Here’s How to Remove a Tree with a Four Wheel Drive Truck

Okay so these two guys probably don’t get out much and are both single I’m willing to bet. Or they’re married which can be much worse. However, that does not take away from the fact that pulling a tree out of the ground with your big diesel truck is anything short of awesome. I’m not really sure which is more impressive, the fact that the truck bucks off of its rear tires when pulling the tree and yet remains intact; or the fact that the guy is not using a dually, but rather a single rear axle to do the job.

I will say that the big tires have fresh tread and look like they provide plenty of grip. After all, it doesn’t matter the size of your tires if there’s no tread. I personally have seen a stock Honda Civic beat a F-150 in a tug of war just because the truck had huge mud tires and couldn’t get any grip. The best part about it was there was over 100 people in a parking lot seeing it happen.

This all after the F-150 driver used his CB radio with an external speaker to tell everyone just how bad he was about to beat this guy. I’ll never forget the satisfaction of seeing that big mouth lose. No matter, there is certainly more going on here than just a lift kit, nice tires, and a fancy exhaust. You have to have some pretty strong horsepower to topple a tree of that size, much less yank it out of the ground and drag it onto the street. (more…)


To be exact, you have to have at least 240hp – 395 hp. Those are the engine sizes that come standard in this Dodge 4 x 4 SLT pictured here. The SLT models feature a V6 3.0 L eng