21 Unbelievable Truck Mishaps


1. Fire Truck in a Sinkhole

Calling the Emergency Dispatch as an Emergency Dispatch vehicle sure has to be awkward. The crazy, frightening things about sinkholes is they’re extremely hard to predict.

Truck Falls in Sink Hole
And who knows how deep they go! Thankfully, that emergency dispatch vehicle was wide enough to avoid being swallowed outright. What’s going to be real funny is seeing how they fill that patch in later.

2. Low Clearance U-Haul Parking Garage

That sign is posted for a reason. Hopefully this U-Haul truck driver checked off on getting insurance.

Truck Hits Bridge
When they advertise “Mom’s Attic” on the 12 ft box trucks, we’re all certain U-Haul didn’t mean it was the crunch zone before a driver realizes he’s in too deep. This guy better call his boss and let him know he’s going to be late. No fast moves are happening today.

3. This Semi-Truck Trailer in The Ditch

Just over the horizon, every long distance driver hopes for that scenic diner overlooking the mountains.

Semi Truck in Ditch
Unfortunately, in the early morning hours when this truck took a turn to get some breakfast, he may have turned a bit too early. Well, hopefully he had plenty of time to enjoy that breakfast while he was waiting for a wrecker to get there.

4. 4×4 in Four Parking Spaces

We get it – it’s a nice truck. Taking up four parking spaces, though? This guy must be confused as to what 4×4 means.

Bad Parking Job
Thankfully, some Good Samaritan showed up in the nick of time to leave a colorful chalk message for the driver. Maybe it’s just a bit pointing out the obvious. Will that truck driver changes his habits because of this or is it only inspiration to keep doing what he’s doing?

5. This Submarine Truck

This truck is about to turn into a submarine. That’s the unfortune lesson these gentlemen had to learn the hard way when they took their van out onto the “mostly frozen” lake.

Truck Falls in Ice Lake
Mostly being the key word. It’s gonna be awhile before that van is out and moving about again. Perhaps in the mean time, they went back to fishing?

6. Lifted Truck Fails to Impress

A fool and his money are soon parted. Unfortunately, there’s a few trucks out on the road where the mods done just don’t make sense.

Lifted Truck Fail
Especially when you’re taking an extended cab, extended bed Chevy Silverado and raising it up in the air six feet only to have it resting on baby trainer wheels? Top heavy to say the least!

7. This Coal Rolling Jerk

Two polar opposites parked at a red light. What better way to send the message than blowing a steaming roll of thick diesel smoke right into the window of a gas sipping hybrid?

Truck Exhaust Fail
At least the question of whether or not they were going to race once the light turned green is answered. Hopefully, the Prius driver didn’t have his window down.

8. This Tow Truck Fail

Truck Fail
He said his e-brake was on, right? That pit forming when an owner watches his broken down truck get lifted onto the back of a tow truck? “Please, don’t let it slide off.” Then the vehicle slides half way off and lodges itself right on the iron precipice of a wrecker. That pit just falls flat in the stomach, don’t it? If the e-brake is a little loose, at least put the truck in gear first.

9. Truck Carrying a Car

We’re pretty sure that just because a car meets the payload requirement of the truck doesn’t mean it can just be loaded on back.

Pickup Truck with Car in Bed
At least this truck driver is being real safe and using a tow strap. We’d hate to see what happens when he hits the freeway. Oh, wait – he’s on the freeway. Where’s his DOT “Caution! Wide load!” sign?!

10. Truck Driver Cutting Off Traffic

“Hey, I’m drivin’ here!” Another big mistake truck drivers make is being forced into the position of blowing through traffic – like this Pepsi driver surely did.

Pepsi Semi Truck Fail
It’s an unfortunate fact of life. Some runs will take a driver through some narrow streets. Local traffic is just going to have to deal with it. Let’s just hope nobody double parked on the street – this guy is not slowing down.

11. Seriously Stuck in The Mud

Of course when you get that brand new clean-as-a-whistle pick-up, you’re going to want to do the most natural thing possible: get it dirty.

Mud Truck Fail
While a muddy soft field is, in theory, a great way to do this – as it turns out, it’s not such a good idea. That deep, rich, black mud sure looks like it’s eaten a few sets of tires.

12. Bridge Weight Limit Exceeded

It’s got to be nerve racking to drive a semi-truck with this much weight on it. Then to have to drive it over a bridge, no thank you.

truck accident
Not after seeing this picture! Clearly, this was too much weight for the bridge to hold and it would have been too much for my underwear. If you’re looking for an image from this list to share, this is a good one.

13. Semi Truck Runs Into a Bridge

Nothing like thinking you’re making some great time on a long distance haul when you forget to see the low clearance sign below a bridge.

Semi Truck Runs into Bridge
This truck driver is sure going to be waiting awhile until he gets to his next destination. The good news is the cab is still perfectly fine. The bad news is that the traffic behind this truck ain’t going anywhere soon.

14. Beer Truck Stuck in Mud

Battleship sunk! This beer run is going to be a bit behind schedule after this cab driver slid off the road and wound up in a big tall trough of mud soup.

Beer Truck Stuck in Mud
For the wrecking crews out there, this ought to be a fun little surprise to show up to. With zero traction and plenty of room to slide off, it’s going to take more than one winch to haul this semi tractor trailer on out.

15. Truck in Trees

We were promised hover cars, darn it! This guy couldn’t wait, apparently, as he took his truck airborne. Just that one simple matter of trees getting in the way and he could have got it, too!

Truck in The Tree
Now, eight feet up in the trees, it’s just his futuristic retro-looking pickup truck and the birds. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson – trucks don’t fly so well.

16. Truck in Ice

Truck in Ice
What is that plow truck doing there? Must’ve been an early thaw for these gentlemen as a weekend of playing on the frozen lake suddenly turned serious. Thankfully, it appears both were playing the shallow end of the lake. The bad news is that part of the lake goes on for awhile. It’s going to be a hot minute before anyone can get those trucks out. Or should we hope for a cold minute?

17. Semi-Truck in a Ditch

When it’s time to pull off the road – not like that! Whether this driver was just over on his log books and needed to take an immediate break or if he blew a tire and had to make an emergency detour – it’s still going to be a long time before he’s back up and moving again.

Semi Truck Falls in The Ditch
Unfortunately, stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a tipped trailer and half the wheels missing is a recipe for disaster. Might as well soak up the scenery – it’s going to be awhile walking to the next gas station.

18. Brick Truck Fails Hard

That’s one unexpectedly large shipment of bricks right on your doorstep! There’s that great moment where the driver looks back and realizes there ain’t no easy way out of this.

Brick Truck Fail
While the truck certainly was over its limit, it doesn’t make it any worse that he didn’t think about the shifting of weight when they were loading these bricks. Next time he’ll get it right… If he gets a next time.

19. Jackknifed Semi-Truck

Turn back before it’s too late! Oh wait a minute – it is! While this truck driver avoided the senseless fate of taking off the top end of his cab, he surely has gotten himself stuck in an even sillier predicament: jack-knifed under said bridge. While it’s great he stopped – unfortunately the effect is the same for the other drivers. That bridge is effectively closed for awhile.

Semi Truck Jackedknife fail

19. Jackknifed Semi-Truck

20. Semi-Truck Stuck on Train Tracks

Up over the hill we go! That great moment when a truck driver realizes that not only did he make a huge mistake – he made that huge mistake stuck on train tracks.

Semi Truck Train Track Fail
Worse yet, it appears his trailer has crumbled across his back wheels – making forward or backward progress out of the question. Can the tow trucks get there in time or will the train beat them to it?

21. Diesel Truck Rolls Coal

Talk about a smokeshow! This is all kinds of hot but I can’t imagine it’s very healthy.

smoke show truck1
Standing behind a heavy duty diesel truck while it’s rolling coal like there’s no tomorrow. No thank you. But if this girl wants to do, I’ll happily watch all day.