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Dodge Ram 2500 Pulls Out a Stump the First Time

Ever seen a 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel properly take care of a tree stump? Usually, trucks struggle with the stump and occasionally doing damage to their truck in the…

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24 Hottest NFL Wives and Girlfriends

24. Shenae Saifi Even though this WAG’s boyfriend announced his retirement in 2015, we had to include her on our list because, well just take a look at her. She’s…

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This Kid’s Face As He Gets Smoked By A LB7 Duramax Is Priceless

Facing a rolling head start down a side highway, a very impressive 12 valve Cummins turbo diesel goes head to head with a modified LB7 Allison Duramax. This isn’t your…

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24 Girls Who Love Off-Roading

Hummer Hotties So you like to go off-roading, but wish you had a girl that enjoyed it as much as you do? Well how about two? It seem like these…

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Christina and Michelle Naughton twins

30 Hottest Twin Celebrities

30. Gisele and Patrícia Bündchen These two beauties are a powerhouse. Gisele might be arguably more well known than Patricia (she is Tom Brady’s wife and, well, a supermodel), but…

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25 Stunning TV News Anchors

Most of us watch the news to stay informed. We like to be in the know, keep up with what is going on the world, and get a recap of…

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Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird Shows Off

Believe it or not, since the dawn of aerospace, there’s been a major record broken for speed nearly every year since Wilbur Wright piloted the first airplane off of Kitty…

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25 Unbelievable Car Accidents (Got Insurance?)

I don’t know what they put in this guardrail, but it is a winner for strength! It barely bends as the car gets wedged between it and the power pole.…

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93 of the Hottest Female Athletes of Today

Most guys love sports, but how often do we watch womens’ sports? Not enough! Well this list of beautiful women definitely shows what we’re missing out on. These women are competitive, athletic,…

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INVISIBLE funny license plates

50 Hilarious Car License Plates

50. This License Plate Is Mysteriously Hovering In Mid-air. If you’re going to try a custom camo paint job on your truck, you might as well have a sense of…

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