10 Best Exterior Car Mods



Safari Porsche

10 Best Exterior Car Mods

This has to be one of the best exterior car mods we’ve ever seen. When the team received this 911, it was used up, beat up, and raced out. The crew stripped everything off, aligned the frame, and created a new tubular cosmetic. Looking at the accessories, you can see that the team integrated the bush bumper and the roof rack into the roll cage. Other parts include a big lift, custom control arms, big tires, and a sweet paint job to make this ride easy on the eyes and a performer.


Mustang Mod

Best Exterior Car Mods

Mustang Sally and Mustang Kyle (seriously) bail out of a Mustang that has undergone some serious exterior mods. This car is so hot it blew the socks of Mustang Kyle. Mustang Kyle from Ontario, CA calls himself a fabricator who cuts up classic cars. If you focus between the fenders that look like they were cut from 55 gallon oil drums, you can see the familiar outline of a pony. But the seats, they look about as comfortable as the reception room chairs at a proctologist’s office.


Car Limo Mod

Car Limo Mod - Exterior Car Mods

This is one of the best exterior car mods if you are looking for limo. What was once a normal vehicle has become a very “one-of-a-kind” limousine cosmetic.


Deuce DeVille

Car Mods Exterior - Deuce DeVille

Matt Grover constructed this vehicle using a Cadillac de Ville and a chassis from an M35 2.5-ton cargo truck. While it can’t move that quickly, it has massive pulling power. We think this is a well-designed rat rod.


Fan Car

Some Car Mods just take some creativity. We don’t have much information about this modification, but it definitely deserves a spot on this list.


V8 Mini Cooper

V8 Mini Cooper

Wanna see a Mini do a wheelie? All you have to do is fit a Chevy small block 5.7L V8 truck engine that pumps out 255 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque in its little bitty engine compartment. The short wheel base, lightweight body. And RWD do the rest. Of course to accommodate that much iron you need to shorten up the passenger cabin to the point the driver is almost on the floor. And you wouldn’t want to damage the exhaust so you run four pipes up and over both rear custom fenders.


1969 Ford Mustang 4×4

You remember that Impact Orange 1984 Ford Mustang 4×4 from a few slides back, right? This ’69 Mustang off-road is everything that other mod wants to be. Sure this one is still sitting on blocks, but that’s not what’s important. What’s important is imagining this bad boy tearing up the dirt roads. Definitely an interesting take on a 1969 Mustang restoration.


Mail Truck Wheel Mod

It doesn’t matter what type of wheels you have, as long as you have wheels. This mod might be different, but its effective. We can confidently write this is probably one of the most unusual jeeps you don’t see everyday.


Rally 911

Rally 911 Mod

It’s no surprise that Porsche would be chosen as a rally car, they’ve got plenty of experience running across deserts and other endurance races. Porsche has a couple of Paris-Dakar trophies on its shelf and the Porsche 959 was built specifically to run rally. In addition to these achievements, this beauty with the custom light bar, all-terrain rubber, and Foschs wheels, belongs to Matt Farah. It’s a 911 and we can only presume that Farah, famous for his tuning , has tweaked the engine, exhaust, and suspension


Bentley On Tracks

Bentley On Tracks

Okay, that guy in Scotland with the Land Rover wearing tank treads from WWI should have found himself a Bentley. Other than the fact you can’t get in the thing except by climbing in through a window, this is a pretty cool mod. Makes you wonder if this is what all those Russian “vacationers” drove when they visited Crimea a few years ago.

We hope you enjoyed these exterior car mods!