15 Obscure C-130 Hercules Facts You Need To Know



There Are 40 Different C-130 Variants

15 Obscure C-130 Hercules Facts You Need To Know - There Are 40 Different C-130 Variants

Here is the first on our list of  ” Obscure C-130 Hercules Facts.”  Over 2,400 C-130s have been delivered across more than 60 nations. Over 40 different variations of the C-130 exist.


C-130s are Commonly Used For Natural Disasters

15 Obscure C-130 Hercules Facts You Need To Know - Fact 2

Get ready for the second of our obscure C-130 Hercules facts. Natural disasters usually see the C-130 respond almost before any other fixed-wing aircraft because of it’s ability to land on short or unprepared runways. However, it appears a natural disaster may have gotten the best of this particular C-130.


The C-130 Is The Main Tactical Airlifter For The United States

Fact 3 - Obscure C-130 Hercules Facts

The C-130 was originally designed as a troop, medevac, and cargo transport aircraft. It is the main tactical airlifter for the United States – as well as many other nations.


C-130J Hercules Is In Active Missions

 Obscure C-130 Hercules Facts - Fact 4

Its latest and possibly greatest variation – the C-130J Hercules – is currently in use in more than 10 active missions worldwide.


C-130J Is More Powerful And Fuel Efficient Than A-H Models

The new C-130J, compared to its predecessors, has one-third better range, 25 percent more thrust, and 15 percent better fuel efficiency than A-H models.


C-130 Hercules Is Fast And Can Fly High 

C-130_A C-130 takes off from McClellan Airfield, Calif.

The C-130J Hercules has a max speed of 417 mph at 22,000 feet of altitude. The original C-130 could make it up to about 366 mph.


Other Nations Use C-130s

C-130_A C-130 Hercules from the 700th Airlift Squadron lands on a dry lake bed near Nellis Air Force Base, Nev.

The Unites States Air Force, as well as those in Italy, Canada, Norway and Denmark are under contract for more than 300 new C-130Js.


The C-130 Is The Longest Continually Produced Family Of Aircraft

C-130_ Maintenance and explosive ordnance disposal personnel prepare to place explosive charges on the wings of a C-130 Hercules aircraft-Tech. Sgt. Jeffrey Allen, U.S. Air Force

Out of all production military aircraft, the C-130 represents the longest continually produced family of aircraft. The C-130 has been in production since 1954.

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C-130 Hercules Is Versatile

C-130_An AC-130U gunship from the 4th Special Operations Squadron, jettisons flares over an area near Hurlburt Field, Fla.

The C-130 Hercules is one of the most versatile aircraft ever produced. It’s seen duty as a cargo transport vehicle, air assault aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft, search and rescue, maritime patrol, refueling aircraft and even as a firefighter.


The U.S. Navy Put A Repaired C-130 Hercules Back In Service After 17 Years

In 1971, a ski-equipped LC-130 crashed in Antarctica on takeoff. It was buried in an icy valley for 17 years before the Navy decided to pull it out and repair the damage. It later was put back into service.


The C-130J Is Expensive

C-130_A C-130H Hercules aircraft is seen parked on the ramp at Edwards AFB in California
Courtesy photo

According to the Air Force’s most recent stats, the C-130J costs $48.5 million per unit. That is up from around the original $11.5 million of the C-130E.


C130J Can Carry More Weight Than Other C-130 Variants

C-130J-30 can carry 44,000 pounds of payload – the most of any C-130. variation. The rest carry 40,000 pounds or 42,000 pounds.


The C-130 Has The Same Maximum Takeoff Weight As A Space Shuttle

C-130_A C-130 Hercules sits on the flight line at Bradley Air National Guard Base, East Granby, Conn.

The C-130 has a maximum takeoff weight of 155,000 pounds, which is just about the same weight as a space shuttle.


C-130 Is More Powerful Than The Engineers Intended

C-130_A United States Air Force C-130 Hercules arrives on a soggy West Freugh Airfield, Scotland

While evacuating Tan Son Nhut Air Base during the final days of the Vietnam war in April 1975, a C-130 actually lifted 20,000 pounds above its listed maximum payload capacity.


AC-130J Variant Has Something Special Inside

C-130_A Kentucky Air National Guard C-130 flies over Alaska on May 9, 2014

A 105 mm Howitzer is housed inside of the AC-130J variant. The AC-130J is a long-endurance, heavy duty air-to-ground combat plane.

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