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This Might Make You Rethink Motorcycles

A lot has been said about the dangers of riding motorcycles in recent years that will fall on many deaf ears. I used to be one of the bikers ignoring…

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40 Coolest Facts About Supermodels

40. Alessandra Ambrosio had cosmetic surgery at age 11. It seems she was really self-conscious about her ears. What, you thought it was for something else? Shame on you! Her…

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30 Genius Innovations You’ll Love

Source: imgur 30. The Long and Winding Lawn Mower Proof that laziness can inspire true genius. Why didn’t I think of that?! Source: pinterest 29. The Backyard Urinal If you…

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Rare WW2 Photo

Never Before Seen WW2 Images

World War II was one of the largest and deadliest wars in modern history. While most of us know something about this war, we’ve found images that depict a different…

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This Lifted Ford F250 is A Real Challenge To Get Into

What guy does not daydream of a huge truck with massive tires and an impressive lift kit? Well, as frequent as they are seen on the roadways now, they can…

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hilarious dog shaming photos

Best Dog Shaming Photos

Looks like the Roomba lost in the battle to keep the house clean. The awesome bulldog is the winner. If you look at it from the dog’s perspective it beats…

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Hollywood’s 25 Hottest Women Under 30

25. Shailene Woodley Starting off as the star of the ABC Family tv series, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Shailene Woodley has finally graduated to more adult roles now…

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Hummer H1 vs New Dodge Ram (Part 2)

Best buddies, I swear to goodness, drive vehicles they know will help each other out. The first guy has a Hummer H1 Alpha Diesel, perfect for fording rivers, clearing snow…

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Hummer H1 vs New Dodge Ram (Part 1)

First off, let’s just congratulate anyone willing to risk the transmission of their truck or high-end SUV for a few bragging points. Later you’ll see both of these drivers had…

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24 Hottest NFL Wives and Girlfriends

24. Shenae Saifi Even though this WAG’s boyfriend announced his retirement in 2015, we had to include her on our list because, well just take a look at her. She’s…

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