50 Funny Yard Signs You Have to See


Funny yard signs! There’s nothing better than going about your day and then seeing some hilarious version of comedy that you weren’t expecting. Like when you’re out on a drive and then all of the sudden you see a hilarious yard sign. Here’s some of the best we could find. Enjoy!


Crap You Just Might Need

This yard sign might not sound right but it is reasonable to some extent. One man’s crap is another man’s treasure. You can’t conclude until you check out what the crap is because “crap” in this context might be just what you need and there’s no doubt that you’ll get it at a cheap rate do you don’t have to break your bank account for it. Just imagine the crap is a neatly used sports car you’ve been saving up for!

Jake palmer

House Not Haunted

This yard sign already states an important factor to consider before buying a house. A home is meant to provide comfortablility so what happens when it’s haunted? No one wants to hear strange sounds in the middle of the night neither does anyone want paranormal activities when they’re alone. It is a funny sign but also a nice marketing strategy .

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department store

Yard Sale or Department Store?

Let’s be real here, half the stuff at the inexpensive designer stores isn’t nearly as cool or useful as what you’ll find a a garage sale! Seems like these people probably had some good stuff…

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Garage Thale

Come on by and thee what kind of thtuff you can buy with cold hard cath. Hopefully you’ve caught on by now and can thee that thesthe aren’t typos. Okay – moving on.

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for lease navidad

For Lease Navidad!

Some poor real estate agent can’t even get too mad about this one, it’s that good. Kudos to the ingenuity of this funny yard sign.

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Don’t Ya Hate That?

Here you were, about to fill up the attic with stuff you will never touch, need, or want ever again – and here goes your husband making you sell it! What a bummer.

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Lost & Found Parrot

Someone saw the misfortune of a neighbor who lost its parrot, and decided to make a hilarious joke out of it. This is just some good, creative humor right here. Parrot BBQ at my house!

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ken & chuck

Which One is Chuck?

Oh, we’re sorry, did we say that this was the most powerful duo in real estate? Our fault. We meant the 8th most powerful team in real estate. That feels like it makes a little more sense for Ken & Chuck.

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Tiny Grass Dreaming

This sign is somewhat confusing. The main point here is “do not disturb”. No one knows if tiny grasses dream or not because they don’t speak, they do not have ears to ear, they don’t even have eyes neither do they have a brain. Yes we get the point but the last sentence is totally unnecessary.

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No Yard Signs

It’s okay to have a little fun but these signs are conflicting the instructions already. What could be funnier than erecting a sign that says “no yard signs” and another one that says “challenge accepted ” . The irony in this is out of this world but the point is made clear. Imagine some other neighbors erecting signs like “Noted” and another like “we’ll listen” as a response to the sign. That would be so sarcastic.

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noah, funny yard sign

Could Have Really Saved Us

Noah was a good man. He accomplished some great things. We are all indebted to him for the rest of our lives. But come on man! The mosquitoes, really! Couldn’t have just let them go? You know what else is funny is these 50 Hilarious Examples of Parking Revenge.

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The Cat is Something of an Addict

This is a pretty funny way to get people to stop littering on your lawn. Much more effective than some stale sign saying ‘no littering’ or some garbage like that. We approve!

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Barely Used Machine For Free!

This is just too funny. At least you know that the machine was gently used and in good condition. The owner clearly didn’t get much use out of it. If you know you need this machine, forget the adjectives pasted on it and go grab it. The fact that it is free makes it even better. Imagine not having to pay a penny to get fit in the comfort of your house. What are you waiting for?

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Call him not him

Dale and Rick

We’d like to think these two real estate agents are friends. Because if they’re not, then these two funny yard signs take on an entirely different meaning. Which one would you call?

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Dan Payton

Vote 4 Dan

We’ve all felt this way at some point? Personally, I know I’ve thought it would be funny to put a political style yard sign up with my name on it. This guy actually did it!

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Please Don’t Call 911

If you’re seeing a horse lying down for the first time, you would probably want to call 911 because they lie completely flat like they’re not okay. But they’re absolutely fine. So this yard sign is a notice to concerned neighbors not to be alarmed when the horses are lying down. They’re just taking a nap. So while you’re busy panicking, the horses are enjoying a sound sleep. We see why this notice is important. It saves one from a lot of stress that could result from the unknown.

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no smoking

Smoking Is Highly Prohibited Here

This is another friendly reminder not to smoke in this neighbor’s yard if you don’t want to get drenched from them thinking you’re on fire. They’re nice enough to put this sign out there for you so if you still go ahead and smoke on this lawn, you’re getting hosed down. Not only will you be sorry at the end of the day, you’ll also be soggy.

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Pity the Fool

Don’t Be A Sucka!

That’s one way to attract some attention – putting MC Hammer’s famous mug on your yard sale sign. We’re certainly paying attention to it right now. Hopefully these people made a nice little profit at their sale!

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your move

The Good Neighbor

This yard sign is clearly a terrible clapback at whoever called the police on this man’s yard instead of speaking to him like a good neighbour and the caller is probably regretting his actions now because the flamingos are back in folds! Next time, if he’s disturbed by these innocent birds, he’ll put down his phone and agree that it’s just how birds behave. But we agree that this action is quite petty.

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Cats In Exchange For Keys

This cat’s owner wants to make an exchange. Apparently, his car keys got lost and the reward for whoever finds his keys is a needy cat. This cat deserves someone who would give him the love he deserves but it seems his human feels he’s a burden and he’s willing to trade him with his lost car keys.

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you know you want it

Stop Lying To Yourself

You know you want it, so what’s the hold up? Come on down to the local yard sale, bring some $20s and let’s have ourselves a good little time, yeah?

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Love Note

This sign is another hilarious one. What would have turned out to be a cute moment ended up becoming one that sparks suspicion. No one knows how things went after the mix up but for him to make things clear publicly, it must have been an awkward situation for all parties involved. In case you are thinking you found a secret admirer, dear neighbor, here’s a disclaimer. It was a mistake.

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No Offense

This isn’t a yard sign, per se, but it’s certainly funny and it’s certainly accurate. Just because something hurts your little feelings doesn’t mean that thing is wrong and you are right. Moving on.

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The Alley Sale

Saturday from 9-3 was a wild time to be a live at The Alley Sale, home of desperate things being sold by desperate people. What kind of merchandise do you think was there?

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Dangerous Turtle Missing!

In this yard sign, there are two things involved and when put together, it’s scary. This guy lost his turtle and his nunchucks. As seen on this sign, this turtle might seem sluggish but it’s dangerous. How much more a turtle probably in possession of weapon. If you come across this animal on your way, you better run! And pray. And if perhaps it was stolen, the thief better release the turtle if he doesn’t want to regret his actions because in the end, it’ll find it’s way home in good condition.

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Church yard

The Church Mascot

Well, this is one way to make sure the people on the road are aware of the impending yard sale. This is a pretty clever and funny design.

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hello is it deals youre looking for

Hello, by Lionel Richie

Let’s get one thing straight. Any time you can add Lionel Richie to a yard sign – we are paying attention. Close, close attention. This is definitely one great way to get people to notice your funny garage sale sign.

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life changing

It’s Life Changing

How do we know? Well, the sign says so, silly. It’s right there. This garage sale with fundamentally change your life. So, come on down and see what kind of stuff you definitely need.


vote for me

Rick Astley in the Yard

You’ve been Rick Roll’d! You know the tune, but do you know the social media phenomenon? If you don’t do some research on your own time. In the mean time, a hilarious anti-political yard sign.

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nothing happened

Historical Nothing From Years Ago

The whole idea of this yard sign is pointless but it’s still unique because you’ll hardly find a sign like this somewhere else. If you read it at first, you would have to think about it again only to realise you only wasted your time. When did nothing become an event? Thank you for wasting some seconds of my life I’ll never be able to recover again!

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Cat for Prez

Probably would end up with a higher approval rating than most president’s do anyway. Plus, how cool would it be to have a cat as your Commander in Chief?

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Can I Get A Witness?

Although this is more of a wedding sign, than a yard sign…still funny! Pretty creative work from whoever came up with this funny wedding sign.

NEXT: Do yourself a favor, and get a photo done. You’ll thank us tomorrow.

Photo Op For Your Convenience

You’re going to be grateful tomorrow when you want to remember a little bit about what happened here tonight and so that’s the purpose of this sign!

NEXT: Always open, unless we’re not. And then, we’re closed. Unless we’re not….

Well, How Often Is That Going To Be?

We one at 10am, seven days a week, except for Saturday’s and Sunday’s for the most part. And the occasional Wednesday after Tuesday Night Trivia down at McGee’s. So maybe just plan on coming by around noon just to be sure we’re here.

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Darth Vader

Darth Vader For Office

We’re not sure what he’s running for. And we’re not sure why. What we do know is that I can’t imagine Darth Vader wanting to run for public office (given the whole, evil overlord type of thing). So, maybe don’t vote for him?

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cash me ousside

Cash Me Outside!

If you’re unaware of this wildly popular video on the internet, do some research later on today. Just Google “Cash Me Outside” – and the internet will do the rest. What a wild time we live in.

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Dont always

The Most Interesting Garage Sale in the World

Do yourself a favor, and turn here. The world’s most interesting man would, so you should too. Right? Right.

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Couldn’t Be Cheaper

Some store get by on advertising low prices, and price-match guarantees. But not this garage sale, they are advertising the absolute lowest prices! Any lower and it would be stealing.

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Grandpa, funny yard signs

Kicked The Bucket

He finally did it. We love him, we’ll miss him, so come and buy his old stuff because he was a good man and he would rather us have the beer money than the old records. So come on down. This is some classic dad humor. Speaking of, check out these 41 Lazy Dad Hacks that could change your life.

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Woof, Bark, Grr, Woof!

Don’t be a pain the rear end, pick up after your dog! Or else we’ll get that guy’s grandson from earlier in the article to come reciprocate the effort in your yard.

NEXT: The physcho grandma is finally selling her stuff..

psycho grandma

2226 Kingston Ave. – Home of…..

I’m not exactly sure I want to find out what the psycho grandma had in her possession, or what of it is for sale.

NEXT: We don’t have anything for you, especially money.

no soliciting

No Soliciting

We don’t want it, and even if we did we don’t have the money to afford it. So maybe just keep on moving, huh?

NEXT: What a great deal for the wife.

husband for sale

Husband For Sale

Do what you gotta do! Someone come and get this man, because he is for sale!

NEXT: Mike Tyson makes a re-appearance.

garage thale

Just Around The Corner

Come on down to Mike Tyson’s other Garage Thale! This is a funny yard sign.

NEXT: That seems like the deal of the century…

free pizza

Buy One, Get One Free!

As long as you buy one house, you get an entire pizza (dare we say, on the house?)! So what are you waiting for?