30 Vintage Photos of Cheryl Ladd


My goodness, can you remember Cheryl Ladd! What an absolute icon, she was. What you’re about to see is what we believe are the very best classic photos, historical images and rarely-seen younger photos from her career. She was a legitimate talent in the industry and we all were blessed with her talent and hard work. We hope you are entertained by these images and educated by the fun facts as well. You’ve got to stick around until the top three photos…

Cheryl Jean Stoppelmoor, also known as her stage name Cheryl Ladd, was born July 12, 1951. She is an American actress, singer and author, and has inspired many people in an array of industries. From humble beginnings, Ladd branched out to become a mogul in, not only the motion picture field, but fashion and cosmetics as well. Along with her team she, helped design and bring to market numerous items to create a vast franchise. Ladd’s ingenuity attracted profound talent throughout her career, spawning a wildly intelligent network of people.

Ladd is most famous for her role as Kris Munroe in ABC’s “Charlie’s Angels”. She was hired to replace Farrah Fawcett during the second season in 1977. Though Fawcett was popular, it goes without saying Ladd is undoubtedly the face of Kris Munroe. During the height of Charlie’s Angels popularity, it was difficult for Ladd to go out without getting noticed. She would frequently receive frantic fans upon her arrivals to shoots, signings and appearances!

Following “Charlie’s Angels”, Ladd had an extensive career in television and movies. Some of her films include “Purple Hearts” (1984), “Millennium” (1989) and “Permanent Midnight” (1998). Millennium is a sci-fi film based on a dystopian society trying to find refuge in a present day Earth. The time travelers must smoke cigarettes in the current Earth’s atmosphere because it is too clean. They do this in order to mimic their future homes atmosphere, which is dirty and coarse, while they search for a way to remedy their homes issues.

Ladd was born in Huron, South Dakota and came from humble beginnings. Her Mother, Dolores, was a waitress and her father, Marion, was a railroad engineer. Do not be confused, back then a waitress and a railroad job were stout professions. Her father, a handy man at heart, loved working with his hands and built their home by the sweat of his own brow. Growing up Ladd learned how to operate many tools proficiently, a skill that would later prove useful around the house.

Following high school, she joined a band called “The Music Shop”. The ensemble traveled around the country and played in several mid-western establishments before settling in Los Angeles in 1970. Los Angeles during the 1970 was a roaring time, filled with hopeful entrepreneurs, a booming music scene and a well established movie production industry. Adjacent to Los Angeles you had legendary beaches such as Santa Monica and Venice. The culmination of things set up Los Angeles to be an extremely desirable place filled with opportunity.

In 1977, Ladd had her first big break and earned a spot in the cast of ABC television series, “Charlie’s Angels”. Fun fact, she was so popular among fans, it is often debated which character was liked more! The popularity among the Angels most exemplified when they made appearance together. Popular Halloween costumes often correlate with what’s happening in present pop culture. In 1977, the most popular costumes were none other than Charlie’s Angels!

Ladd was the first of many transitions for the show, and transitions became almost commonplace as the seasons progressed. The producers cast Ladd as Fawcett’s younger sister and was instantly part of the “Angel’s family”.
As one of the most senior members of the show, Ladd participated from season two, all the way until its final season in 1981. When new people would join the cast, Ladd would take them under her wing and show them the ropes!

Spring boarding off her phenomenal success with “Charlie’s Angels”, Ladd used her new found fame to progress her music career. She guest starred in several musical comedies, using her outstanding voice to boost her stage presence. Her independent albums were mostly driven by pop influence. She traveled to Nashville occasionally to record, speaking very highly of the ‘Honky Tonk’ town. Her favorite part of Nashville, she recorded in an interview, was the Nashville hot chicken!

From the Super Bowl National Anthem to releasing three albums, it’s apparent Ladd’s musical career took off following the Angels. She even received a gold record and Top-40 Billboard Hot 100 single! Ladd’s music has certainly transcended time. From recording on a record, to a super 8, then a cassette and CDs, music lovers from all generations enjoy Ladd’s music. Her music can be even found in digital copies on Spotify and Apple Music!

Ladd hit an industry niche not many other actors explore– made-for-television films. She was a familiar face to say the least, releasing over 30 made-for-television films! The difference between regular feature productions and made for TV films, the latter never make it to the big screen. The appeal is that they cost a fraction to make, being promoted on a smaller scale. That being said, they may only generate a fraction of a feature film’s revenue, however their popularity has the potential to still reach the same quantity of people!

In 1992, alongside Drew Barrymore, Ladd starred in “Poison Ivy”. Little did they know, the two would team up later in their careers for a revamp of “Charlie’s Angels”. Ladd and Barrymore were a match made in heaven. The two shared similarities in several things including their love for animals. Berrymore and Ladd have dogs and cats of their own. They were even debating getting a pet bird for the set of Charlie’s Angels!

1994 through 1996 Ladd had the lead role in the television series “One West Waikiki”. She made guest appearances on shows such as “CSI: Miami”, “Hope and Faith” and “Charmed. Waikiki is a beautiful beach in Hawaii, more so known as a popular tourist destination. Similar geography to Hawaii, Miami is on the coast of Florida, surrounded by white sand beaches. Miami is not only known for its beaches, but for its nightlight and mega mansions on the coast.

In 2008, Ladd played Jillian Deline in the television drama series “Las Vegas”. Alongside James Caan, the television show ran 5 years and made over 29 episodes. Las Vegas, known for its glimmering, enamoring strip, is an international tourist hub. Crowds flock by the hundreds to be dazzled by Broadway style shows, massive hotel casinos, and gambling mania. Pool parties and night clubs have recently gained popularity, engaging the younger crowd.

Ladd broke into the publishing industry in 1996 with her first book, “The Adventures of Little Nettie Windship”. Her second book was released in 2005 and centered around her love of golf titled, “Token Chick: A Woman’s Guide to Golfing With the Boys”. It is rumored Golf is actually an acronym for “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden”. That likely has little truth, but the silly thought of it is entertianing!

A multifaceted actress, Ladd landed her first Broadway gig in September of 2000. She took over the title role from Bernadette Peters in the revival of Irving Berlin’s “Annie Get Your Gun”. Broadway stems from musical theater which dates back to the 1500’s. “Something Rotten” written by Karey Kirkpatrick pokes fun at musical theater’s origins, the premise of incorporating song and dance into plays. A notable observation, someone was the first person to add music and dancing to plays at some point!

Ladd alongside Angels co-star Jaclyn Smith received the 2010 TV Land Pop Culture Award for Charlie’s Angels. Not only the films, Charlie’s Angels has built a franchise marketing everything from home goods to action figures! Just imagine, walking through the halls of your middle school, you walk into the cafeteria and the smell of ‘school lunch’ pierces your nostrils. Clasped in your grips is a new release, limited edition Charlie’s Angels aluminum lunchbox. As you set it down on the table, the clink attracts the attention of the other kids, and they know you have the coolest lunchbox this side of the Mississippi.

In 2011, Ladd was hired by the Hallmark Channel for the production “Love’s Everlasting Courage”. Later that year she guest starred in long running crime drama “NCIS” and the series “Chuck”. Like many popular series, NCIS depicts a special crime scene unit who specialties take them on many adventures. The Hallmark Channel was notorious for airing heartwarming shows, and even generating movies that elicit said feeling. This ‘feelings’ approach to TV lines up with their card manufacturing business, which pushes a card for every occasion.

Ladd has one daughter named Jordan who was born in 1975. Her last name ‘Ladd’ comes from Jordan’s father David Ladd, who married Cheryl in 1973. Jordan worked on several made for TV films with her mother before her feature film debut when she was 19 years old. “Embrace the Vampire” (1994) is your cookie cutter vampire flick, filled with love stories, blood, garlic and stakes. If this is the sort of thing that entices you, check out the movie!

Ladd is an active philanthropist and participates in several non profits. She primarily focuses on preventing child abuse and is an ambassador for the child abuse, prevention, and treatment non profit, “Childhelp”. She is less directly involved with several other non profit organizations, including ones that relate to her love for animals. PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Ladd is known to advocate for this organization from time to time.

Ladd starred in the comedy action film “Chrome and Hot Leather” in 1971. The mischievous film ends in a battle royale between a biker gang and the Green Berets, provoked by none other than Cheryl Ladd. Chrome and hot leather is other words for a biker gang. Known for their chrome finishes on their motorcycles, leather is often a popular choice for bikers. Leather has properties beneficial to bikers, such as wind proofing that is useful at high speeds.

In 1974 Ladd played a quirky character named Zappy in the sea film “The Treasure of Jamaica Reef”. The adventure begins when Zappy and the gang hear of sunken treasure off of Jamaica’s coast! Jamaica is known for its white sand beaches an crystal clear waters. While the waters may be clear, they’re also extremely shallow, which proved difficult for early explorers. Did you know Jamaica is home to several ship wrecks, which you can take diving expeditions to?

“Now and Forever” (1983) takes place on the beautiful coast of Australia. Cheryl Ladd stars alongside Robert Coleby in this romance hit that is sure to rouse even the most seasoned film buff. Australia is known for its array of animals and indigenous plants, which was a huge bonus for Ladd. While filming on site, Ladd too every opportunity she had to explore the magnificent island. In an interview, she noted her favorite native animal was the Kangaroo, for it’s versatility in any terrain.

Ladd starred in the war film “Purple Hearts” in 1984. The tale tells about two lovers, a navy surgeon and a navy nurse who fall in love while serving overseas. A purple heart is awarded to an individual for displaying bravery and valor in the line of duty. While putting his life on the line, Purple Heart recipients often succeed in rescuing a comrade in despair. The Purple Heart was referenced in several feature films throughout the years, one of the most notable being “Forrest Gump” starring Tom Hanks.

Ladd took the industry by surprise when she starred in sci-fi adventure film “Millennium” released in 1989. The film depicts 35 people that fly 1000 years in the future accidentally. Time travel has often been the subject of movies for its mass allure to the audience. This is referenced in cult classic “Hot Tub Time Machine”, where the crew travels back to the 80’s in an effort to mitigate mistakes they’d made in their lives. In this process, their time guide portrayed by Chevy Chase, warns them of the butterfly effect, which they must not disrupt.

Cheryl Ladd portrays the role of Katherine in the film “Lisa” (1989). Throughout the film the main character is infatuated with a stranger, who she discovers a chilling secret about. Mystery is often the subject of a film, for the allure it carries captivates an audience. Not only in film, but novels too. A myriad of novels and book series have been based around the allure that accompanies mystery, such as Nancy Drew novels, Stephen King books and none other than the legendary Harry Potter Series.