Hummer H1 vs New Dodge Ram (Part 1)

First off, let’s just congratulate anyone willing to risk the transmission of their truck or high-end SUV for a few bragging points. Later you’ll see both of these drivers had the right idea – do it on a snow packed road. Not only does this have less of an impact on the tires, it at least ensures that no matter who wins, the road doesn’t wind up looking like a drag strip afterwards.

The part that shouldn’t come as any surprise is that a 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha Diesel happened to school the love out of a 4×4 Dodge Ram. Now, I know what you’re saying, Dodge Ram enthusiasts, unfair fight to begin with – and you’re absolutely right. The Dodge Ram is higher off the ground than the Hummer H1 Alpha Diesel, meaning it really was starting off from a big disadvantage.


That said, even if they had been on an equal plane, the Hummer H1 would have likely still been the victor hands down. Why? Because even though the Hummer H1 doesn’t pack a lot in terms of horsepower, 195 HP, it does boast 430 lb ft of torque at 1800 rpm. Before that Dodge Ram was even close to its optimal RPM to begin to take full advantage of its engine’s torque, the Hummer H1 was already there.


If you’re looking for a daily driver to commute to work or something to take down into the mud flats, the Hummer H1 likely will not be your thing. However, if you’re looking f