Fisherman’s Catch is More Than He Bargained For

Wow, you won’t believe this guy’s fishing story! It looks like a great day for a charter fishing trip doesn’t it? The sun is shining, the line is in the water and the banter is going back-and-forth. One guy is ribbing his friend about catching the fish and before he could take a picture. The next thing you know something wild happens.

As he is reeling in his fish his friend quips something about halibut and then they both get the shock of their life when a killer whale surfaces to snag his catch. That’s right, Shamu glad right up to the boat and snatches the fish like he is taking food from a McDonald’s drive through window. The two guys have a laughing, screaming fit for a hot minute and rightly so.

Neither one of them were expecting a killer whale to be part of the day’s agenda. I’m sure they were probably a little bit apprehensive as well. While killer whales seem friendly due to theme park thrill shows, and shots of trainers lovingly touching their noses, or being pulled along by their fins, gentle is not the best word to describe these guys. A better word would be killers. (more…)


Killer whales can take out creatures many times their size. You can easily find footage of a pod of killer whales attacking a blue whale. The orcas start by taking a massive chunk