How To Light a Fire With a Hot Rod

I never have a lighter when I need one. But if I had a hot rod like this one I’d be good to go. This high horsepower beast shoots some serious flames out the exhaust which will definitely do the trick if you need to light a campfire. As far as lighting your cigarette it, make sure a hospital is close by. Ever wonder how this works, let’s get down to business. You want flames, but how exactly does that happen? Well, you have to get a little scientific first to understand it.

Basically, the car’s exhaust will backfire and pop with a flame when the unburned fuel left in the cylinders enters the exhaust due to the increased pressure caused by downshifting or releasing the gas pedal. You know how to do it intentionally, but you can’t just do it on any old car. You have to apply the proper modifications first before you can have your flame shooting fun.


There are multiple ways to let that fuel from the cylinders into the exhaust system. The first is upgrading the exhaust system as factory stock exhausts are not built to allow for backfires. Upgrade that exhaust system to something that sounds sweet, and you’ll get the flames and a better sounding car to pick up all the ladies. Or at least scare the pants off them when you drive by, which should be reward enough. The second way is to remove your car’s catalytic converter in favor of a straight pipe for a coarse, mean sound.


It also makes the backfire even louder. The third way is to modify some of the supporting parts of your car. For those turbo-charged cars, add a blow off valve. For other cars, up