Underwater Bass Fishing Will Amaze You

If you came across a man dressed in full scuba gear carrying a fishing rod you would be forgiven for rushing to the phone to call social services. What you would in fact be witnessing is one of a growing army of fishermen leaving the comfort of their boats for the more untested depths of underwater bass fishing. For those of you unfamiliar with this relatively new form of fishing, it is a combination of diving and fishing with a rod which many variety-hungry fishermen are finding to be an irresistible novelty.

Fishing underwater has advantages. If you can get close without scaring the fish away, you can carefully select where you place your line and will have a higher catch rate. Another element is also introduced – whereas your view in traditional fishing is more or less 2-dimensional focusing on the surface of the water in front of you, with underwater fishing 3 dimensions come fully into play. Fish and threats can approach from all angles and, when you combine this with the murkiness of the water, it makes for an exhilarating experience and unique challenge.


Underwater fishing will not appeal to everybody however, not least because of the amount of extra equipment that is needed. A full set of scuba gear is expensive and a decent underwater rod can be unjustifiably pricey. Many say that the specialized rods are not actually necessary and you can achieve the same effect by modifying an ice fishing pole. Even with the specialized equipment, an underwater fisherman is still limited due to the lack of the stability and leverage that can be gained from a boat. Because of this, the largest fish cannot easily be caught from an underwater position unless you are going to literally wrestle with them in an environment which they are much better adapted to. (more…)


As well as the practical difficulties of underwater fishing, legal obstacles can stand in the way of would be fishermen in some areas. This is linked to the point that while under