Most Insane At-Home Golf Trick Shots


Do you remember a time before cell phones and video games? You’d just sit outside and think of stuff to do. And heaven help you if you had a ball! Then you’d create all sorts of homemade trick shots that amazed no one because no one saw them? Well, that’s what this post is dedicated to (except it’s filmed). The best trick shots from golfers that were stuck at home during the corona quarantine of 2020.

Here is a video of a guy hitting a golf ball through his outside window into the second-story house. The ball bounces off the bed frame into a hole. Very impressive and probably took a lot of practice. Look at the angle from where he hit it. That could not have been easy. We are stunned at the swing, but we have one remaining question left. Was this whole room designed exclusively for this trick shot?

Wow, this person hit two golf balls off the rough into the hole with his pitching wedge. More impressive is how they balanced the balls on top of each other. Have you ever tried to do that? We have, and it is really tough. Although we are wonder if hitting one of the balls a second time in air counts as a penalty stroke? In either case, a shot like this takes some real talent, and we are glad to have seen it, especially in slow motion.

Michelob Ultra needs to get this guy a sponsorship. This man managed to stack two open beer bottles on top of each other, and he somehow hit a card in between them with a golf ball without spilling any of it. He must have been shooting from six feet out, wow. The guy did not even let the wall mess up his shot despite clipping against the curtain on his swing. He diffidently deserves to take a swig after that one.

Ooooh! Onto the hoverboard then onto the plank, he grabs his club and boom! He shoots the golf ball right behind his back into the red cup. What made this man compelled to this trick shot? We don’t know entirely, but we are happy to see it. He is achieving a level balance and form that would make any gymnasts jealous plus hitting a golf ball to boot. We do not see this level of talent every day.

The woman in the gif takes a water bottle and flips it upside down. She uses the bottom of the bottle to house a golf ball then proceeds to hit the bottle, causing the ball to fly into a cup in the opposite direction from where she is facing. Her stroke also caused the bottle to flip in its original position. Very impressive. We all wish we had a gift to make brilliant shots like these.

We do not think the manufactures of this exercise ball intended the equipment to be used this way, but we suppose it’s whatever gets you moving. The lady in the gif is balancing herself while also controlling a golf ball with her club. She manages to hit the ball in just the right way to make it go into a cup in front of the camera. We admire her deep concentration and control to make this one of a kind shot.

You seriously use your hand to push a lime into your Corona beer? How unsophisticated. This lady does not resort to that barbaric practice. Instead, she uses a golf ball to help slide it in. The woman hits the ball with her club from what looks to be seven feet away onto a table, striking the lime, which makes it drop into the beer bottle. That is how we recommend it should be done and will make the lime taste all the sweeter.

Do you ever get tired of getting up to put a game in your console’s disc tray? Evidently, this man has. Using two markers, he balances his disc vertically. He brings back his pitching wedge and strikes hitting the game into the console from a likely four feet away. Spectacular! Now the question arises on how to eject the disc? Perhaps, he can use another object to hit the button to make it pop out.

Boredom can make us do a lot of weird things. Occasionally, however, one of us will do something amazing with that spare time. Hats off to this man. He managed to take a toilet roll and hit it onto a beer bottle with his golf club from nearly six feet away. Look at his form and the way he swings. The paper does not come unraveled and fly everywhere. Flawless. He must be a natural trick shooter because the guy makes it look effortless.

This person has the right to get excited at the end. Just look at his face after making that fantastic trick shot into the cup. Unlike others in this post, you can see him practice, getting progressively better. That last ball did not even hit the ground. While he did record himself, it also helps to have a witness to confirm your shots, which is why he has his cat. Watch the cat in the background paying close attention to the man’s swing. It walks over to the cup to confirm the ball did land indeed there. Sensational!