10 Female Celebrities Who Own Luxury Yachts and Boats



Luxury Yachts and Boats - Rihanna

The first owner on our list of  “10 Female Celebrities Who Own Luxury Yachts and Boats” is Rihanna.  She has a $23 million super yacht named Latitude. It’s perfect for those times she wants to chill halfway around the world. The 170-feet floating mansion can sleep twelve comfortably in six guest rooms in addition to quarters for thirteen crew members. If you want to charter Latitude and live like Riri, be prepared to part with $284,000 per week. But, if you do manage to find the cash you and your friends will enjoy a jacuzzi, outdoor decks, gym, helipad, and several watersport toys. She’s even equipped with an onboard elevator (you know, just because), wet bar, and a 4,755 gallon swimming pool. However, Latitude was  leased out for three years to a Pacific Islands fishing expedition in 2015. Rihanna just got her back this year so she may want to keep her private for a while!


Mariah Carey
10 Female Celebrities Who Own Luxury Yachts and Boats - Mariah Carey Yacht

Mariah Carey is another on our list of female celebrities who owns luxury yachts and boats. She  married super yacht owner James Packer and gave herself an early wedding present. Yep, Carey got a super yacht of her own. Her yacht comes complete with a gym, library, Jacuzzi, two bars and a private chef. Of course, Carey only had it for a few weeks because she had to resume her Las Vegas show over the summer. The most surprising thing about her yacht? She doesn’t own it at all. Carey merely chartered a luxury 16 crew mega yacht so she could spend time with her husband off shore. She even hosted Entertainment Tonight on board to let the cameras get a glimpse of her newly acquired mega yacht lifestyle… if only for a few weeks.


Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian Luxury Yachts and Boats owner

We don’t know much about the yacht Kourtney Kardashian bought. In 2018 we got a sneak peek of her vessel when she anchored off the coast of Italy for a few weeks. Media seemed to be more enamored by the owners new 25 year old boyfriend (she’s 39), but the boat is a true stunner. There are plenty of enclaves, sundecks and other cozy spaces complete with plush couches and tables for drinks or working. And by all accounts, it looks like Kourtney put those tables to use. There are several pictures of her working on a Mac laptop (drink in hand of course). If these are their boats, we wonder how these celebrities’ homes look.


Diane von Furstenberg
Diane von Furstenburg

The next on are list of “10 female celebrities who own luxury yachts and boats” has an unusual story. What do you do when you are and international fashion designer married to IAC Chairman Barry Diller? Build one of the world’s most incredible sailing yachts. Diane von Furstenburg bought the 2006 Lürssen yacht in 2009. Eos is 305 feet long (93 meters) and has accommodation for 16 guests and a 21 member crew. She has a top speed of 16 knots with a healthy cruising speed of 14 knots. Diane and her husband often host lavish star studded affairs for friends. Most recently, Andy Cohen was seen roaming around the super yacht.


Victoria Beckham

Spice Girl Singer Victoria Beckham and her pro soccer player husband, David Beckham, enjoyed luxury yacht vacations with friends and family. As a result, they bought their own nicknamed “The Sophisticated Lady.” The design they chose looks similar to the boat SeaFair Maimi. David shot a commercial on it in 2016. The Beckham’s yacht is about 94 feet long and travels 40mph. Inside, you will find a galley, gym, and salon. Definitely an extravagant boat if we ever saw one.



Adele Yacht

Adele owns a sailing yacht by the same name. Her Luxury yacht is a little more than 179 feet long. Built by Vitters in 2005, she features a 9.5 meter beam and has a draft of 4.8 meters. The all aluminum body whole powered by engines generating 1,000 horsepower each give her an impressive top speed of 14 knots. Her cruising speed is 13 knots, perfect for covering ocean in a timely manner. Adele‘s yacht has four cabins to accommodate ten guests total. Of course, we’re quite sure she’s hosted more than that on day excursions with friends or her epic deck parties. These yachts look pricey, making us wonder how much money celebrities who own motorcycles spend on them.


Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey Yacht

Oprah Winfrey has a nice little 60 million Dollar yacht. Trending is the billionaire’s best friend. On board accommodations feature six rooms for housing up to 12 guests and 10 onboard permanent crew members. Oprah loves to host people on her yacht. Former guests include Princess Beatrice, the Obamas and Russell Crowe. We wonder if they all hopped inside the featured Jacuzzi that can fit as many as 10 people. Who knows? Maybe they enjoyed the gym, sky lounge or multiple dining rooms complete with their own fully stocked bar. If you want to charter Trending, you can. She costs $238,500 per week. That doesn’t include expenses, or amenities (like on board staff) just the cost of renting the yacht. What can we say? Oprah ain’t cheap!


J.K. Rowling
JKRowling Yacht

Does this look familiar? Yeah, that’s because J. K. Rowling bought it from Johnny Depp. He renamed the yacht Amphitrite after he married Amber. Evidently, she was of the Greek goddess variety. Anyway, Rowling purchased the yacht (which cost over $20 million) for its comfort and style. It has five cabins for crew members and five for guests, as well as a decided Bohemian style salon, water skis, kayaks and multiple entertaining areas. Oh yeah, each room also includes a skylight and wine bar for ultimate relaxation and comfort when you come back home after a long day on the water. The156 foot long yacht what is even more beautiful than she was under the ownership of Captain Jack Sparrow.


Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman has a beautiful yacht. The Hollywood A lister loves to vacation on board her luxury vessel which features a VIP double state room, master state room, and a few twin cabins. Her favorite feature is the glossy cherry wood interior, prominent throughout the yacht. In addition, guests can enjoy a swimming platform, massive deck space and integrated, centralized entertainment. Designed by Palmer Johnson, an American yacht building company, Hokulani was launched in 2007. She has a max speed of 29 knots which is surprising considering she is 150 feet long! Of course, there are plenty of water toys aboard the Hokulani. Guests can enjoy water skis, tenders, tows to personal watercraft, snorkeling equipment and wake boards. At the end of a hard day’s play, Nicole and her family can enjoy dining on any one of  three dining areas featured aboard her yacht.


Beyonce Yacht

Here is the last on our list of “10 female celebrities who own luxury yachts and boats”. Okay, so maybe nobody put a ring on Beyoncé’s yacht because it’s scary as hell. The 213-foot long vessel is named Galactica Star for one thing. Yet, to be fair, it houses 12 guests and features impressive amenities like an onboard swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and helipad. To clarify the “scary as hell” part this yacht is not really owned by Beyoncé. Kola Luca, famed Nigerian play boy, actually owns the yacht and doesn’t lease it out. So, the fact Queen B can hop aboard anytime she likes causes a bit of green eyes jealousy among celebrities because somehow Beyoncé gets to take Galactica Star out for a spin anytime she wants. Of course, she just has to pony up $900,000 for that privilege. Yet, when your Queen B, some things aren’t an issue.

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