Celebrity Insurance Policies That Blew Our Mind


Insurance policies have helped folks get out of financially crippling situations for years. Then a little company called Lloyd’s of London came around and made it possible to insure anything under the sun. And who of all people are most likely to do something heinous in the public eye? Well, celebrities, of course! We have compiled for you the juiciest, most outrageous celebrity insurance policies we could find on the web. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed making it!

Dulce De Leche

Insurance Policy: $1 Billion on her legs

When people think Mariah Carey, they think about golden pipes – aka her vocal cords. You’ve probably heard her Christmas hits, but to many folks surprise, she teamed up with Justin Bieber to remake “All I Want for Christmas is You”. Believe it or not, it isn’t her vocal cords that are insured, it’s her legs! A whopping $1 Billion insurance policy was taken out to ensure they stay toned, golden brown and silky smooth.

The next celeb was made famous for .. something long and pink..

That’s a lot of Spikes..

Insurance Policy: $1 million on his tongue

Rock group Kiss was largely popular in the 70’s with a pop of resurgence in the 90’s. They’re not only known for their music, but their showmanship, pyrotechnics and painted faces. One of the most notable members of the band is Gene Simmons, who would frequently stick out his freakishly long tongue while playing guitar. He secured an insurance policy for his iconic tongue for $1 million dollars in case anything were to ever happen to that bad boy. Cher and Gene Simmons dated for a number of years, a very notable couple at the time, however the two split when Simmons went Christmas shopping with Diana Ross.. sheesh- drama.

Our next celeb valued her legs so much, she decided to take out a seven-fig contract to insure them.

Silky Smooth

Insurance Policy: $1 million on her legs

Fun fact, Rihanna straight up has a British accent. I recently learned, among other things, that this West Yorkshire native has a $1 million policy for her legs. In 2007, she teamed up with Gillette Razors to publicize that she possessed the most desirable ham-hocks in all the land.. right. Rihanna has had a immensely successful music career, teaming up with some of the industry’s legends such as Eminem, Nicki Minaj and Drake. When this actress isn’t pushing product for Neutrogena, she’s taking out an absurd insurance policy for her body.

You know what the say.. it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll. That’s why our next celebrity and one of the greatest performers of all time, decided to insure two of her most prized assets.

Sing Your Heart Out, Felicia

Insurance Policy: $2 million on her breasts

Madonna was one of the greatest performers and top selling female artists of the 20th century. With an estimated 64.5 million units sold, Madonna’s net worth is in the neighborhood of $800 million. So when a star of this caliber says she wants to take out a $2 million insurance policy on her bosoms, that’s what you do! Many young stars grew up listening to Madonna idolizing her and taking notes on how to be an ultra star. Madonna has been referenced as an idol by several celebrities including the Spice Girls, Christina Aguilera, Destiny’s Child and Jennifer Lopez.

Our next star decided to take out an insurance policy on something we had never even thought of.

Top O’ the Mornin’ to Ya

Insurance Policy: $370,000 on his mustache

Handle bar mustaches possess undulating popularity throughout history. Cricket isn’t so popular in America, but absolutely rages in other countries. Combined the two and you have ultra famous Merv Hughes, who rocks the most righteous lip upholstery. He loved his lip sweater so much, he purchased an insurance policy for $370,000 to protect it! Other than his killer stache, Hughes frequently had some incredible sporting battles, especially with Viv Richards. The two were always up to give the crowd a battle of exemplary skill and camaraderie!

Our next star is an athlete, so he decided to take out an 8-fig contract to protect his goods.

Bend it like Beckham

Insurance Policy: $125 million on his entire body

David Beckham made a name for himself as one of the most popular footballers to ever live. Widely considered to be the pinnacle of the male form, his insurance policy covers Beckham’s entire body for $125 million. The policy is rumored to vastly cover most anything that could go wrong, requiring it to be dispersed among several insurance companies. David’s wife Victoria Beckham is nothing to shy away from as well. This pop star got her start with the Spice Girls, and has now built a business fashion empire for herself.

He used his legs for sport, the next celebrity uses her legs for cold, hard cash.

She’s Buoyant

Insurance Policy: $2.2 million on her legs

Heidi Klum is known for stripping down to her skimpies and owning the fashion runway for Victoria Secret. As a result, she felt it necessary to protect her legs and took out an insurance policy for each one. The right leg is worth $1.2 million, however he left was only valued at $1 million because of some scar tissue from a glass wound. In 2009 the former Victoria’s Secret Angel got hitched to legendary musician Seal. Today Heidi is involved in an array of philanthropies including several orphanages in Africa.

James Bond is up next…

Classic Lines

Insurance Policy: $9.5 million on his body

A man who does all of his own stunts, such as myself, understands the importance of a comprehensive insurance policy. Daniel Craig took out a $9.5 million policy that provided coverage to his entire body, due to the inherent risk of performing most of his own stunts in Casino Royale (2006). The heated debate, that has been going on for years, is who played James Bond the best? Was it Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, or Daniel Craig. Personally, I’m a Pierce fan, simply because the characters in the Bond video games I played in my youth are modeled after Brosnan. Who is your favorite?

Also, be sure to check out the next slide, this woman’s insurance policy is probably the most fitting of all.

Inflation is Real

Insurance Policy: $600,000 on her breasts

Dolly Parton’s original insurance policy for her breasts was $600,000. In only ten years time, she upgraded that insurance policy to $3.8 million dollars. For all you math wizards out there, that’s a whopping 6.5x appreciation valuation.. someone call legendary investor Warren Buffet because we’ve got ourselves a potential untapped market of bull equity! Dolly is known for her extensive music career, as well as her various deviations into the business world, so her chest is just a mere accouterments.

Disney has a interesting way of taking child stars and turning them into loose cannons.. you won’t want to miss this country star’s crazy insurance policy on the next slide!

Keep it in your Mouth

Insurance Policy: $1 million on her tongue

This star came in like a wrecking ball after her Disney debut, originally spring boarding off of her father Billy Ray Cyrus’ fame. Once America’s innocent sweetheart, Miley Cyrus has gone completely off the rails and embraced her rock star persona. She’s become known for sticking her tongue out, but an insurance policy for $1 million to ensure her continued oral jettison seems a little excessive. After splitting with ex Liam Hemsworth, it will be interesting to see the different avenues Miley pursues.

You won’t believe this next insurance policy taken out on something most consider to be so medial..

Holly Madison

Insurance Policy: $1 million on her breasts

Holly Madison was an absolute nobody until she met Hugh Hefner- that seems to be how a Playboy Playmate’s narrative goes. Hugh wouldn’t want one of his girls at risk, especially the part that gets the most attention. Holly has an unbelievable $1 million policy to cover any complications that may arise in her chest region. You guessed correctly, her ultra money makers are a sham! Now a mother, Holly has dialed back her party days at the Playboy mansion and settled down with electronic music superstar Pasquale Rotella.

The next celeb you’ll recognize immediately for his.. features.. can you guess who?!

Smell ya Later!

Insurance Policy: $50,000 on his nose

Jimmy Durant was a house hold name in the mid 1900’s, often making jokes about his “Schnozzola”. This man’s massive nose was so large he decided to embrace it and make it his trademark. After his new found popularity fueled by his behemoth nose, he insured that bad boy for $50,000. Though he frequently was on with Frank Sinatra, I don’t think he ever got the opportunity to rub elbows with Marilyn Monroe. This handsome devil needs no introduction.. you might just recognize her!

Baby, You’re a Firework!

Insurance Policy: Unknown $ on her breasts

Interestingly enough, she wore a candy cane bra in one of her music videos to the song “Firework”. Do you know who I’m talking about?  She’s wildly successful, has one of the best voices of our time and seems to always be having fun. No one other than Katy Perry! She’s pretty awesome. Apparently her insurance company was less than thrilled when she put on a bra made of sticky, peppermint candy and it nullified her breast’s insurance policy. Never to fear they are still safe, she soon after took out another policy. The song Firework is locked into pop culture, playing a significant role in a film by James Franco and Seth Rogan called, “The Interview”.

Bend, and Stretch!

Insurance Policy: $2.8 million on her legs

Pantyhose is a booming industry, so when this star was approached by L’Eggs Pantyhose Company to start pushing their product, she jumped at the opportunity. Jamie Lee Curtis wanted to make sure nothing could go wrong with her money making legs and decided to take out an insurance policy worth $2.8 million. Jamie Lee Curtis is known for, not only pushing pantyhose, but starring in movies with some big name stars. She has been seen on the big screen along side icons such as John Travolta and Lindsay Lohan.

Our next celebrity has insurance policies taken out on his…pet?


Insurance Policy: Unknown $$ on his pet guinea pig

Bradley Cooper got his start, graduating college early, in the cult classic “Wet Hot American Summer” along side Elizabeth Banks, Amy Pohler, Paul Rudd, Michael Showalter, and Christopher Meloni. Years later he finds himself surrounded by Jennifer Lawrence caliber stars and insuring crazy things like his pet Guinea Pig. While he only did it as a dare, he just couldn’t live without that little rascal! We’ve gone through all the crazy celebrity insurance policies, however I don’t think we touched on the completely off the rails. Do you like sugar?

Legs for Days

Insurance Policy: $27 million on her derrière

Jennifer Lopez is an A list superstar known for her flamboyant performances and rich heritage. It’s no wonder she took out an insurance policy for her money-making rear end for $27 million dollars. “Doth protecteth thine derriere” is probably what they would have said during the middle ages if such a thing existed. Lopez has had a sprawling career from headlining at the American Music Awards, to a hit single with LL Cool J, and even portraying legendary actress Rita Hayworth in her biographical film. You wont’t believe the lengths this star went to for peace of mind!

Give it to me, Darling!

Insurance Policy: $1 million on her whole body

When you’ve caught the eyes of multiple presidents, it’s always a good idea to insure the most provocative features of your body- aka the whole thing. Marilyn Monroe is often thought of the pinnacle of the female figure, so in the mid 1900’s she decided it best to take out a $1 million insurance policy for her whole body. This protected from, not only accident, but from food shortages, illness an a mess of other things. She had thousands of girls look up to her, but who did Monroe look up to? None other than Norma Jean- she was Marilyn’s ‘pin up’ in her youth. This next celebrity is one of America’s Sweetheart, so there’s no surprise she has an insurance policy!

America’s Sweetheart

Insurance Policy: $2 million

This gal has starred in everything from action, to comedy to rom-coms and animated movies. Kristen Bell can surely do it all, earning her fist Broadway role while still in school as Becky Thatcher in “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. Bell approached Lloyd’s for an insurance policy to cover her vocal chords and smile for a whopping $2 million. I’d say that’s a good call Mrs. Bell! Along with husband Dax Shepard, Kristen has starred in several films with Jason Segel, Mila Kunis, Paul Rudd, Russell Brand, Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan. One of the first insurance policies brought to you by Lloyd’s of London is on the next page..

Mid Mod is so In Right Now

Insurance Policy: $10 million on her mouth

Hey, the 60’s called, they want their Aquafresh toothpaste, Aqua Net hair spray and Lava hand soap back.. America Ferrara got her big break starring in prime time network television series Ugly Betty, and is now doing commercial spots for Aquafresh toothpaste. Teeth are one of the most high risk areas for issue, so Aquafresh taking out a $10 million insurance policy for Ferrara’s grill is a pretty smart idea. After her TV success, she starred in “The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants” (2007) and a video short along side Jay Z and Beyonce. This next international star might be one of the most recognizable household names, and possesses an insurance policy to bolster her hype.. Check it out!

Little bit of a Ripper!!

Insurance Policy: $144 million on his body

Taking a tip from other legendary footballers playbook, David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo’s has protected his legs with a $144 million insurance policy from any injury or disfigurement. Christiano has one of the ultimate rags to riches stories, coming from extremely humble beginnings he was forced to fight his way out of poverty. He spent long hours training, honing his skills, the ultimate testament for what it takes to reach the level he has. Similar to Beckham and Ronaldo, Lionel Messi has some sort of insurance policy for his body as well. You never know what will happen in the unpredictable professional sporting events! The next insurance policy is one we haven’t seen before.. very intriguing!

“Is it Supposed to be this Tight??”

Insurance Policy: $28,000 on her waistline

Insurance policy is funny because someone called and underwriter has to sign off on the risk the investor is willing to take. In this case, Bette Davis insured her waistline for $28,000. Now this happened in the 1940’s, but account for today’s inflation, that number is well over $2 million. The contingencies of this policy stated, if her waistline were to expand to a point where it was unsafe to wear a corset, she would get paid.. so basically she got paid when she got fat. Bette Davis starred in several movies with congruent legend Merrill Crawford and Joan Davis. Sometimes you’ve just gotta insure the goods.. like this next celeb!

See You Standing there on that Lawn..

Insurance Policy: $6 million on his voice

Racking up an impressing 135 million record sales, 64 million in the United States alone, Bruce Springsteen is one of the best selling artists int he world. The E Street band was Bruce’s first breakthrough musical success, and launched him to international stardom. As the front man he got the most attention, so felt it was necessary to pay a little bit of money to fund his prized possession- vocal chords. The go-to celebrity insurance provider of choice Lloyd’s of London, agreed to protect Bruce’s chords with a $6 million insurance policy. Clarence Clemmons and Tom Morello are well known associates of Springsteen’s and have made some ripping albums together. This superstar is an icon in sport’s households ,you won’t believe his insurance policy.

Power Slide

Insurance Policy: $3 million on her legs

Tina Turner took the 80’s by storm with her massive hair, powerful presence and ripping vocals. So, naturally, she decided to take out a $3 million insurance policy on her legs. Prior to researching for this article, I guess I didn’t realize how every piece of a performers body really mattered. Would Tina Turner still have the same effect on an audience if she were, say, in a wheel chair? While headlining in Las Vegas, Turner attracted several other big names in the industry to come and observe her natural talent. Folks such as David Bowie, Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin, Sly Stone, James Brown, Ray Charles, Elton John and Cher. The next star insured his most valuable body part.. can you guess what it is?

Flo Nameth

Insurance Policy: $1 million on his hair

Steeler’s strong safety Troy Polamalu has a flow bucket that rivals Tarzan. When Head and Shoulders started paying him to push their product, they decided his hair was so valuable, it deserved it’s own $1 million insurance policy. It wasn’t all fun and games for Polamalu, he almost got his hair cut by his team mate for ‘ruining his life. When I say ruin his life.. take that lightly. What I mean is, Pat McAfee wanted his 15 minutes of fame in front of his home town, to score a touchdown which he didn’t do very often. Troy didn’t let him. Pat was upset. A bunch of grown men bickering about nothing if you ask me. This next A- List celebrity is known around the world for her work ethic and lovable music.

Check out the next slide to see what she insured!

Gennaro Pellicia

Insurance Policy: $13.3 million on his taste buds

Gennaro Pellicia of the Costa Coffee corporation has taken out an impressive $13.3 million policy for his taste buds. When he approached Lloyd’s of London, they were well familiar with the celebrity insurance policies and were happy to write this up one up for him. Pellicia claims his taste buds can distinguish between thousands of beans and identify thousands of products. He ensures he’s never made a mistake and will continue to strive for perfection for the rest of his career.. impressive! Costa Coffee, if you’re like me and have never heard of it before, is essentially the UK’s version of Starbucks- massive, stock traded, coffee chain. Bringing things back home, you’ll recognize this next celebrity and the insurance policy!

And Inhale..

Insurance Policy: $5.4 million on his nose

There are other occupations you might not immediately think of where people need to retain a body part functioning in tip top shape. Famous Dutch wine maker Ilja Gort took out a whopping $5.4 million insurance policy for his nose! Guarded by his righteous stache, Gort could not afford to loose his precious schnoz. “People think wine making is based around one’s taste buds, when in fact it’s based around the nose”, Gort states. The pantyhose industry is something about only half of the population ever thinks about..

Pearly Whites

Insurance Policy: $30 million on her teeth

Establishing herself in 1990 as the leading lady of “Pretty Woman” Julia Roberts is known for her show stopping smile. While guys were swooning her, she was busy raking in half of a billion dollars and insuring those pearly whites for near $30 million! When she’s not shooting film for the big screen, she enjoys skiing and spending time at her ranch in Taos, New Mexico. She has been seen vacationing there with some of Hollywood’s greats including Liam Neeson, Matthew Perry, and Kiefer Sutherland. This next star has had a killer few years with new releases. Can you guess who it is?

Good Guy Paul

Insurance Policy: $100 million on his life

Paul Rudd has been married to wife Julie Yaeger since 2003 and they have 2 kids. The Ant Man, Marvel Universe star has spoke publicly about the filtered version Hollywood gives the tabloids, in order to stay out of the tabloids. “While I’m not trying to be fake, my guard is never down”. You have to respect the truthfulness the guy gives, Hollywood is known for putting words in people’s mouth and just that statement from him comes across as authentic. Paul Rudd took out an impressive $100 million life insurance policy to protect his family god forbid anything happen to that saint of a man. This next gal.. you won’t believe what you see.

Happy Feet!

Insurance Policy: $40 million on his legs

Michael Flatley has gone down in the annals of history as being the highest paid dancer of all time. Raking in an incredible $1.5 million per week, he was taking home at least $50 million per year. To protect his money printing machine, aka his legs, he secured a $40 million insurance policy! Michael Flatley often appeared with Jean Butler and were notorious for their entrancing Celtic dancing. It seems as if Celtic dancing and music is almost ingrained in us as humans, sort of an inexplicable, primitive appeal. This next leading lady is a well known household name with some unorthodox insurance policies!

Can’t Stop ’til You Get Enough

Insurance Policy: $5 million on her derriere

Most consider their derriere to be used exclusively for sitting and sitting. In some rare cases, such as Australian pop star Kylie Minogue, an individual’s buns are so highly revered, they simply can’t live without them. A $5 million insurance policy later, Miss Minogue can sleep soundly knowing her rump can continue to romp. During an interview in 2008 with Ellen DeGeneres, Kylie graciously accepted praise for her toned rear end, as it was highly regarded by her fans. This next singer-songwriter might catch you off guard for the body part he insured..

That’s What Dreams are Made of

Insurance Policy: $1 million of child support

Every man has a name for his ‘Johnson’. In David Lee Roth’s case, he named his “Little Elvis”. A smart man, he took out a $1 million insurance policy for the event of an unplanned pregnancy, in which his child support would be covered. Honestly, why this type of policy isn’t more widely utilized is beyond me. Child support is like making it rain every month on schedule. As legendary rapper, and Outkast member, Andre 3000 said, “Better prepare ya for the C support, she’s supposed to spend it on the baby but you see she don’t. Ask Paul McCartney”.

From her raging career in the 90’s, this next star has definitely lost some of her edge..

Grip it and Rip it

Insurance Policy: $2 million on his hands

Folks constantly claim to like bands, wear their merchandise and quote their most popular hits, but none more frequently than the Rolling Stones. World renown front man Keith Richards shredded the guitar for The Stones throughout the 60’s and 70’s, so it only made sense for him to take out an insurance policy for his hands valued at $2 million. Keith is arguably one of the most popular of The Stones, and known to rub shoulders with some of society’s most famous. He’s buddies with  Johnny Depp, Chuck Berry and, you guessed it, Mick Jagger! Ultra smooth is the name of this girls game, and she will stop at nothing to keep it that way!

Stunning in Blue

Insurance Policy: $5 million on her breasts

With her rapid rise in the 90’s, Jennifer Love Hewitt fans undoubtedly took note of her unparalleled buoyancy. Though she might not have solidified the fiduciary gesture, she did mention an interest to insure her breasts for up to $5 million. What I’m failing to understand, and maybe you can assist my comprehension, what do these stars expect to happen that’s going to cost $5 million? Granted, you hear horror stories of a gal falling off the back of a motorcycle at 100+ MPH and literally getting her breasts burned off from friction.. just don’t get on a motorcycle maybe? The next actress took out an insurance policy that, well, is actually quite sensible!

Sittin’ Here, Waitin’ on a Deer

Insurance Policy: $40 million on her legs

As an A List celebrity like Taylor Swift, you literally never know what can happen to you while on the road touring. That’s why it’s best to take out a $40 million insurance policy on your legs, to cover bruises, skin damage, broken bones or anything else you could conjure up. Taylor is a legendary singer-songwriter known for her innovative lyrics, that undoubtedly tug on your heart strings. The biggest names in music are chomping at the bit to get on a track with Miss Swift. She has made appearances with stars such as John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Katy Perry and Bruno Mars. Musicians are always in the lime light, so they best be operating at 100%!

My Chest ‘Fro

Insurance Policy: $7 million on his chest hair

It’s not unusual to be loved by anyone.. is the opening line of a composition by Tom Jones! Did any Will Smith or Fresh Prince fans out there get the reference? Anyway, Mr. Jones took out an insurance policy on his chest hair in 2007, worth $7 million. It seems kind of odd to me, considering I can think of a place where you could likely pull some hair for a chest hair transplant.. if you pick up what I’m putting down. Tom had a number of hits with Priscilla Presley and had songs featured in a number of TV and movie productions. Some material things are too iconic not to insure.. can you guess what thing I’m talking about?

All Aboard the Tarnished Express!

Lindsay Lohan got her major break in the family film “The Parent Trap”, however through the years, she went from innocent sweetheart to a bit of maniac. In 2007, Lindsay publicly went off the rails, having videos surface of her doing some distasteful things, including DUI’s and arrests. Almost all movie studios have written her off and will never hire her again because it will make their insurance premiums sky rocket. Nicole Kidman, Elliott Gould and Charlie Sheen are in similar situations due to drug abuse, widely considered unusable by film studios because of their insurance premiums.

I’ll Take a Tequila, Neat

A real man’s man, George Clooney is known for his dastardly good look and witty charm. Seen along side Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Christian Bale, there’s no doubt this A-Lister has plenty of coverage. A lesser known fact about Clooney, he actually earned money selling insurance door to door before he became a famous star. When he started his tequila brand, Casamigos, he undoubtedly had a serious insurance policy to cover his behind from all the irresponsible folks out there. Ole boy on the next page is sure to throw you for a spin..

I’ma Make it Rain!

There are several famous movies all centered around insurance, one iteration being a film called “The Rainmaker”. Matt Damon stars in this film as a shady lawyer who chases down insurance companies trying to nickle and dime folks who should be covered. Danny DeVito, Mickey Rourke, Jon Voight and Claire Danes are all key players in this insurance policy action drama- seems to be Matt Damon’s forte, huh? The next celebrity has danced his way into the hearts of Americans and got paid an astounding amount for it..

Hop Out, Rims Still Spinnin’

Many celebrities are known for their procurement of lavish items and material things, but little is known about insuring them. Conan Obrien, despite his ultra fame, still keeps around a 1992 Toyota Prius. That bad boy costs a whopping $12/mo to insure, which seems a little high if you ask me. On the other end of the spectrum, Justin Beiber drives a Fisker Karma in chrome, worth over $100,000. He pays a little over $475/mo, which seems a little on the low end.. I wonder if these folks only have liability insurance? International super star + legendary behind..

Well.. what a crazy ride that was! If you’ve made it this far you undoubtedly had your mind blown at least once. I believe we covered every body part, and then some! If you enjoyed this article there’s plenty more where that came from! Check out some of our other articles and let us know what you think! See ya later!