he’s just a piece of slick marketing. Somebody has to unload all the refrigerated items in that truck. Somebody like you. This is not a union gig, get to work!


Mega Mentos

Okay so what would you do if you are cruising down the road, and all of a sudden these huge Mentos come flying at you? This has to be one of the slickest marketing gimmicks I have seen. Whoever came up with this idea certainly got a pay raise, and also had a heck of a good time watching those Mentos fly out of the back of that semi truck.

Mentos Truck

Too bad there’s not a big truck hauling Diet Coke nearby. Putting those two together would create the event of the century!

13. Rubics Cubed

Okay so actually there are four cubes in the picture so I guess a better description would have been Rubics to the fourth power, but if you remember anything about this toy in the 80s then you know the best way to solve it. Simply pull the stickers off and put them all where they should go.

Rubics Cube Truck

Granted, it would be a bit hard with the cubes in this picture, but given enough time and effort I’m sure you could make it work! The simple design of this truck trailer is part of what makes it pure genius. The head nod to a used nostalgia makes it epic. Speaking of epic, wait until you see number 11!

12. Strawberry Cement

If cement really came from strawberries, construction companies would be broke. All they would have on their hands would be a bunch of fat employees running around with strawberry juice all over their face. Fortunately, this is just a cement mixer wrapped to look like a strawberry.

Strawberry Cement Truck

It certainly catches your eye, and makes for a great advertising gimmick. The giant strawberry certainly catches your eye and entices you to search out why it’s there. Then you find text and everything is clear. Click on through to the next image to see another creative gimmick. It would probably scare the pants off of you if you saw it while you were driving.

11. Jurassic Semi Truck

Maybe this could be the idea for a fourth Jurassic Park movie, perhaps one where dinosaurs are crossbred with trucks to produce some sort of robot dinosaur species that roam the earth and dominate everything. Wait a minute, I think I just described the plot to one of the Transformer movies.

Jurassic Park Truck

Either way, I digress. This Mercedes truck is still a beast. Nothing screams testosterone like having a T-Rex and a few fighting Triceratops plastered on the side of your truck trailer. Bonus points for carrying the design element all the way through to the cab. Whoever airbrushed this beauty is a true artist.


Eat Your Heart Out Banksy

If you thought the previous image was pretty wild, check out this one. There are actually several of these trucks floating around the Bronx. As it turns out, the trucking company got tired of seeing their truck trailers tagged with graffiti so they enlisted the help of a local graphic design firm to help combat the issue.

Banksy Truck

Their answer? Create a whimsical undersea scape truck trailer design that also incorporates graffiti as part of the design elements. So far it seems to be working. It just goes to show you that you never know what you’ll find in New York City.

9. Lockjaw Transport

That’s right, you would get one heck of a case of lockjaw if you chewed all this gum.

Wrigleys Truck

The folks at Wrigley’s outdid themselves with this truck advertisement. The trailer actually lends itself rather nicely to the shape of an old-school pack of chewing gum. Now, if only it came with those twins that were featured in the classic Wrigley’s chewing gum commercials, that would be a game changer.

8. Drunk Trucker

Okay, so maybe this tanker truck is full of Guinness beer or maybe it’s not; we don’t know for sure. One thing we do know is this is perhaps one of the most clever tanker truck designs we’ve ever seen. I bet their truck drivers fought each other to haul this beauty.

Guinness Trailer

After all, who wouldn’t want to haul around a couple of giant cans of Guinness every day? I would be careful driving through college towns though. You might get attacked by a couple of fraternities if they saw beer cans this big rolling down their street!

7. Semi Truck in Disguise

Places like Los Angeles and New York City can be challenging to a truck driver. I mean let’s be honest, if you’re parked for more than 10 minutes in certain areas of town then your truck will get tagged with graffiti. To that end, we offer the following image as a way to spur your creativity. Think of it as a “When in Rome, do as the Romans” sort of thing.

Graffiti Truck

It seems this fellow has it all figured out. Rather than fight the graffiti artist, why not paint your truck trailer to look like a tagged subway car tag? That could thwart would-be taggers, and also makes you look pretty boss going down the road. Let’s be honest, who would want to mess with somebody hauling a trailer that looks like that? Yet, if you think this one is killer, wait until you see the next one!

6. Busted!

Now we know what truck drivers do on their breaks. They take a break and have a Kit Kat in the trailer. This clever design was featured again as part of the Rhino Award Ad Design Competition I mentioned earlier.

Kit Kat Truck

The company responsible for this is German-based print ad giant DDB Duseldorf. There 2007 entry was a show stopper! Imagine driving past this truck only to see what you think is a guy swinging in a hammock. That would turn a head or two, especially since it looks like he could be the truck driver!!

5. Skate Down The Highway

This is one of the more clever advertisements we have seen. This also gives new meaning to the phrase, “If you can’t find them grind them.” It looks like both are going to happen here. Vans has done it again with their out-of-the-box thinking. The green tires on the truck are a nice touch and really help complete the look.

Vans Truck

This truck may not be shredding any half pipes, but it will certainly shred the road with the help of that giant foot. That brings one other question to mind, what kind of gas mileage can you get with that thing?

4. Stay Back 100 Feet

The last time I checked, I’m pretty sure oranges came in boxes or bags. However, the clever marketing folks over at Valensina decided to spice things up a bit with this proposed truck advertisement. I’m sure OSHA would have a thing or two to say about this, but it’s still pretty funny.

Valensina Truck

The bright red ad instantly catches your eye and leads it to the back where you see nothing but a heaping pile of oranges waiting to spill out at any moment. On the bright side, you could grab a glass and have some roadside orange juice on the fly, so long as you’re not worried with oranges flying toward the windshield of your vehicle from the back of a speeding semi at 70+ miles per hour!


No Thanks, I’ll Just Have One

The Dos Equis man can have his glory day in the hot sun, just give me this Heineken.

Heineken Truck

That’s all I need, just one Heineken beer, particularly this Heineken beer right here! Thank you bartender, that will be plenty sir; expect a nice tip. What? What’s that? You were expecting more of the tip! Well, you should have served it up like you did in number 1!


Thar She Blows!

Captain Ahab wouldn’t know what to do if he saw this rolling through town. Forget the great white whale; he would be after this blue wonder in a heartbeat.

Whale Truck

It’s a pretty neat way to advertise, you have to admit that. Plus, it makes for some great eye candy, too. I mean really, when was the last time you saw a great blue whale rolling through your town in what appears to be the back of a semi truck? That’s what I thought, I never have either. That ought to give you something to chew on. Speaking of that, check out our last image…

1. No Sleigh Necessary

You have to give it to Coke. They know how to pull your heartstrings and mess with your emotions. This picture of a Coke truck decked out in all it’s holiday glory would even tempt Santa to give up his sleigh.

Christmas Coke Truck

Each year Coke takes a few semi trucks from its fleet and decks them out with lights and a candy cane before they hit the road. They roll across the globe spreading Christmas cheer, and of course, peddling a lot of Coke.

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