50 Wildest Game Camera Pics


What they do when we’re not watching – now that’s where the magic is! If you’ve ever got the feeling that your pet has done something crazy overnight, but can’t prove it – well then these game camera pics will make your case that much stronger. These photos prove how insane some animals are while the sun is down. The sense of timing on these is impeccable, I mean just perfect. You’re going to be amazed at what you see, that’s a fact!

Florida Panther)National Geographic)
National Geographic

Florida Panther on Night Stroll

Look at this incredible wild game picture. It perfectly captures the beauty and wild nature of the Florida panther. The fact their numbers are on the increase is a good thing. Many people believed panthers were a threat because they mistakenly assumed them to eat anything (like people). And while they can attack, they need a reason to do so. Their main diet consists of feral hogs, a seemingly never-ending food source in South Florida. Panthers keep the population in check!

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Bear Bath

Nothing to see here – just a bear taking a bath at night. Sitting upright just like your Uncle Jeffrey in the hot tub. Honestly – wouldn’t be surprised if there was a beer nearby! This has to be one of the all-time greatest trail camera photos of all time.

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The Chase

Live-action is always good. Here is a cougar in hot pursuit of a deer. Here’s the rub. Cougars have a clear advantage. They have a top speed range of 40-50 miles per hour. Whitetail deer only have a top speed of 30 miles per hour. The key for deer to escape lies in their agility. They can turn much sharper and quicker than cougars, giving them valuable tenths of seconds with each twist, turn or hop. Both have excellent night vision so determining a clear winner is hard from the trail cam pic. One thing is for sure. All bets are off and the game is definitely afoot!

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Albino Doe'

Albino Doe

How often have you seen this? Ancient Native American tribes signified the albino doe or albino deer as a sign of prophecy – meaning the leaders of the tribe were upon the time where a major decision was to be made. That it was time. Pretty wild to see on a trail cam!

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Bear hates Baby Bear

Bear and her Cub

We’re not completely sure what this bundle of wood is doing in that barrel, or what the lean-to branches are doing. But what we do know is that this momma bear is really trying to get her cub to check it out, or grab something. Team work makes the dream work.

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Raccoon on Boar

Raccoon Riding the Boar

What do you do when you’re tired but still have some ground to cover? You wait and hitch a ride. This boar was passing by and either it’s friendly with these raccoons or it just has no idea that there’s an animal on it’s back. But either way, this coon is catching a ride!

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Deer with thing in Antlers

Deer with a Statue Stuck in his Antlers

“Here’s what I think of this decoy! I know you’re trying to get me, and I know this decoy is a part of your plan. I also know where you set up your trail cam – so here I am, baby. Come and get me.” – this deer, probably.

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Fox and Raccoon(Karen Tetrault, Massachusetts)
Karen Tetrault, Massachusetts

Fox and the Raccoon

Who doesn’t love an old abandoned car in the middle of the woods? We actually know a lot about this trail cam picture surprisingly. It’s fairly recent (2017), taken rather early in the evening and chilly (33 degrees). What we don’t know is who’s driving, the fox or the raccoon? Obviously, they are not afraid of each other. It could be the fox has found a new den and the raccoon is simply trying to stay out of the elements!

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Deer Fox

The Deer and The Fox

So here’s the thing. Deer and fox are not natural enemies. This postcard picture-perfect game camera shot proves it. Maybe both were hoping to eat some pumpkin and share a meal. Yet, the irony is fox has been known to attack deer and deer have been known to attack fox if they feel threatened. So, what would happen in this scenario? Well, you knew we would have to mention the deer’s spectacular rack at some point. Seems like to us he could make light work of the fox. For the moment though, these two make one of the wildest game camera pics we’ve ever seen!

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The Happening

Imagine your favorite horror movie, except instead of humans it’s deer. That’s what this movie is all about, and this is the poster for it. What a crazy assemblage of deer all in one place for this funny trail cam photo!

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Don’t mind me, I’m just your friendly neighborhood bear, catching some rest and waving at the trail cam which I clearly know is there!

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Squirrel Deer(Outdoors Weekly)
Outdoors Weekly

The Squirrel and The Deer

So maybe Rocky traded in Bullwinkle for this whitetail deer, or maybe the squirrel is attacking the deer because he did something to Bullwinkle. It just goes to show you what happens when we are sleeping. Wildlife antics abound while we are least unaware. Look closely too. This is no flying squirrel; it’s a surprise attack fro ma leaper! And since there are more deer and squirrels in the US than probably any other animal, it begs the question… how often does this happen and we don’t know it? What an epic wild game camera picture!

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Deer on Back(Stealth Cam)
Stealth Cam

Deer Rolling in the Field

Okay, so this wild game camera pic is unique. It’s also funny and hysterical. Did we even know deer rolling was a thing? So it seems like deer like to have fun too. We really can’t blame them either. This yard looks like the perfect place to drop it, so long as you can pop it and lock it. One out of three isn’t bad we guess. Maybe he’ll get up and do the Running Man or Centipede. If a deer can pull off a classic 1980s breakdance move… he definitely deserves a sot on our list!

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Weird Deer

The Weird Deer

Sniper on the roof! What possibly could have happened here that would have made this deer put itself in this position. Wild!

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Cougar sees Bunny

Cougar Sees Bunny

Bad News: Bunny, you have been spotted and you are right in the line of fire. Good News: our money is on the bunny 7 days a week. His misdirection, speed, agility and reflexes are paramount – even to a big cat. This bunny probably already knows the lion is there and isn’t even concerned. (We hope…)

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Deer with Can stuck in Antlers

Deer with Can Stuck in Antlers

On this day, the 15th of October, 2009 at 7:16pm – a miracle happened. This poor 10-gallon drum has reached the end of its days, all at the mercy of this monster deer. Anyone would love to have the 8-pointer on the wall.

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Raccoons on Raccons

Raccoons Standing on Raccoons

If you’ve seen the movie, The Little Rascals, this might remind you of when the two kids stood on each others shoulders in hopes of tricking the bank for a loan to renovate their clubhouse. Same idea here, but instead of a loan these raccoons are in dire hope for some food! Pretty smart, honestly.

NEXT: We’ve all heard of the illustrious 12-pointer….but what about a 112-pointer?

Deer with Tumbleweed in Antlers

Deer with Tumbleweed in Antlers

Similar to that of the deer with the paint barrel in its antlers, this fella has managed to wrap itself up in a bit of an issue. This one is in the form of some excess tumbleweed or brush. Good luck to you, my friend.

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Bat and Deer

The Bat and The Deer

If you remove the natural laws of nature – you might think these two are playing about in this clearing in the woods. But odds are, they are not best buds and we imagine just a millisecond after this photo was taken, the deer got spooked and sprinted away.

NEXT: The hawk vs the squirrel….this is not a good battle for the little guy. What will happen?

Hawk Goes After Squirrel

Hawk Vs. Squirrel

Did you know that birds of prey can see a mouse move from 10 miles away? Can you imagine what it would be like to have that type of vision? This poor squirrel out in the open barely stands a chance.

NEXT: We’ve got a heavyweight bout, with one single spectator.

Deers fighting with Raccoon

Deer Fight with a Raccoon Spectator

Pretty chilly night for a fight, isn’t it? These two studs are going at it in the wee hours of the morning – all in front of their single spectator, that raccoon in the background!

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Fox and Her Babies

Fox and her Babies

Foxes have just one family per year and the vixen usually gives birth to four or five cubs in March. The mother stays with them at the den for about three weeks and then continues to provide milk for them until they are around two months old.

NEXT: Just a couple of deer, standing on their hind legs. Nothing to see here.

Standing Deers

Two Deer Having a Conversation

What do you think is happening here? Odds are, they’re about to go at it. But we’d like to think maybe they’re just having a chat while standing on their hind legs. It’s not impossible?

NEXT: Florida panthers at night is an amazing find.

Florida Panthers

Florida Panthers

Florida Panthers are terrifying in an awe-inspiring sort of way. Take this trail cam picture for instance. These two (more than likely L: male and R: female) are going for a nice evening stroll. Numbers are dwindling too. What was once a species that thrived in the Southeast, it is estimated fewer than 100 Florida panthers can be found in Florida today. The population is still suffering from the bounty put on them in 1832. As such, Panthers were nearly extinct by the mid-1950s. New laws were put in place to encourage breeding and population increase.

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Albino Squirrel

Albino Squirrel

Albino gray squirrels are the rarest form of white squirrel. Mammalogists estimate that the odds of a female gray squirrel giving birth to an albino offspring are 1 in 100,000.

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Horses and Deers(Town News)
Town News

Horses and Deer

Is this deer looking to join the conversation? Maybe. It’s amazing what a wild game camera picture can capture when it’s left to, well, capture the wild! Sometimes the imagery seems surreal. Horses and deer coexist for sure but seeing them together like this conjure up images of big sky country paintings. You can almost hear the wild west overture in the background. And while we aren’t exactly sure where this pic was snapped, we are certain of one thing. The grass could use a haircut.

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Defromed Antler Deer

Deer with a Deformed Antler

Porr fella! This is probably the result of an accident in its youth that left the antler unable to grow completely. We’ll never know, but it sure is interesting to look at!

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Eating Deer

Deer Chowing Down

When you are too short but need to eat you stand on your tiptoes like any good deer. This guy must really be hungry if he’s willing to stand on two legs to grab some grub. usually, deer find what they need on the ground or low hanging branches. This wild game camera pic lets you know this guy is probably caught in the middle of a season change. With branches and greenery a little more scarce, we would stand up and reach. No shame in that!

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Squirrel eating from Easter Egg

Squirrel Enjoying Easter Egg Hunt

Winner, winner – Easter egg dinner. This squirrel dominated this year’s Easter Egg Hunt. And to the victor, goes the spoils!

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Deer Fight

Deer Fight

Have y’all heard about the epic prize fight of 2012? Here’s an insider look at the competitors in the action. Who won? We will never know. But we’re positive of is that these two went at it with all they’ve got.

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Fox Fight

Fox Fight

Don’t get in between these two and a trail cam photo! Either they’re fighting over food or territory, or maybe they both just want the photoshoot that this trail cam provides. Pretty awesome photo regardless of how you look at it.

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Raccoons square off with deer

Raccoons Vs. Deer

Not a good battle for the little guy – but they do have numbers! Best of luck in this battle. Funny trail cam photo, for sure.

NEXT: The apples brought him in, and the bat scared him off.

Bat Scare Deer

Bat Scares Deer

A batch of apples in a clearing in the woods typically means you’re in someone’s line of sight. This case, it just happened to be the trail cam. The deer thought it had found a treasure trove until this flying critter spooked it off, creating this awesomely-timed pic.

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Couple of Porcupines

Just dancing away! Or fighting, or chit-chatting, or maybe they are long lost brothers who have finally re-united under the eyes of this well-placed trail cam.

NEXT: Coyotes in the snow make for neat photos!

Coyotes Snow

Coyotes Roaming through the Snow

Two coyotes roaming through the snow conjures up images of a bed Little House on the Prairie episode. No, not the one where Mary and Alfonso’s baby died in the fire. Think back to earlier episodes where Ma and Paw were trying to settle the land. Okay, so maybe we know a little too much about Little House. We know a bit about coyotes too. For instance, while these two appear stationary, one spook and they take off at a blistering 40 miles per hour. Any spans? No problem. They can jump a full 13 feet. Good thing we can catch them with our trail cams.



Cougars at Night

Pay no attention to this photo of cougars prowling around Sawmill Arizona late at night. Move along, nothing to see here. Besides, with their eyesight, they have already spotted you anyway. Cougars have extremely good eyesight. Their eyes take in all available forms of light. This gives them incredibly good night vision so they can see and stalk prey from afar. Most of the time they attack after stalking prey for hours. The surprise factor is helpful and their speed helps seal the deal. Judging from this trail cam pic, the party is just getting started!

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Fighting Foxes

Fighting Foxes

When there’s trail cams, there is usually some bait laying around. When there’s bait laying around, there’s usually animals that show out. When animals come together over the same amount of food – that’s when the fun begins.

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Raccoon tries to eat deer

Raccoon takes a Bite of a Deer

Hey! Get out of here!