40 Google Chrome Hacks Every Internet User Needs To Know


If you use Google Chrome (and let’s be honest, you should) then this post is going to teach you a few things. You may know some, sure. But many of these are going to teach you a lot about the popular browsing site, Google Chrome.

So crack open that browser, and let’s get rolling on the list. First up, an easy one but one of the most important Google Chrome hacks on the list…

Use incognito mode

Do you want to keep your search history private without having to delete your search history altogether? If so, then this hack is for you. Incognito mode is one of the many ways that you can keep your search history private from prying eyes.

Using incognito mode is easy. When you access incognito mode it’ll open a new window that says incognito mode. To open this window, hold control and shift, then press N. If you are on a Mac, then hold command and shift, then press N.

Have fun using incognito mode for all your searches.

Browse as a Guest

Did you know that you could use Google Chrome when you’re not logged in while not signing out? This easy hack can prevent you from logging out while still browsing as a guest.

To begin, look at the top right corner of your Google Chrome window. If you are logged in under your account, you should see your profile picture. If you click on your profile picture, a drop-down menu should open. At the bottom, it will show you all your other accounts, an option to use a guest account, and an option to add an account. Click guests, and you’ll be browsing as a guest without having to log out.

Open previously closed tabs

Have you ever closed a very important tab and want to know how to reopen it without searching through your history? If so, then this hack is meant for you.

If you have just closed a tab, you can hold control and shift, then press T. If on Mac, hold command and shift, then press T. This will open up the last closed tab in Google Chrome. You can continuously press T until it stops opening more tabs to reopen every tab that you’ve closed.

Open previously closed windows

Have you ever closed an entire window full of tabs and want to know how to get it back without reopening every single tab in a new window? If so, then this nifty hack is super convenient.

If you just closed your window, you can hold control and shift, then press N, and the window will reopen with all of the tabs. On a Mac, hold command and shift, then press N. This will save you tons of time and the effort it would otherwise take to search your history to find your lost pages.

Bookmark tabs for later use

If you frequently visit the same webpage (or set of webpages), then you might consider using a set of Bookmarks to save yourself some time.

If you want to save a website for later, click the start at the top right of your address bar. Once you click it, then it’ll ask for a name and then it will auto-fill the URL. When you click save, the bookmark will appear on your home page. If you want to access all of your bookmarks, then hold control (on Mac, hold command) and press B.

This is a great trick for saving all of the pages you use often so that you don’t have to navigate to the page manually every time.

Show and hide the bookmarks bar

If you really like hack number five, then you’ll want to keep this next hack handy as well! If you have a ton of bookmarks, you might want to see your bookmarks at all times. But if you don’t use bookmarks at all, you might choose to hide the bookmarks bar instead.

You can toggle your bookmark bar to be hidden or shown. The shortcut keys are control, shift, and B. If you’re on Mac, then it’s command instead of control. Every time you press B, it will toggle the bookmark bar to be the opposite of what it just was. Have fun with this nifty hack!

Show and hide the toolbar

Has the toolbar ever been annoyingly in your way when you just want to see your website page? If so, there are a couple of solutions.

If you just want to hide the toolbar, you can right-click your tab. When the drop-down window appears, at the very bottom, you’ll see the “hide toolbar” option. Another option is just to hide the top of the browser entirely by pressing F11 located at the top of your keyboard. This is the easiest option and is most useful if you are watching something like Youtube.

Show long URLs

If you’ve ever wanted to see the full URL in the address bar, then you can use this hack to unhide the full URL.

Hover your mouse over the address bar and click on the mouse’s right button. It brings you a drop-down menu with various options. At the very bottom, there will be an option that says “Always show full URL”. Once you have selected this, there will be a checkmark next to it and the full URL will always be displayed.

Browse with different users

Have you ever wanted to keep your search history separate or have different accounts logged in for different reasons? If so, then this hack is for you.

If you look at the top right of your Google Chrome browser’s window, then you should see a circle that also has your profile background. When you click that, you should be able to see all the accounts that you can log into. This is a much better solution than going back to Google.com to manually switch your account.

Pin tabs so they don’t get lost

One neat little trick to keep your open tabs handy is the function in Google Chrome that allows you to pin your tabs so they don’t get lost.

If you right-click on the tab you don’t want to close, there should be a menu that has the option to “Pin Tab”. When you click that, the tab loses the “X” option to close it and remains an opened tab. The pinned tab relocates to the leftmost side of the tab bar, making it easy for you to access. Super easy!

Use autofill to make online shopping easier

Online shopping is easy, but filling out your name, address, and payment information is not. Luckily, we have a hack that will make your shopping experience a lot better.

To set up autofill, locate the three dots at the top right of your Google Chrome window. Find settings, and then find advanced settings. Locate the “Passwords and forms” option and click it. Next, click the “manage autofill settings” option.

From here, you can simply fill out the information that you want to be auto-filled. Remember, all of the information is optional, so only fill out what you think is necessary to make your online shopping easier.

Save passwords

Secure passwords are long and annoying to type – multiple capital letters, numbers, and symbols take a bit of time (and memorization) to get just right. If you have secure passwords that you’re tired of typing out, then we have a cool Chrome hack that will make this way easier.

Every time you enter a new password on a website, Google Chrome will give you a message that asks you if you want to save the password. When you then want to go and log into a website, you can scroll through all of the passwords that you have saved for that website and have it autofill the password for you. If you choose to use this feature, you can simply log into websites and shop without retyping your password each time. Awesome!

Change font sizes for easier viewing

Are the words on Chrome too small or too big for your comfort? If so, there’s an easy hack that will simplify your life. In the top right of the Chrome window, you can find the three dots and access settings. In settings, click on the “appearance” option.

In the appearance section, try to find where it says “default font”. You can click that and make the font bigger, smaller, or a completely different style. When you have chosen how you want Chrome to look. Click OK and open a new webpage to check out your new design.

Delete your Chrome history

Clearing all of your Google Chrome search histories is something that most people do, but did you know that you can clear your history quickly? If so, then this hack will allow you to do so.

First, hold control and press H. If you are on a Mac, then hold command, then press H. This will bring up your history page. The next step is to find where on the left side the option is to clear all browsing data. The window that pops up will let you erase all your data from a specific period or all of it. Pick whichever suits you.

View browser history

Viewing browser history isn’t obvious at all. It does take a hack to gain command over your internet history. This hack can certainly prove to be a lifesaver!

You can access the browser history using the three dots, but this is the faster way. Hold control (or command on Mac) and then press H. This is the easiest way to access your browser and search history. You can use this to access websites that you’ve been to in the past or clear your search history.

Search directly in your address bar instead of googling Google

You might have wished that you could access the search bar easier than directly from Google. If so, then you are in for a treat.

All that you need to do for this quick and simple hack that you will use all the time when surfing the web is to open your browser. If you see a bar at the top of your screen, you already have everything that you need. Just click the bar and type. When you typed the words you want to search, then press enter.

Use keyboard shortcuts to hide Google Chrome

Have you ever wanted to minimize your Chrome window without having to drag your mouse all the way over to the minimize button? If so, then this hack might be extremely useful.

For this hack, all you need is a keyboard shortcut. Have the window that you want to minimize as the active window. Then, hold alt and space, then press N. On Mac, hold command, then press M. What this does is it brings up a window, then chooses to minimize. This is the quickest way to minimize your window.

Cast Google Chrome to a device

Note: Must have Google Chromecast or another streaming device connected to your television. Laptop screens are great, but they’re not so good for sharing your screen with your entire family. Instead, it would be super cool to show your vacation photos on your big screen TV, right? If you think so, then this hack will certainly make family photo viewing a more enjoyable experience.

Press the three dots at the top right of your screen, then find cast. Once you have selected the cast option, then it should bring you to another window which you can select your device to stream to. If you want to make this window pop up easier, then right-click the tv icon and select the “Always show icon”. Click your device and simply cast your screen to make everything easier for your crowd to see. This is especially cool for family gatherings, parties, and presentations.

Sign in to Chrome to retrieve your synced settings

Do you have your settings synced and are unsure of why they are changed? This hack will get your synced settings back on your browser.

The first thing that you should do is sign in. You can do so from a Google web page or the top right of the Google Chrome window. Once you have done so, then check to see if your synced settings have come back. If not, then you should turn on sync and redo your settings to make sure that it never happens again.

Import your settings and bookmarks

Moving between computers and devices is a bit of a pain, especially if you’re used to seeing all of your bookmarks at the top of the page, and your newly discovered hacks all disappear when you go to a new computer. If that sounds like you, then you’ll want to know this hack for sure.

You can easily save your settings in Chrome. Just log into your Google account. Once signed in, you should select the profile picture at the top right of the Chrome window. Right under your newly signed in profile, you should have a blue button that says “Turn on sync”. Once you have that turned on, then any time you log in with the same account, your settings will migrate with you.

Quickly bookmark a page with the little star

Have you ever wanted to find a way to quickly bookmark your page? If so, then this quick and simple hack might prove to be a lifesaver to those who love to use bookmarks.

To use this hack, all that you need to do is click on the little star at the far end of your address bar. Once clicked, it will bring you to the all so familiar bookmark adding window. This hack will prove useful if you want to quickly add a new bookmark.

Quickly access extensions in the extensions bar

If you’ve ever wondered how to access your Google Chrome extensions, then this ridiculously simple hack might prove to be a lifesaver.

At the top right of your Google Chrome window, you should be able to see an icon that resembles a puzzle piece. Once you click on it, it will show you all of your extensions. You can right-click on any of them to be able to turn on or off as well as any of the other options that it provides.

Create desktop shortcuts to websites

Save yourself some time with this super easy hack that makes browsing the web a breeze. No longer will you have to open a browser to search a page — instead, just simply create a desktop icon!

Once you are on the website that you want to shortcut, click the three dots. Select more tools and find the “Save as” option. This will make a shortcut that you can save to your desktop. Another way that you could do the same thing is by holding control (or command for Mac) and pressing S.

Now you can simply click the icon on your desktop and it will take you directly to the page you saved. No more typing in the address bar.

Use Omnibox to do math on the go

Pulling up a calculator on a browser can be a lot of work. If you’ve ever wanted to be able to do math on the go, you should follow the steps of this easy hack.

All that you need to do is click on the address bar and type out your math problem. In the search suggestion box, it will show you the answer to the topmost suggestion. You don’t need to click these and can just keep typing for a faster experience. Have fun using this hack.

Drag and drop files and images

Have you ever wanted to find an easier way to open an image without searching through the entirety of your folders in a new window? If so, then this is just the hack for you.

Have the image ready in your files window and have your Google Chrome on an application that accepts the image. All that you need to do once you are set up is just drag the image over with your mouse and drop it where you want it to go.

Continue where you left off on startup

Have you ever wanted to be able to safely close Chrome without losing your tabs? If so, then you might consider using this quick and easy hack.

Open settings by clicking the three dots in the upper right-hand corner and selecting “settings”. Once you’ve done so, then you should be able to see “On Startup” on the left-hand side of the screen. Select “Continue where you left off”, and then you are all set to close Google Chrome and not lose access to your tabs.

Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate between tabs quickly

Have you ever tired your arm by using your hand to continuously change tabs? If you are that unfortunate, then use this hack to give your arm a rest.

If you want to change tabs quickly, all you need to do is use your keyboard. If you hold control (also control on Mac) and then press TAB, you will move to the tab on the right of your currently open tab. If you want to move left, then hold control and shift, then press TAB.

Now you can easily switch between Allrecipes and the Whole Foods online ordering system!

Change bookmark text to favicons instead

If you’ve ever gotten tired of looking at the same icons on your bookmarks, then this hack is for you.

While Google Chrome does not offer a native way to change the icons, there is quite a bit of extension that can do the same trick. Go to the Google Web Store and find an extension that does what you are looking for. The easiest way to find it is by searching for a favicon changer. Most extensions are meant to be straight forward, so follow their instructions.

Set a custom opening page in Chrome on startup

If you’re like us, you’ll agree that Google Chrome’s opening page gets boring to look at. If so, this easy hack will satisfy your craving for some novelty!

To change the opening page, you have to go to settings. In settings, find the appearances button and locate the “show home button”. (You must have that on to continue.) Select the custom option and add whatever URL you want to be your new home page. Easy!

Congratulations on your new homepage and startup screen. Of course, you can always press the home button to open the homepage.

Use the YouTube control features while you’re browsing

Have you ever gotten tired of choosing to either browse the web or watch YouTube videos? If so, then this nifty extension was made with people like you in mind.

Go to the Google Web Store and search for floating youtube extensions. Once you have it, then you can open the floating youtube window from your extensions. This will open up the window and you’ll be able to type the URL of your video to watch it in the box.

Use Omnibox to add search engines

Did you know that you can search for a specific search engine while not being on their webpage? This simple hack will show you how to do that.

If you want to search in a specific search engine, then type out the search engine address in the address bar. Make sure that you remember the .com at the end. Once you have typed it out, then press TAB. Doing so will make the left side of the address bar say “search (Search Engine Name)”. This is an easy way to not load another page.

Right click a word to search for the word online

If you’ve ever encountered a word you don’t know while browsing a website, then there’s an awesome hack that will save you a few clicks and a bit of effort.

Instead of opening a new tab or window to search “Dictionary” and then look up the word you don’t know, you can easily search for a word within the Chrome window. All you have to do is right-click and select “lookup” and you’ll be able to use Safari to find the definition for your word.

Right click a location to see it in Maps

The right-click and search hack is also useful for finding locations in Maps. For example, if you’re reading an article on Cabo San Lucas, but you’re not sure where that city is located, you can right-click the city name, pull up Maps, and find that it’s located in Mexico.

This easy hack can also save you time when browsing on your iPhone or Android device. Simply highlight a word and then use the drop-down menu to select “web search,” which will send your query to Chrome. Easy!

Hide and display the home button in Chrome

Does it make you bored when you are looking at the home button on Google Chrome? If so, then there is an easy hack to turn the button off.

To turn off the home button, all that you need to do is press the three dots. Find settings and click on it. Once you are in settings, find and click on the appearances option on the left side. Find the “Show Home button” option and toggle it off. Now you are home button-free. Easy!

Change the download location for files

How does anyone ever find anything in the Downloads folder of their computer? (Answer: They don’t.) If you have a super messy downloads folder, clean it up by sending Chrome downloads to a specific area. If you want to stay organized, this easy hack might solve all of your problems.

When you save a file, make sure that you select “save as” instead of “save”. This will bring up a window that asks you where you want the download to take place as well as the name of the file. You can then easily move to the folder that you want and the file will download there.

Easily organize your tabs with drag and drop

Unorganized tabs are truly the stuff of nightmares. If your browser tabs are out of control, stress no longer while using this hack.

You can drag and drop your tabs around. To do so, click and hold the tab that you want to move. Then drag your mouse either left or right depending on the direction that you want to move your tab in. When you want to set your tab in place, simply stop holding the left click and your tab will be placed. Use this over and over until you have your tabs placed in a way that you like.

Save pages for offline viewing

If you know you’re going to be without internet later in the day, but also really want to finish reading that Wikipedia pages you pulled up, then we have a great hack for you. You can easily save pages for offline viewing in Chrome!

To save the page, what you have to do is print it. Hold control (command if on Mac) and press P. This should bring you to a page that you could print it from. Select a print, and then it will ask you to save the file as a PDF. You don’t have to continue printing it because you now have the saved page.

Integrate Google lens to copy-paste handwritten notes

Wouldn’t it be a dream to copy-paste handwritten notes into Chrome? Honestly, that would make studying for tests a breeze! If you think you need that function in your life, then this simple hack is just for you.

You need a phone to be able to use Google Lens. Make sure that your computer and your phone are logged on to the same account. If your phone is an android, install the Google Lens app. If your phone is iOS, then make sure you have the Google app downloaded and access Google Lens through a button next to the search bar.

Once you have Google Lens working on your mobile device, use it to scan your handwritten text. The app will allow you to copy the text from Google Chrome on your computer. A box will appear that you can highlight to copy. This is a great hack for transcribing notes to a digital format without any of the work from typing the paper up.

Use offline mode in Chrome to edit Google Docs

Have you ever used your laptop to write articles or paper, but your internet connection failed you making you lose all of your work in Microsoft Word? If so, then use this hack to avoid that awful situation forever into the future.

Instead of Word, use Google Docs which integrates with Chrome offline. When using Google Docs and you want to work offline, go to Google Drive and open settings. There should be an option that says “offline setting”. Turn that on and then you should be able to work offline without any issues.

To continue or start working, open up your Google Docs or any other Google app to start working offline. Have fun typing or creating your papers or slideshows even without internet access. And thanks to the autosave function, you’ll never have to retype a paragraph again!

Quickly reload your page with keyboard shortcuts

Have you ever wanted to reload a web page without having to use your mouse to hit the reload button? If so, then you are in luck because this hack was meant specifically for you.

If you want to reload your webpage, you can just use one of the function keys. The function keys are the keys at the top row of your keyboard. For Windows keyboards, they start with F and have their number corresponding to their placement in the row.

To reload a web page using one of the function keys, use F5 to reload the webpage. If you are on a Mac, then you should instead hold command and press R. Macs don’t usually have a function key that can refresh or reload the web page. Knowing how to refresh the web page using only a keyboard shortcut is a handy tool that can help you in your web browsing year to come.