Funny College GameDay Signs


For me growing up, ESPN on a Saturday morning in the fall was essentially the only thing that existed. College GameDay is a pre-game show where the three or four legendary commentators all talk college football for three hours on Saturday morning. It’s broadcast on Saturday mornings during the college football season, prior to the start of games with a 12:00 pm ET kickoff. The show is always a frenzied event, taking place in front of the home crowd of the featured game of the week. And those fans know they’re about to be on TV. So what do they do? Bring signs!

Google is notorious for requiring extensive passwords. Apple recently started ‘recommending’ passwords made up of outrageous combinations of words and letters. Hey Apple, no one is going to use your recommended passwords because, well, they can’t remember them. This is a perfect example of a great, funny college gameday sign. It’s humorous, it puts the other team down while not being mean or rude, and it’s not offensive at all. Well played!

We’re not all blessed with the creative bug. Still, one has to wonder, how long did this fellow sit in his room, pondering, scheming about what he was going to write on his sign?

Former Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady entered a scandal in 2014, where he was caught deflating footballs before the game. The legendary football player attempted to get a leg up on the competition via faulty game equipment.

During football season, ESPN College Gameday and Home Depot team up to broadcast the game of the week. They will often write signs for people who camp out the night before, in an effort to get on TV. Note to the College Gameday Editor, if at all possible, hire someone that can spell.

Popular country star Taylor Swift broke onto the music scene in 2004 via Nashville’s music row. She wrote all her own music and was in the studio every day after school. Now an A-List celebrity, Taylor has released several albums and starred in multiple film productions.

Business in the front, party in the back. Mullets are famous pop culture cornerstones that can be found in television and feature films. Do you have a mullet? You’d be a lot cooler if you did.

We can all recall a cool summer night, riding scooters with our friends down the neighborhood streets as the sun set. You hop off the scooter for a jogging tail-whip.. and BAM! The scooter smokes you in the ankle. Unfortunate, but the price you pay sometimes when you’re a player in the game.

“Step Brothers” (2008) Featuring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly was a smashing box office film with numerous quotable lines. While a sequel was never made, this film will hold a special place in fans’ hearts for eternity.

The North Dakota and South Dakota merger was proposed by Big Foot in the late 1800s. Big Foot aimed to bring the two states back together after a significant time apart, in one glorious reunion.

The SEC stands for South Eastern Conference and is made up of many large public universities. Notable for their outstanding athletics programs, the common slight at SEC schools is the sub par education they offer– which really holds no merit.

What an exceptional play on words. The world wide web, while a cornerstone for human life as we know it, is the gateway to some outrageous topics. Not only does it better human kind, but you could argue the latter as well. Such as fueling heinous rivalries.

Bowling lane bumpers, the backbone of all childhood birthday parties. It is an unknown number how many gutter balls bumpers have saved, but I guarantee it is a significant amount. Popularized in the 1970s, bowling lane bumpers can be found at alleys across the world.

Alabama is known for their outstanding athletics programs. The common joke is the lack of intelligence that is associated with the school and their education. What once may have been a cunning verbal joust, this outdated conjecture typically comes from an insipid point of view.

Uber was founded in 2009 in Silicon Valley California. Formerly Uber Cab, it was shortened to its current name in 2011. The company aimed to employ a network of people who could use their own car to transport users, similar to a cab, but in a more extensive network.

Chess is played by millions of people across the world and is believed to be derived from the game “Chaturanga” in the early 7th century. While not the most televised sport, it is undoubtedly popular and has stood the test of time.

“The Office” starring Steve Carrell, was a nation wide sensation that swept the country in the 2000s. Michael Scott was the quirky, upbeat main character who often picked on Toby. Toby was the show’s antagonist, known for his less than ideal energy, which made for outstanding comedic repartee.

Alabama is located in the Southern part of the United States. While hot, humid and ridden with mosquitoes, Alabama offers some incredible coastline on the Gulf, as well as fantastic seafood.

Flat Earther’s have recently had a surge in popularity. With limitless information access and connectivity to people all over the world, if you believe it, you can assure there is an internet community for you to associate with– such as the flat earth theory.

Did you know buckets have been in use since the dawn of man? Ancient buckets, made of clay, have been found on dig sites all over the world– an idea that has transcended space and time!

A sign that was worth a thousand words! Many would agree sports analytics or even playing sports, is not for everyone. However the camaraderie that comes with sports is something that can be enjoyed by all!

Mr. Crabs, pictured here, is a popular character from the television show “Spongebob Squarepants”. Spongebob Squarepants has run 12 seasons and logged over 262 episodes!

Battleship was a popular game founded in WW1, based off of a French naval board game. The game was mass distributed all over the world and got a revamp with the tech boom in the late 2000s. I bet the game’s founders didn’t foresee that popularity!

Winning? Losing? It’s all perspective in the game of life. Like a childhood game of duck duck goose, there is no real winner at the end of it all. Intrinsic self discovery perpetuating mankind- that’s the real name of the game!

At one point in our lives, we can agree everyone slept in a nighty. Recently popularized as a cop-out to a Halloween costume, “onesie nighty’s” are made of fleece and are wildly comfortable. They can likely be found at your local Wal-Mart.

UCF, also known as the University of Central Florida, is located in Orlando, Florida. Last year the team boasted a 10-3 football record. The school is extremely reputable and is known for their teacher education program, future educators for America’s youth.

“They’re after my Lucky Charms!” Well, not quite. Depicted here are two cereal mascots, head to head in a very popular internet meme, the RKO. This famous wrestling move was popularized by the WWE wrestling industry and rapidly expended into internet meme culture in 2014.